#604 Turn Inward, Establish a Strong Line of Communication & Face the Possibility of Real Change

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Can you give us some guidance for this day regarding the current energy that is pushing and leading us along in our lives?

Yes, My Dears, I am delighted to impart some insight, yet must I ask you each to sit with what comes, for only in quiet contemplation with the inner self will any outside guidance have meaning. Today I suggest that you do not offer the self any consolation or compromise, but that you push the self to impeccability. This is not a time to be flippant or hasty in your decision making or your attitude toward the self. It is a time to ask the self to stay focused upon the path of change and truth. Ask the self to sit quietly with the questions that arise; wait for the inner self to join you, coming to a quiet meeting place where clarity may be gained.

This is a good time to turn inward, but such turning inward will be difficult if you cannot face the real possibility of change. Change is what sits upon the horizon, within your grasp, but if you are fearful of real change then you will find that your inner work will be populated with a lot of conflicting individuals, all seeking to state their cases.

Such conflict will unsettle you, but if you allow the self to accept that you do indeed have many voices calling for attention your first hurdle will be swiftly sailed over. The second hurdle to tackle is achieving an open line of communication, in alignment with the inner self so that, no matter what the other voices attempt to draw you to, your thread of light to the balanced inner self remains strong and vibrant. Once this vibrancy of communication is set up it is a matter of using your tools of detachment, asking the outer self, the ego self, to go deeper, to turn from the noise and confusion of the outside energies and stay connected to the inner self. Detachment requires that this line of communication remain strong, that it be exercised daily, and that its connection lead to truth and change.

Then your process becomes one of determining, with the inner self, what course of action will be the best solution to your problems. The inner self may have the answer, unaided by outer guidance, or you may notice that something outside of you is trying to let you know that there is something you are not quite getting. Using outer energy as guidance is another step in inner work as you learn to understand what comes to you in your life; for much outer energy is only interested in stealing your attention, and this you must discern. Other outside energy is available to aid you. Your dilemma is to determine, within the context of your own life, which outer energy is available for good usage and which outer energy is only interested in feeding off you. And how do you make this determination? You take the dilemma to the inner self, of course.

The inner self knows everything. Once you forge a strong connection to the inner self, in whatever way works for you, you will find all the answers to your questions. This is why I ask you to sit quietly with the inner self, allowing the thread of connection to grow stronger, wider, more vibrant, until you have a stream and then a river of energetic connection between the two of you, with the outer self trusting and reliant upon the inner voice, knowing that it is indeed speaking truthfully, even though you may not like what it is telling you. If this is the case, do not run from what it tells you, but allow the self to go deeper still, asking for clarity, for proof that you must confront this truth of self at this time, and why? Why must you do this work at this moment? Something far greater than you can imagine is in store for you if you dare the self to stay connected to the inner self.

By staying in conversation with the inner self you will gain energy, you will find guidance, you will find your way to a more interesting and knowing self. And you will discover that even my words, brought to you from outside of you, are also found within. You already know all this. You just need to sit quietly and listen to the inner voice. Find your guidance within.

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  1. sometimes all I can say is, yes.

    thanks for this, thanks for this confirmation of what I know so deeply.


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