#588 A Day of Manifestation

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have some guidance for your readers today?

Today is a day of manifestation, a day to finally accept the truth of where you are, looking at all that you have been gifted with, and acquiescing to the journey of now. Manifestation comes in taking the next step, allowing the self absolution in order to do so, simply because it is the right step to take. This must be the focus today, a concerted effort to acquiesce to the inevitable, to what you have been shown about the self, and acquiescence to the truth of now as regards the self, the whole self, and the truth of the whole self.

I do not wish for any of you to fall by the wayside as the energy churns up again, spitting you aside if you are not firmly grounded in the inner self, fully aware of who you are now and the potential you hold within you to certainly grow beyond this moment. You do not wish to be spun off as chaff from the thresher as it harvests the crop either, do you?

The next level of energy to engage the planet earth is the energy of harvest, sweeping down upon you in great force, plucking that which is ripe and ready and turning back into the soil that which does not yet have the vital growth necessary to offer sustenance.

You see, it is now a crucial time for those who reside upon the planet earth. For although the planet is large and there are many climates coexisting, so it this a time of shift, of change, and it does affect each of you no matter where you reside. When such shift occurs the choice of each individual becomes a choice of advancement with the energy of shift or getting caught in the undercurrent, the churned under energy of the previous energetic time, now worn out and ready to be ground under.

Shift requires action on your part, My Dears. It is not enough to take note of it, for in simple awareness there is no movement. But, if awareness is held onto and kept alive, waiting for the right moment, and then action is taken, you will find that the energy will carry you to new levels. Do you see what I am stressing today? I am pointing out that it is your awareness that must be maintained in order to make good decisions in your life.

If you are well on the way to making changes in your life do not fall into inflated complacency, thinking that you have everything under control, because something will come along to jolt you. It always does. If your awareness is not kept up to snuff you may lose your self in an old place or habit, and this will result in being caught in the undercurrent, and you will be churned under, joining the seedlings for another season of opportunity to grow.

This is a powerful time. There is abundant opportunity to move into new life. To stay upon your path of growth you must remain alert now, for as always there will be tricks, and tried and true old habits will emerge to carry you down with them into the comforts of old complacency. Avoidance of reiterating the old mistakes may be the best place to ground your self. Remain aware of your weaknesses and look into your strengths as you move forward now. Forward you will move, no matter what happens, for as I am fond of noting: everything happens for a reason. It is up to each of you to determine what that reason is for you.

I advise studying what it means to be compassionate toward the self and others, what it means to be generous of spirit, helpful and available, yet also firmly fixed upon the path you have chosen. Your path may be extremely clear as to the next step, or it may be quite foggy. It doesn’t really matter. What does matter is whether or not you are in a place of alertness and acquiescence to the truth of who you are, where you are, and what is being offered to you, right now, to lead you forward. If you are aware, and ready to acquiesce, then I suggest you move forward. Determine, without self-doubt and self-judgment, the life you are being offered and, fully embracing it, manifest it now. Good Luck!

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