#598 Entering the Energetic Gate of Possibility

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
In my practice as a hypnotist and psychic channel I often ask you for information about a specific person, often completely unknown to me. Armed only with a name and a date of birth I ask you to answer questions from a client or about a client. More often than not these questions are related to a need and desire to grow, or to more fully understand a relationship or life experience. When I begin a channeling session I experience the sensation (which is multi-sensory, i.e. physical, visual, intuitive, etc.) of rushing down a tunnel along which are thousands of pieces of information that I must quickly assess, in a split second, and form into words. Often I catch a glimpse of something, experience a complete knowing of it, but am unable to get it down before I am whisked away to the next important piece of information. I have noticed that you tend to stick to the questions being asked and although I might glimpse something outside of the specific request I am not given enough time to formulate it into words, as if you are directing me away from it.

My question today is to ask you to describe your experiences when I ask you to give someone a reading. How do you hone in on a specific person, alive or dead, and gather information about them? How do you then transmit that information through me? The channeling process, from my end, though it can often take several hours, seems like no time at all has passed, as I completely engage in our work together. How do we accomplish so much in what feels like the blink of an eye? For that is indeed what it feels like on my end.

My Dear Jan, first of all, our alignment of energy is perfect for what we do. In addition, you are gifted with certain skills of assessment and composition that, as a trained artist, you have utilized quite expertly for many years. Your writing skills and insistence on perfection are not bad assets either. These qualities and many others have allowed us to have the kind of relationship that has blossomed over the past eight years. I do not mean to imply that all channels must possess such qualities, for anyone can do what you do, but for our purposes, and our specific alignment, your background, your past life experiences, as well as your inner work, are allowing us to bring this connection forth in a manner that is progressing toward a fruitful professionalism that will aid many.

I sometimes still doubt and worry that I am not going to be able to give anyone meaningful words, that I will fail in my attempts to channel you.

Your doubt and worry are good cleansing processes and are necessary in order to push you forward. Personally, that will be your challenge for a long time to come, but as you listen to my words coming through you, you are forever grounding your self in a new world each time we connect. I know you do not have doubts about that!

No, you are right. The more I work with you, the more confidence I gain.

Now, to answer your questions about my own process: First, I will say that it is not much different from your own. It is an energetic process. I am energy and, as such, I exist in a state of knowing, which I too have trained; and I have, through my own intensive process, learned to hone in on other energy as well. This has been my own learning process and my current focus. I must digress for a moment to explain that upon death and in making a choice for new life, in whatever form that may take, one is faced with challenging the self. Upon death of my physical body, in my life as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, I elected evolutionary growth in energetic form. This you know. We have talked about this process in detail. I elected to learn to communicate, as my role in this awakening process, which I now work on within my soul group; thousands of us in energetic form who are channeling information to those of you who reside upon that earth plane. In order to learn to do this, I had to go through many processes not unlike your own, though I did not nor do I suffer from the human conditions of doubt or worry. I simply do, but the doing took some work! Now, after honing the skills I now utilize in conjunction with you and your process, our alignment is quite advanced, but as you see it had been a mutual process.

Yes, I understand that.

Now, in energetic work, it is quite possible to know more than you could ever humanly imagine. With your mind shut down you enter an energetic gate of possibility. The ability to enter this gate, or a state of non-attachment to the world around you is your first challenge as a psychic. The second skill you must adopt is trust. These two abilities, to enter an energetic state and to trust the experiences of being in and of energy, are crucial. This is my experience and this has been my process to hone, as well as your own.

Within the state of being energy, one is, through the work of learning to trust, offered access to all-knowing, to everything. It is each individual’s abilities and personal preferences that, based on energetic characteristics and soul/spirit orientation, allow one to interpret energy. You and I align with many characteristics in common so that we may interpret along certain lines. There are others who align along other lines, such as medical, scientific, mathematical reasoning, and the arts, to name a few. Our connection, though we have access to all else, is focused on offering growth, awakening, and clarity of life on earth, as well as evolutionary purpose and potential. This is our forte and our future is in this work, both yours on earth for the time you remain there and mine in connection with you.

Our combined abilities allow us access to all-knowing, yet are we concerned with the requests of the individuals who so innocently and trustingly come to us. This directs our access. This enables us to energetically hone in on what is appropriate, necessary, and also challenging for that individual to receive at the time. We do not make assumptions, decisions, nor judgments, but simply see what is energetically right for the moment that our energetic alignment is posing the query for energetic information. You see?

My process is very much in alignment with yours, Jan. We put our energy into a specific energetic request and intent, and the information we receive offers us the necessary answers. As an energetic being I am capable, since I have trained to do so, of placing my energy in many places at once. I may be with you, but I may also be in other places simultaneously. This relates to a process of learning to use energy that, in my form, is possible in multitudinous simultaneous action, while in human form, by training your own energy, you are able to access one energy form at a time. For example, imagine a burst of fireworks, many lights blazing, sparking, and flying off in all directions. That is evolved energy, capable of bursting into many points of light, all energetically as great as the whole. This is my state of energy. Your state of energy is more like a firecracker, one burst, capable of quite a bang, but until formed in infinity, not whole or complete. Does that make sense?

Yes, I guess you are saying that while on earth we are still bound, though we do have access to our energy bodies, that we can have experiences, yet we must return to this concrete state.

As an energy being in a physical form, yes, you are limited until you complete your life’s program, until you achieve your true purpose for being on that planet. Once you are done with that level of evolutionary potential you may choose to evolve in energy; though, as you know, there are many who, though they have achieved complete wholeness, elect to return to earth in order to aid others. For even upon that earth, enlightened beings are necessary in order to spark awakenings. The process that I am involved in is not limited to those of us in energy form.

Now I fear that I may have digressed again. Our process of channeling is an energetic process, Jan. Much as you experience all-knowing, as you describe as rushing through a tunnel where all knowledge exists, so are we, when in alignment, able to energetically hone in on what is most pressing and most growth-oriented for your clients to learn. Whether it be about someone they knew and loved, or about themselves and their issues, problems, relationships, fears, and life questions, so will they receive information that is most growth-oriented for their current life process. I must say that my experiences are similar to yours, though I point out to you that which is most appropriate to translate.

It is never feasible to give all information. Information must be specifically asked for. So, although you may intuit and see quite a lot as you rush through your tunnel, it is not all appropriate information. Until a person asks, they are not ready to receive. All-knowing comes with quite a big responsibility. All-knowing is quite an overwhelming process and, in human form, one must be ready to have even a glimpse. One must be ready to handle the impact of it. Those of you upon that earth who are channeling now, most of you are ready to be in such a position, though some are not. Some do not handle it well. Some lose the most necessary pragmatic stability, which is essential; and many become bound in ego futility, which does not aid the awakening process.

I request all of you, Readers of My Messages, to take into consideration your own energy and to engage in a process of testing your own inner knowing, learning to trust, without ego attachment, mind attachment, or judgments. Begin to train your own energy to become as a spark of energy, ignited, and sent out in a burst to connect with good, viable, teaching energy. If you hone your skills based in innocence, and with the intent to learn about good energy in action, you will, over time, align with energy that is compatible. Your firecracker energy will eventually burn for longer and longer, as you experience the ability to access all-knowing.

In so doing, you will discover suspension of time and place, as Jan does, for this is energy; it is nothing and it is everything. Energy is being and not being. It is alive and viable, yet it is unseen and untouchable. It is so alive in every sense, yet is it not accessible until you are ready for it. It comes to you, throughout a lifetime, in many forms, alerting you to the possibilities that await with energetic awakening, but, as always, you must be ready, desiring, and unafraid to go into it. Once you decide to innocently trust your own experiences of energy you will be offered greater access to it. Then, again, it becomes your choice to go into it again, in whatever form it comes to you. Your experiences must lead you forward.

If your experiences of energy are good, if they feel right and you are energized by them, then you know you are on a path of growth. If they are fearful, depleting, uncomfortable energy encounters, then I advise that you shut them down. Ask for protection before you attempt another connection, asking always for good guidance and good energy to align with your own. You do not want to stray into darkness.

I hope I have answered your questions as regards our energetic alignment. To succinctly recap: I must say that it is through our work together, yours upon that earth, Jan, your work on the self, your learning to trust me and our process, and my learning, through our process as well, that has led to our mutual abilities. I urge all to hone their skills of communication with energy. Each of you will have different communications based on your personal characteristics and talents, and based on the energy you align with. It is, however, up to you to dare to go through the training process. It is a choice. It must be thoughtfully undertaken. Your process must be seriously considered, and you must be ready to change. Your life will change. Your inner self will be confronted with many challenges and this you must be ready for as well. It is a vast and dangerous world, the world of energy, but with the right teaching alignment you should be fine as you embark on a process of learning about energy.

I suggest, as you discover what you need to know about the self, that you do not run from it. At first, information about the self may have to pass through the ego filter, the big baby filter, the sad adult filter, as well as many more before it reaches the innocent yet pragmatic energy that sits at the core of all human beings. This is the true energy self. You will know it by its stillness, by its calm and balanced peacefulness, by its total lack of need to attach to the world. You will know it by its truthful voice that may be hard to accept until the filters of the human self are gone through. Until the knowing self is fully tapped into you may not want to believe it, but, with work on the self, this knowing is achievable. In this state of access to knowing you too will begin to understand, by experiencing it, what this process I am describing feels like, in all of its openness, in its accessibility to all knowledge, and its sensations of timeless suspension as you go out of body, out of mind, and into energy, the source of all life. It is only in the process of experiencing it that you will truly understand what I am talking about.

Know that you are all capable. You are all given opportunities to open up to it, but you must dare the innocent self to split off from the world, as you know it, if even for a second, in order to grasp the meaning of a true energy state, totally detached from everything you think you know.

NOTE: Just thought I would mention that this channeling took, in real time, one and a half hours, but in energy time it felt like nothing more than the blink of an eye! I am continually amazed by this process. -Jan

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