#737 Be Filled With Mirth & Joy

Sorry for any inconvenience or frustration that our recent difficulty with the server shutting down may have caused. Here is Jeanne’s message for today, a little delayed due to this problem. Hopefully all has been fixed and we are once again fully accessible and flowing. Have a great day!

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Although I have no specific question for you today, I request that you leave us with a concise and clear message of guidance for all your readers. So, with that in mind, what advice or guidance do you offer today?

My Dear Ones, do not be hollow inside as you do your inner work, but instead be filled with mirth and joy that you are fully capable of finding your way into your darkness. This alone is worth living for, for it is the ultimate journey.

In finding your way into your darkness you offer the self the pathway that will eventually lead you into the light. Do not be afraid of what you discover there, for it belongs to you. It is your means of growth and evolution. In awareness of each and every difficulty and challenge you will understand your journey, your life and the meaning of who you are more fully. Hold the self steady as you plod along your path with the knowledge that this is what you are searching for at all times: the details of the self, knowledge of the self.

Find peace at times in knowing that this is good. Find calmness in your deepest desire to truly live. Find happiness in the freedom to come, using the brief glimpses of it to carry you onward. You are all journeys, warriors, seekers of truth, are you not? And if not, what then? For there is nothing else to life if you are truly evolving beings.

Thank you Jeanne!

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Most fondly and humbly offered.

A Day in a Life: Retreat

Dear Fellow Travelers,

As we begin this holiday season tomorrow, with Thanksgiving, Chuck and I go into retreat, giving our energy a rest from outward flow, pulling inward to our reserves, seeking replenishment and rejuvenation.

When I first started channeling Jeanne after she left this world, she showed me, in visions of her new life, a room that she retreated to quite often to replenish her energy. I understood that this was a most necessary requirement or she would not have enough energy to keep evolving. If she failed to give herself respite her energy would simply drain away and she would be of no help to anyone.

I also understood that this respite was something we must learn to give ourselves while we are still alive on this earth, that we must learn how to slow down and be grateful for the energy we have, learn to treat ourselves with respect and tenderness, learn to give to ourselves. This is not a selfish act, but in fact the most unselfish act that we as humans can undertake. If we can fully accept that we are energetic beings while in this world, we open up to understanding how our energy affects everyone and everything around us. This is also true of the people we choose to surround ourselves with; their energy effects us. If we are to be good energetic citizens of the world we must take time to contemplate how we effect and are effected by the people and world we choose to live in.

In essence, if we take care of our energetic selves, if we can allow ourselves some days of retreat from the structures, rituals and demands of the outer world and pay attention to the calls of the inner world, we begin to energetically change the world, first within the confines of our own lives and then beyond. We find that the people in our lives become energetically compatible, and eventually our energy is more easily replenished. We find it much easier to find that inner room that Jeanne so readily enters for her personal energy, our own personal inner room.

So we extend our thanks to all of you who so faithfully read our words and at the same time we pull back from writing our blogs for a few days, to retreat from the routine, to experience nature at this time of year, to be calm and at peace as we journey inward and experience energy. Jeanne and I will return on Monday November 29, 2010 with a new channeled message of energetic guidance and Chuck will return on Saturday December 4, 2010 with a new blog in Chuck’s Place.

Until then, in energy, we retreat and we give,

#736 The Self: Your Greatest Guide & Your Greatest Challenge

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
What advice or guidance do you offer us today?

Be assertive but be plain.

Be forceful of spirit but retiring of energy.

Do not waste but do not be withholding.

Turn inward even as you turn outward.

Be in your world but be open to other worlds.

Find solace but seek also adventure.

Look for peace and calm but turn toward the storm and face it impeccably, and with impunity be strong.

Find your light and allow it to guide you but do not use too much light for then will you miss what you must find in the darkness.

Allow for outer guidance and advice but spend much time listening to your inner self. This is where your greatest guide lies waiting, where your healing energy waits for your tapping lines, and where your energy reserves are simmering.

Look not too far from the self for the answers to all your questions and confusions. You, each one of you, My Dears, are founts of wisdom, energy, and health. Ancient paths within the self invite you to tread upon them in your search for wholeness.

Seek within yet question that which is without and between the two, working pragmatically and in spiritual cohesion, find your way.

If you have not yet dared to face your inner self, use this energy of newness that abounds now to begin a new means of self work.

Begin to know the self so that you may heal the self of all the wrong doings you have carried within the very sinews of your physical body and lift the veils that hide you from true release, without regret or care, but simply allowing for acquiescence to the journey already taken and to the journey of this present time and to the future journey as well.

Allow the turning inward process to become your journey now and you will, I guarantee, find new life, new energy, new meaning and you will eventually be free of all that now bothers you so fearfully.

Face your greatest challenge: YOUR SELF.

That is my advice and this is my guidance for how to begin the process of opposing this most fearful adversary who is also your greatest lover, mother, father, partner and guide. Good Luck!

Thank you Jeanne!

Please feel free to post comments or respond to this message from Jeanne in the post/read comments section below.

Most fondly and humbly offered.