#432 Catch the Wave

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today, as we begin this new week, the day before the inauguration of Barack Obama as president of the United States?

My Dear Ones, joys and sorrows come together, accompanying each other in a life unfolding. Do not slump into unawareness, or the dreaded state of complacency now that your mission is accomplished, now that your country has spoken and is on a new path. Do not lose sight of the long road ahead, nor the problems that lie close at hand, nor forget, in your exuberance, that fear lurks in the bushes and behind the doors of old. Do not be naive, nor indifferent to the troubles that remain around the world, needing attention, as you embrace your jubilation.

I do not mean to dampen your spirits, My Dears, but I do mean to train your awareness. Celebrate, but remain keenly aware that, even as you do so, there are plots being hatched to destroy your happiness and your joy at the sight of this young man among you. For although he may stand before you, as your president, so does he walk among you as no president has done before. He will lead you into a new world, asking you to follow, asking you to use your awareness and place your attention on the blatant realities of your world, asking you to participate in that new world where the riches of compassion, love, and care of each other, become more important than any other wealth imaginable. Underlying this entrance into a new world lurk the fearful and the greedy, still hoping to overshadow and strong arm their way back into the good graces of the American people. You must remain aware of the truths laid out before you, clearly shown, even as the salesmen return with their glittering wares, seeking to entice you back into blind complacency.

Awareness of truth and presence in a new reality are necessary aspects of progress in the new world that President Obama will introduce you to soon enough. His directives will be spirit driven, with truthful caring at the core, yet will he expect a firm commitment from all of you that may defy your sense of superiority, achieved in the wrong field. He will ask for a new superiority, a complex set of new rules of engagement in life in the United States and in the greater world. He will ask for sacrifices, yet will he also ask for growth and progress in compassionate living. It is not a time to feel defeated, deflated, or dependent. It is a time to shift thinking, perspective, and desires to a completely new means of perceiving your place in the world. Even as I have asked you to participate in your own growth and evolution, proceeding forth with awareness of your spirit self speaking truthfully to you, so will this man of utter sanity and truth ask you to listen to this inner individual spirit and allow it to come forth in collective progress.

As this time of positive energy continues, as this shift happens over and over again, in many ways, in a ripple effect, as waves crashing and recreating, so will you experience many changes. Your awareness, your commitment, your participation are being asked for. As I have often said, you really have no choice in the matter. Change is happening all around you. But you do have a choice in whether or not you will flow with acceptance of these changes, or if you will choose reluctance, sitting upon your old thrones of power and refusing to see and participate. In so choosing, will your energy fuel the old salesmen who will come knocking at your door with their fantastic schemes of safety and riches, far superior to the nitty gritty needs of true reality. Where do you wish to place your own energy in the world outside of you, on positive but not necessarily easy change? Or on old and dusty memories of a world that can no longer exist?

Do you not see the parallels, that your own life, your own world, is in the same position of shift and change now as well? Do you not see that you are being asked the same questions? Are you ready to flow with the new life, or do you choose to remain attached to the old? As I have stated, the new life will be full of joy, but it will also be a hard road to travel, for you will be asked to change many times along the way, as you will confront many aspects of the self, and of life, that need to be dismantled, and detached from. You will learn what it means to really grow, transform, and evolve now, as a nation, as human beings and, ultimately, as individuals.

Seek now your own heart centered truths, your inner knowing, and require your self to push this self to the forefront of your life now, unabashedly allowing your loving, compassionate, truthful self to become your spokesperson, no matter what may come knocking at your door to interrupt or push you off your path. Your own journey depends on your ability to change; as does the journey that your country of America is embarking on, shifting, and shifting, and shifting in a never-ending wave of new spirit energy. Catch the wave and keep its energy alive for all the hard days ahead. You know it is the right energy, leading you where you must go as a nation and as an individual. Good Luck, my lucky traveling ones, I await your progress!