#702 The Road to Fulfillment

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for your readers today?

I must repeat some of the things that I know you might find redundant, but until they are fully embraced they will continue to be the most pressingly important aspects of living a life of fullness upon that earth. These ideas that I propose are meant to aid in evolution of humankind, leading from focus on the things of that world, as one grows, to a shift in focus as the issues of that life point out the road to fulfillment.

Each one of you must take the personal road to such fulfillment. However, the issues that must be addressed along the way are the same, no matter who you are and where you come from. All of you must:

1. address the self as separate, as I, as one;

2. find your core issues but also your core self, your center within your physical self;

3. know your negative self and your positive self;

4. embrace the self, the many-faceted I;

5. engage in undertaking life as a single human being, alone on a journey of fulfillment that only you can take;

6. accept your challenges;

7. meet your accomplices, your teachers, your companions and partners head on, without fear or regret, accepting your role in your own life;

8. be fully responsible for every action, thought, deed, issue and challenge that is posed, presented, or forced upon you;

9. find the means to align with your darkness. For even as you must accept the many-faceted self, so must you fully love all aspects of the self as well. Love the self;

10. allow the self to flow with life without judgment and without needing to change anything that comes to teach you; just flow;

11. practice deep self-study. This embraces everything I have already said. Do not turn away from the self, except as is necessary as you learn who you are. But I suggest that in order to truly evolve, you must always return to the self;

12. begin a process of preparation for where you desire to go next in life. By this I mean in your present life and in your next life as well. Always plan ahead. Look forward to the unknown, for it holds your gold, but also prepare for your death, for that is your ultimate unknown, but it is also your next place of life.

How do you choose to live? And how do you choose to die? These are the most important questions you can ask yourself each day as you take the road to fulfillment. Do you choose to change or do you choose to dig in your heels and stay the same? Do you choose to go into the unknown with openness and curiosity, completely detached of fear and sadness, or do you choose to confront your issues again? Do you choose to fully live or do you choose to resist life?

I must not pose too many questions, for you must each find your own questions, phrased as you need them to be, but then you must stay in the realm of those questions. You must pose them again and again as you stay present, aware, seeking awareness of self, each moment of each day. You must allow the self to accept this truth and that truth, and then find the means to move beyond the truths you achieve, by not only accepting them, but by embracing and loving them. For they are what makes you be you. Your truths are who you are and that is what you ultimately seek: You!

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