#655 Truthfulness

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
I channel again for all of your Readers. What message of guidance do you have for us today, either regarding our inner work or any other subject you wish to talk about?

The subject of inner work commands quite a bit of attention because, as you know, it is a continual process, if you dare to attend to it as a lifelong endeavor. You will never lack for interesting challenges and discoveries if you allow the self to proceed on the inner journey. In guiding the self forward, think now upon that self as knowing exactly what to do next. Allow your physical, mental and emotional self to show you what you personally must attend to next.

Use your awareness to guide you. Use your inner knowing and your outer presence to guide you to deeper self-contemplation, truthfully. Allow your awareness of self to be bathed in the light of truth. This is not only your next step in the process of inner work, but your constantly guiding light.

Truthfulness with self must always be your goal, and although you may be afraid to hear and see your own truths, so must you approach them, knowing that they wait for you within, in the dark caverns of your psyche, embedded inside you. Your inner work must uncover even that which lies so deeply hidden that you have not even found a hint of its existence inside you yet. Your inner work must contain an element of daring in order to dig ever deeper, unafraid to know your deepest secrets. In truthfulness will you not only discover that which is most dark about the self, but you will understand how darkness affects others as well, and you will grow, not only personally, but as a human being in the world.

As you truthfully explore the self, as you further discover your many-faceted reasons for doing things, as you discover your deepest desires and wants and needs, and understand them on newer levels, going beyond what is immediately apparent to make new discoveries about the self, you will further allow the self to bear not only your own truths, but the greater truths that all must bear. The darkest truths of the self are available to aid you in breaking down your defenses, your controls, and your demands of entitlement. For, as you break down, you will discover that you are the same as everyone else, that you are no more or less right or wrong, no more or less entitled, no more or less special, no more or less needy, no more or less traumatized, no more or less deserving than anyone else upon that planet. As you break down your doors and enter and explore new rooms of the self you will discover your self as equally energetically present upon that earth as all others. In truthfulness will you discover what it means to truly feel love and compassion, to truly be mature and responsible, and to truly live in that world and in your inner world as an evolving being.

In truthfulness lies the answer for all inner work. For the discovery of who you are and why you are there upon that earth at this time will only become known as you break through the barriers that now hold you back from knowing the truths of the self. In seeking truthfulness of self you will achiever greater understanding of self. You will become open to the energy of life around you, allowing the self to truly flow and truly find that your path will keep unfolding before you, rewarding you always with new direction, new ideas of self, and new growth opportunities.

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