#607 A Journeyer Understands Consequences of Actions

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
What are you going to talk about today?

Today is a good day to talk about the consequences of actions taken.

What do you mean by that?

By this I mean that one must be ready to take full responsibility for making a decision and acting upon it in order to grow. Maturity is not simply achieved by state of age or position in life. One must earn it by accepting full responsibility for the self and the consequences of one’s actions.

Only in learning the lessons of being responsible may you truly evolve into a mature person, by owning the fact that you alone are to blame for the unfolding of your life, by the choices made, whether conscious or unconscious. By using the word blame I do not do so in a judgmental manner, but as a fact of life that all choices eventually trickle back to the person who has enacted them. All choices must be seen as actions taken by the unknown self to guide you to your issues and challenges.

There is no blame, regret, or denial that will absolve you of your need to grow. You see? Every step in your life is of great consequence. Every action taken and every choice you make is a true fact of your life. Each step you take leads you where you need to go, whether others are involved or not. By making these statements regarding ownership of action, I wish to entice you to a greater acceptance of the self as a journeyer.

A journeyer accepts every tiny step along the journey simply because he knows that he has elected to take a journey and that a journey entails adventure. It entails meeting, conflict, taking chances, using quick thinking, wittiness, sharpness, and decision making, often without much time for forethought. A journeyer knows that all actions will have consequences. As he travels he knows that he has only himself to rely on and that if he fails he has only himself to blame. As I stated, such blame is without judgment; it is simply a fact.

As a journeyer travels his path he knows that he is responsible for every action, yet he also knows that each step opens him to new opportunities and new adventures bearing new choices. A journeyer leads a life of action. In taking full responsibility for himself, and each action, he also must learn to accept full responsibility for the consequences of each step and each action taken. This is a process that may take some time to fully embrace and own, but all must do so in order to evolve.

In accepting the self as a true journeyer, life becomes an adventure of hope, of options, of self-determination to fully take the journey that will lead to wholeness of self in the outer world and in the inner world. Today I speak of learning what it means to take full responsibility for decisions acted upon.

I suggest that consequences be assessed and that outcomes be satisfactory to the evolving self. Many decisions are made in fear. In fact, most decisions have fear hovering in the background somewhere, so that often they are not made based on inner truth, but on outer realities that are so far removed from inner knowing that they have no connection whatsoever to a spiritually evolving life.

Take the consequences of the decision to go to war, for instance. This involves the potential to kill and be killed. Is such a decision based in spiritual evolutionary awareness and tactics, based in the truth of energy, in the truth of energetic sameness of all beings? No, it is not. Treat all of your decisions as if you were deciding whether or not to go to war. Is the war worth it? Is the choice made going to lead to more war? Is the choice you are attempting to make based on the fact that you are an energetic being living a life of spiritual growth?

Think first: I am energy. Then decide: What is the best move to make for an energy being who is seeking fulfillment of this life being lived now? Perhaps your perspective on your life situation may change as you allow your inner work to become part of every decision you make. Perhaps your choices may begin to be based in mature thinking, knowing that you are choosing to lead your life along an evolutionary path. Perhaps your journey may begin to lose some of the old fears as you accept each challenge in your life as perfectly set up for you to make a choice that will further move you along your evolutionary path.

Consider your choices based on your past, but also on your future. Consider your choices based on your immediate place in life as well. Consider your choices as a maturing energy being, fully responsible for your life. Determine, each day, what you would like that life to look like. Consider your actions and ask the self: What am I offering my self today by making this decision to proceed along my path in this manner? Is there another option that is better for my evolving spirit self? Am I ready to own my choices, to be fully responsible for the consequences of my decisions? Am I making my choice based on fear and hearsay, based on truth or lies, based on heart or head? What is the truth of the reality I live in, and where is the best place to go next in my life? What are the inevitable, known consequences of my decisions, and am I ready to own those as well?

Turn inward and ask the mature self to meet the adventuring spirit self each day in balance, in action, in taking responsibility, and in growing. This is all you need to develop an understanding of your life as it has thus far been lived and as it has yet to be known. Good Luck as you take your next step, My Evolutionary Beings!

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