#549 The Moment of Clarity Will Come

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today to guide us through the next few days?

Remain aware of the signs and symbols that appear to guide you. Though you may feel unattached to spirit at this time, so are you constantly being aided and attended to. Though your attention may be busy dealing with outer issues, so are you not left to deal with anything alone. Keep this in mind.

The energy now is forcefully present and revealing all that must be known at this time. Do not push for more than you can reasonably handle or push others to take on more than they can willingly handle either. This is a time of noticing details. This is a time of putting together all the pieces. This is a time of constant revelation. Though clarity may come in bits and pieces a clear picture will eventually emerge.

Whether you are in the midst of recapitulation, change in relationships, dealing with the needs of self or others, finding your way through choices and decisions of importance, or patiently plodding through your life expectantly awaiting the right moment to greet your time of transformation, so do I remind you, today, that this time of revelation may take a while, but eventually the pieces will all fit and the picture will be revealed. At that time your process will become quite clear and your choices will be made known without the foggy distance that now inhibits quick action.

The moment of clarity will come. To some of you it will arrive sooner than for others. To some it will dawn gradually; to others quite quickly, in a single moment’s notice. Your part in the process is to stay on track, to know your feelings, to find your heart-centered truth, and to speak it clearly so that others may know your position though the fog may envelop them. Your clearly stated intent will pierce through the fog no matter how thick or how unyielding it may appear.

Do not retreat from your truths or your knowing of what is right. This is your trial and your challenge during this time of foggy density that may feel as if it will never end. By staying connected to your truths and your right knowing you may even force a natural dissipation of the fog so that things will progress at a faster rate.

Do not get lost in the fog. Ground your self each day in your heart center. It is your beacon of light that will guide you through this time of duality that contains clarity beneath and beyond the density that may feel more apparent. Use your light, your inner light of knowing and truth to remain upon your path. Send your truths straight into the fog and let them land where they must. Follow them with the love of compassion that is your best asset in an evolving world.

Do not hold back, but do not push beyond what is necessary for each moment. You will see that, as each moment arrives, you will know exactly what to do. Keep this awareness present with you each day. You will know what to do as each moment of decision, choice, and challenge arrives, by your heart-centered truth and clarity, and by your inner knowing of right action and right choice.

So you see, My Dears, though you may be feeling somewhat lost in the tumbling energy that is upon you, in truth are you not lost at all. You are exactly where you need to be, living moment to moment, knowing exactly what to do when. Awareness of this is a great tool to carry with you as you confront the fog. Keep in mind that fog is nothing more than a foil, a trick of the energy, a teaching tool training you in awareness of your heart-centered truth. For if you cannot clearly see, what else do you have to fall back on? The answer is: heart-centered knowing, awareness, intuition, truth, and resonance of right action.

Use your inner light to pierce the foggy darkness. The guidance you need is right in front of you. You may not see it, but I know you can feel it!