#696 CHANGE!

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
What message of guidance do you offer us today?

I am inclined to speak of the possibilities that are offered to you each day to shift. I speak of the choices you are offered and the opportunities to choose differently, even drastically so. It is time now for each one of you to change, and to do so with consciousness. It is time for change to become the moniker and the arbiter of shift, for until you each elect “change” as the buzzword there will be little to enlighten and bring you forward, either in the world or personally.

It is not enough to desire change, to pretend change, to present change to others. No, it is time to force the self to make some pretty, as I said, drastic changes. This may not be that appealing to you, but if one does not choose consciously to change then the changes that do come will not be appreciated. Often, when change is forced, one is not in a position to either accept or flow, but instead one resists and regrets. But now, My Dear Ones, you must look change directly in the eyes, see it clearly, and make your decisions to move forward with it.

Each one of you has some aspect of life that has been pushing you to get moving and do something about it. Perhaps you are being urged to recapitulate, and that in itself will bring change, asking you at each step to keep moving forward, to not hesitate, to not go back to the old. Perhaps you, your inner self or your outer self, are dealing with emotional stresses that are out of hand and you know you must confront them, but you are afraid of what that means, because you know the truths that lie behind them. You know that in order to confront them you must confront something about the self that is asking you to become different. Perhaps you are getting ready to launch yourself into a new project, a new job, a new life with a new partner, and you hesitate out of fear of what is to come if you make a decision that will force you to change many things all at once. Your fear is your catalyst, your energy encapsulated, and it is also your truth.

Today, I stress the great need for change in your world. Your personal world must change. Each one of you must live differently now. You must open your eyes and take in the truths that dance before you. They are not dancing to please you. They dance to shake you awake. They dance to make you understand, very clearly, that you too must dance and shake up your own world. They no longer dance a dance of illusion, but they dance a dance of power, giving you the opportunity to embrace the power that you let be taken from you, by your world, as you slumber. Now is the time to wake up. This is it! It is no longer something that is coming in time, in a few years or decades. No, the time has come to shake yourself out of your doldrums and become alert to what you must now do.

Your choices are very clear. It is your decision-making that is unclear. But that is only because you must stop using your old means of deciding and use your truth indicator. You must stop thinking so much and listen to your heart, not the heart that sits on your sleeve, but your real energy center at the heart of you. You must listen to the truth of this inner self, and no longer wait for someone or something else to tell you what you must do.

The world is no longer waiting. It needs all of you to change. It needs all of you to bring forth heart-centered change, even though this may cause disruptions, it is nothing compared to what is to come naturally.

Be certain that beginning conscious steps of change within will aid in flowing with the changes without. You cannot stop change, but you can change with it, otherwise you will have lived a life unawakened. That is all I can say on the subject.

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