#619 Do The Right Thing

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Thank you for the guidance you extend to us and to all of your readers. Every day it seems that you impart something new or present a different perspective on what we already know as true, but don’t necessarily pay attention to or practice. Thank you for guiding us. Personally, and with those who are closest, I feel that a barrier has been surpassed, that a path has been cleared and that there is much support for taking the next step along this cleared and visible path. This path is connected to doing what is so totally right that it can’t be denied. There is a new certainty imbued with a steady calmness that I feel all around me. This feels like a very pragmatic as well as a spiritual calmness, as if the whole world has shifted and the potential for real change may be more than a myth now if people act on this clear path of steady certainty. Do you have any comments about this and guidance to offer your readers? What is it that I’m feeling and experiencing all around me?

My Dear One, you are feeling and experiencing the aspects of shift that occur as a grand alignment of energy takes place in the universe, totally separate from your earthly environment but energetically very much impacting it. You notice, and many others too may feel the energy that now does indeed shift from an ocean of energy, quite varied and potent, to rivers and streams of energy, channeled into energy currents that will chip away through long held barriers and wash down the blockages that have stood in the way of progress. This is indeed a time of greater clarity, greater knowing, and wise truthfulness. But along with such revelation must come the next step in human evolution and that is the human reaction to further grow in the arms of such energy by admitting that it is time to not only make some changes but to do what is right for all beings.

This is not a time to be selfish, but a time to consider the impact of your decisions on your greater world, first beginning with those closest to you. In doing what it right and proper closest to home, so do you extend such energy, offering it greater potential out in the world. By offering your love and compassion to others, by extending your own energy in the right direction, by making personal decisions based on what is clearly revealed to you during this time of energetic flow you will indeed offer the world and the greater population access to this potent energy. As you know, I am fond of expressing the fact that energy affects energy and that you, each one of you, by your attitudes, demeanors, actions, and intents have the potential to change your self, your personal world and the greater world.

By deciding to act upon what is being so clearly revealed and implanted, in each one of you, you offer your self and others the true seeds of growth and change and mental, physical, and emotional evolution, along with the spiritual. For it is time now for those of you upon that earth who live in spiritual contexts to go beyond the confines of your inner practices and take what you have learned out into the rest of the world. Allow your spiritual practices to flood the valleys of your everyday life so that the spiritual ocean you tap into daily may begin to slip out into your everyday world a little bit more forcefully.

You know that you sit with your own experiences. Each one of you, My Dear Readers, have had and do have spiritual experiences that guide, protect, and teach you. The energy of now asks you to find a way to send your most private experiences out into the world so that others, also having experiences, may recognize that they are not alone. In this manner may you become a part of the ocean of energy that does indeed require rivers and streams now as inlets into the populations upon that earth who are so desirous of change, desirous of compassion for all creatures, and desirous of right doing by all human beings.

Though turmoils continue to exist both inside and outside of you, I ask that each one of you take what you have personally learned from the great ocean of energy by understanding its affects on you, and by allowing that understanding and those experiences to become, more fully, the real energy of who you are. Are you not a spiritual being who is loving and compassionate, who is connected to energy outside of you because you know how rightfully it guides you and teaches you as you take your journey? Have you not tapped into spirit and knowing, and have they not already proven themselves as so right for you in your life? Well, now it is time to bring these truths more fully out of your sacred spaces and walk with them inside and outside of you. It is time to live your truths. It is time to act with love and compassion, guided by spirit within the self, toward the self, but now also toward others, in all walks of life.

Move with energy that says: It is time now to channel the ocean of all knowing into new rivers of life, offering access to all, so that the energy may flow inside and outside, so that the energy, like water flowing, may find its natural course, so that all may experience its potential.

It is a time to do what is right, based on the clarity you receive, based on the calm resonance you feel, and the steady knowing that permeates your being as you contemplate where you now stand, at the headwaters of the energy of real change. If you have the daring to stay connected to this energy, you will grow exponentially during this time. Even if you feel overwhelmed, even if you may feel it washing you out to sea or pushing you a little faster than you are ready for, stay attached to the truth that underlies this energy. It is good. It will lead you where you need to go. It will bring clarity. It will help you grow into the person you are meant to be.

Look for the signs, the lifelines that will be thrown to you by this supportive energy. You will not be left alone, but you must look outside of you for the aid that is present in your life. You must dare your spirit to look for resonant spirit beyond the confines of your temples, your churches, and your meditation rooms.

Look toward others of like spirit and act with them as energetic support to truly change your selves and your world. It is up to you, the individuals, to turn the energy into more powerful rivers of energy that will empower and heal.

3 thoughts on “#619 Do The Right Thing”

  1. Yes, Jan, Chuck, and Jeanne, I have definitely felt this shift as well over the past several days. Such an optimistic and hopeful energy! Pat

  2. Hi Pat,
    I just wanted to mention that I thought of you as I was channeling and your daring to express yourself in your comments the other day. You, and others, by expressing your inner process and your spiritual practice are doing what Jeanne asks us all to do, spread our energy of spirit. It seems that just how we are supposed to do this will be shown to us, in whatever way fits into our daily lives. Keep doing it in whatever ways feel right, that seems like the way to do the right thing.

  3. Thanks, Jan. And I don’t think you’ll be surprised to know that I also have been thinking the same way, that I believe opportunities to share what we’re learning will be presented to us, and I feel ready to talk more about them, especially with this recent shift. Thanks for providing one of those opportunities! Pat

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