#610 Inner & Outer Balance: The 4th Step in Learning Detachment

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
What guidance do you have for us today?

Find the equilibrium that suits you as you go forward now in your lives, My Dear Ones. Do not look with regret or sadness upon the transgressions of others nor the complications that develop as all seek to find stability in their personal lives. This is a time of disruption and turmoil coupled with understanding the certainty and necessity of life as a learning ground. In firmly establishing the self on a journey of growth so is one quite automatically prepared for the journey that lies ahead, whether it be traveled over rocky roads, steep paths, challenging terrain, or upon smooth and flowing waters. Life is meant to be a challenge and a joy.

Seek to find the balance between the challenges and the joys in your lives, My Dear Readers, between the disruptions and the smooth flowing life you so desire. Utilize your lessons and your practices in evolutionary growth to firmly ground you in your lives upon that earth, and in your spiritual existence as well.

Firmly embedding the self in the journey that has become known to you, as you do your inner work, will enable further growth. In acquiescing to the inevitable, one complies with the purpose of life and learns to accept the lessons that come to guide.

I suggest that establishing a calm inner balance and an equally calm outer balance is the next step in your process of learning detachment. This is the fourth step in a process that entails doing quite a lot of inner work while remaining fully engaged in the outer world. This process of understanding the two worlds as complicit and equally necessary, challenging, and purposeful, is part of learning detachment. Without a fuller understanding of every aspect of life as being part of your process of evolution your ability to learn detachment will be snarled.

Inner balance and outer balance are maintained as one recognizes how they are constantly at odds, confronting each other, pulling one way or the other as life unfolds. Today, the outer energy may push your inner energy to retaliate in withdrawal. The outer energy may ask for too much, seeking excess at a time when it is far better to establish rules of conduct that are conducive to the truths of the inner self, forced to live upon that earth at a time when there is rampant excess.

In times of overabundance there is a tendency to overindulge whether this be in material or emotional form. Considering the self as an evolutionary being, ask the following: What is really most important at this time in your life? What do you wish to offer the self? What do you wish to offer others? How do you want to use your energy while at the same time remain fully present in your world? Consider your place in life at this very moment of your existence. Contemplate it seriously, realistically, and truthfully. Where are you, in all aspects of your life?

Establish a sense of balance based upon these conclusions of self by acquiescing to your truths. Find the inner calm and the outer calm that are available to you now, at this moment in your life. Use this inner and outer state of calmness as your gauge. Feel what it feels like. Ingrain it in your body and mind so that you may return to it when needed, whether it be a known state of calm, already familiar, or unknown, but fairly easy to regain. If you do not find a certain sense of calmness then accept that as your place of self now, because in order to learn to balance the inner and outer self one must have a reference point to return to over and over again. Do not be hard on the self if you cannot gain a familiar or desired balance, for the point of this exercise is to establish a baseline of balance, based on this moment.

Begin to feel what it means to be in balance, in a state of flux with inner and outer realities, allowing the self to take in, observe, and respect all that comes to you, allowing the self to flow with life without extremes of emotions, reactions, or physical stresses. Learning to flow, establishing a reference point of inner and outer balance without judgment or condemnation, and asking the self to return to this place of balance as often as possible is learning detachment in the flow of every day life.

Remind the self often to get into balance. Ask the self, each day, to take a few moments, a few deep breaths, a few inner heart-centered breaths and a few deeply invigorating breaths of fresh air to establish the self in both the inner world and the outer world.

Be thankful for a life that offers you the opportunity to constantly be challenged to broaden your outlook, your experiences, and your ideas of the self and others. Be thankful for a life that offers you the opportunity to grow and evolve.

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