#727 Awareness is Life

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Today Chuck asks a question.

Dear Jeanne,
The new seers of don Juan’s lineage determined that all sentient beings are granted life and awareness for the purpose of enhancing that awareness. With death they see a return or merger of that enhanced awareness with the source that originally sent it into life. How does this interpretation of life and death square with your experience?

What is key here in your question is awareness, for this is the essence of all existence, so I must state first of all that awareness is life, and as such there is no death. That must be established or there will be no understanding of passage from one world to another. Life itself exists in many forms and in many worlds, each life formulated to fit the needs and desires of the individual prescribed to mark a journey.

In other words, awareness/life fits many realms and individual beings for many reasons, but the most important is indeed to gain awareness so that further growth may happen. Personally, I have been on a journey of evolutionary growth, meaning that I no longer have desire or need to become human again, to embody that form. The world of human beings is one world, but there are other worlds. The last life I had upon that earth, though a deep struggle ensued, did result in my gaining enough presence/awareness to advance.

As you know, reincarnation is utilized for the purpose of enhancing awareness—or perhaps you did not know this—but in my experience the reason for life is indeed to gain new life, though this is not necessarily determined while in that world. But I will say that all life beyond that world is quite unusual!

In order to fully answer your question I must remain attached to simple facts, as follows:

1. Awareness is life, that which you cannot see but which you experience beyond the physical self and physical reality.

2. Death is not an end but a transformation leading to opportunity for new life.

3. Awareness, as individual life, does indeed merge with the greater awareness that is not individual but is all knowing. Yet does the essence of that individual (self) awareness remain cohesive forever. This is not to say that it does not change. An individual’s awareness must remain individual in order to garner enough information to grow.

4. The return of awareness to the greater source is but momentary, for with true growth there is no end of such awareness, no end of life.

To recap, I answer your question in the affirmative, yet do I also state that the experiences of each individual’s awareness will be personally relevant. The determination of progress will be personally necessary and challenging. Although the overall structure of a process may be similar, all individuals experience life and death most certainly for their own journey in the way that is most meaningful for them alone.

I do not like to speculate on an individual’s process or journey, except to promote learning of awareness, discovering the meaning of just that life, and preparation for that which is to come. Ignorance of or refusal of death is often attempted, but it is just not possible. Each individual is upon that earth for a set time and set reasons. Opportunities abound for growth, but choices must be activated and life’s vicissitudes addressed.

I realize I digress.

You do not mention the seers?

I do not ascribe to any group, as you know, except my own soul group. However, the seers had learned what all must eventually learn and their teachings are worthy of exploration. Learn wherever awareness waits for discovery. Find personal meaning, resonance, and direction. Face life without fear and learn, in so doing, to face death without fear, for they are but the same. Enhanced awareness, in carrying forth to evolutionary growth, will indeed find new direction upon death; that is certain.

A source exists for rejuvenation of purpose that will lead always to new life.

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Fondly and most humbly offered.

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