#603 The Big Baby is Bored: Offer it Creative Energies

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Today, I would like to know: is there another step in detachment that would be helpful for us to learn at this time?

My Dearest Jan, and all of My Readers, do not doubt that there are many steps in achieving balanced detachment so that you may live a life of compassion for self and others severed from the issues that now attach to and attack you. However, the steps thus far imparted are the most crucial every day steps that one must not only learn, but also embed in the psyche, so that they become active participants in your lives. I stress that awareness of the self as an evolving being is of utmost importance as you continue to work on the self.

Inner and outer awareness combined are essential aspects of growth. I do not wish to command or contend too much at this point. It is far better that you work with what you now have at your fingertips, keeping aware of the self as desirous of change that will free you from the repetitive doldrums of life. Keep in mind that in order to truly change one must offer the self useful tools, but one must also push the self to utilize them.

I understand that it is often the case that the tools are readily understood, found extremely useful, but the difficult part comes in maintaining a practice. This must be your daily concern, My Dears. Once you daily remind your self of the process of learning detachment in Not Doing, Knowing of Purpose, and the third step of accessing the greater Responsible Energies of the Self then it is time to put them to use, in actions. This involves learning to care about the self, learning to trust the process of your life as it unfolds, and disciplining the self to truly allow for change, without fear and without sadness.

This process of enacting change is based in awakening the creative self, offering the self creative energies that may lie dormant, latent, or already quite active. Is it not far better to tap into the creative self rather than allow the big baby to rule? The big baby loves the creative self, and if you contemplate what this means you will find that your big baby will automatically sit in awe of the creative, troubling you less with its hungers and desires, its needs and its issues. The big baby is in need of some entertainment. It asks for something from you and although you may think it wants the usual, it is, in fact, asking you to notice that it needs something different; otherwise it would not be bothering you.

If your big baby were satisfied it would not rise up and make outlandish demands at the most inappropriate times or at its scheduled appointed times. You have trained your big baby to alert you, much as an alarm clock alerts you to wake up. It is not really asking for the same thing that your mind and body immediately revert to, simply because you have created a habit that easily quiets the big baby. No, your big baby is asking you to change. It is quite bored after all these years of the same thing and would like a change. Offer it some creative energies. Offer it something that has nothing to do with satisfying the human hungers, but offer it something that satisfies the spiritual hungers that it is alerting you to.

By practicing the first three steps in detachment you will gain insight into just what your big baby is truly yearning for. This is what I suggest is the next part of your process of change. Utilize what you are learning by taking it innerly and enacting it outerly. To gain a better understanding of how you truly operate ask the self to slow down, to listen very closely to the small voice inside, and just suppose that it is saying something you have never heard because you were too busy shushing it. What would that be?

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