#548 This is Transformative Energy

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Do not lose sight of your goals and your potential. Do not lose your footing in your inner world or your outer world though you may be drawn out of balance by circumstances beyond your control. Watch, wait, and be present for those who need and those who resist, but do not take the steps for those who must take their own steps in order to grow. It does not matter who you are, or what your circumstances are, you must take your own steps and make your own way through that life.

In order to more fully appreciate the energy of the times in which you live, I suggest a concerted effort be made, each day, to stay connected to your heart-centered place of calm knowing. Let this be your anchor, no matter what is present in your life. At all times, find peace here, find balance, find connection to spirit and to self here.

By your attention to this steady connection will your outer difficulties, problems, issues, and resolutions become more clearly addressed, with natural actions of compassion and care, without forethought or ponderance, because each action and reaction will be truthful and right.

Ease your circumstances greatly by paying attention to this anchoring place. Begin your day, each day, in heart-centered anchoring so that your every choice will be automatically generated from this place of compassion. In caring for the self in this manner you will find that your care of others will be more appropriate and less fraught with discussion and indecision. Heart-centered action is right action, truthful action, releasing action, based in energetic responsiveness and resonance, truly the greatest means of living a life of meaning.

Energetically, this time is greatly pressuring for change. There is outer pressure caused by the alignment of many forces beyond human control. It is a time of acceptance to the facts of such outer power and energy. It is a crucial time in learning what it means to acquiesce to the inevitability of life leading you on your journeys. It is the time that you have always been waiting for, the energy that will push you forward now. Although you may not clearly see what is before you, I know you are fully aware that you are being pushed to move forward now into the future. It is upon you.

This is the time to flow forward now on your heart-centered goodness and resonance. You don’t even have to think about it. Go with the flow of it, for it is good energy. It is just asking for you to change now, to accept its guidance, even though you may not understand what the future offers if you allow its guidance into your life. It is good energy for all because it is transformative energy. You will find that everyone now has the opportunity to get their needs met, their truths revealed, and their plans for what comes next will flow naturally from this revealing process.

You will find that even your own truths will lead you properly during this time of pushing energy and your own position will become clearer. Even though you may each feel that you are in a position of taking care of others, watching others, or aiding the growth of others, so will your own growth become clearer. Your own path will become known and your own issues presented more succinctly. Go with the flow of this energy. Though it may feel a bit uncomfortable, it is really quite nice!