#434 The Time of the Mirror

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today, as this week rolls now into the energy of a weekend? Will things slow down? Or is the energy going to continue to challenge us?

The energy has only just begun to challenge you, My Dears. Now will it offer you many possibilities in which to focus your intentions and your attention. It will now offer reflection, deflection, and introspection as possibilities. By this, I mean that it is the time of the mirror, the energy of mirroring and looking at the past, the present, and the future. You may experience one of these aspects, or all three, separately and simultaneously. This is a very complicated energy system that now comes to greet you and that will present you with the complications of the inner self, many of which need pondering.

Hold a mirror up to your self, as you go into this energy. Carry it with you at all times. I mean this metaphorically, but if you wish to carry a real mirror in your pocket, that is quite suitable too. Offer your self a peek in this mirror as you encounter your areas of weakness, of challenge, and of attachment. By looking at the self in positions of recapitulation and retrospection, so can you use the mirror as a magic mirror to look deeper into your past. Look beyond just the face you see. What else was happening in your past that you could not see then, but will now? For the mirror holds the whole story and is willing to reveal the hidden secrets, if you care to go looking. This involves deep reflective, introspective work and looking beyond the ideas of the self of the past, tilting the mirror slightly to get a different picture.

Who are you now? Who were you then? You are different now, yet are you still drawn to recapitulate some aspect of the old self, long forgotten or unfinished. Look deeply into the mirror of the old self from your present self, with all the knowledge you now hold about how life unfolded after that memory. Find out what the old self wants to know, and act as intermediary, as the evolved mature one who carries as many secrets as the mirror holds. This will be the challenge of part of the energy of the mirror as you are pulled back in retrospection of places of old; to memories, to unfinished business, or to unclear moments, as yet unresolved in your psyche, but also perhaps in your present reality as well. This energy will assist you in gaining clarity, if you use your mirror to remain present in now, grounding your self with your own face of now, even as you look beyond it to see what the mirror holds.

That is retrospection of the past, remaining grounded in the present, yet able to observe, feel, and integrate the past from a new perspective, fully accepting it with the knowledge you have gained as life has unfolded.

Your mirror is also a good tool for deflecting energy, for learning detachment, and to ward off evil energy, or energy of bad intent. Disturbances in your energy field that come from outside sources, that are neither conducive to nor necessary for your growth process, may be successfully deflected by use of your mirror. Use it as a shield to bounce negative or parasitic energy off you. This type of energy will become known to you by your study of it, as it appears in your mirror.

You can use your mirror to look over your shoulders, to see what is approaching, to study energy and people around you, to give yourself time to prepare for what is to come. You may use your mirror quite effectively in this manner if you stay grounded in your present adult self and maintain your awareness of who you are now, of what feels right, and of what feels resonant, based on your adult knowing self. Use the mirror to prepare your self for outside energy that comes seeking to disrupt you and topple you from your balanced place of confidence.

We talked greatly about the balance of self the other day. As you practice it, learning to maintain it, so can you use your powerful mirror to warn you and suggest to you that it is time to be protective of that steady and balanced self. Your efforts to remain balanced must be maintained now as you enter this energy time, as you step into the time of the mirror.

So, use the mirror to protect your energy. Do not use it blatantly and haphazardly though. You must always use it accompanied by deep inner work, deep retrospection, and introspective processing, guided by who you are now, always staying in the present, even as you view your past and observe what is approaching you now.

The mirror may also catch a glimpse of your future. For as you view your secrets, your revelations, your energetic challenges, so may you also get a gleam of brightness, a blinding flash of possibility, as yet unknown, but with quite a powerful and substantial feel to it. You may experience a surge of creative energy during this mirroring time. You may find your self intellectually stimulated and spiritually reawakened, as that gleam of brightness flashes in your eyes, jolting you into alertness. You can use this aspect of the mirror whenever you need it too, by your own hand and your own intent. Simply catch the light to jolt you out of places where you are caught, where you slumber too long, or where clarity is not achieved. Use the power of the mirror in this way to reposition yourself in your balanced present state, reminding yourself to return to your adult self.

Also, do not hesitate to look at others around you in your mirror. Look at them standing beside you in your mirror and study what it is about them that you also hold. Why are they in your life? The mirror holds the secret there as well. In relationships do we seek some aspect of self. What aspect of self do you admire in your partner or friend? What aspect of self do you abhor? What aspect of self do you desire in that person, who also seeks the same in you? You see, your little pocket mirror is quite a worthy tool for a warrior to learn the uses of, is it not?

Now is both a crumbling down time and a building up time. It is a shattering apart time and a piecing together time. It is a time of breaking patterns and destroying illusions, while, at the same time, of strengthening possibilities, and choosing to proceed in new manners. By choosing new methods of working through your issues, and by answering your questions with deep reflective, introspective work, may you succeed in deflecting the old patterns of behavior from continuing to attach to you, while you simultaneously offer your self new ideas, new paths, and new opportunities for growth.

Look into the mirror of self and find a new self, a deeper self, an endless self, who is waiting to be discovered, waiting to be invited out of the mirror, waiting to join you on the journey, waiting to merge with you, as you resolve your past, accept your present, and acquiesce to your future, fully aware and ready for adventure.