#403 Powerful Energy Will Be Tugging At Your Heart Strings

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have some guidance for us today?

Allow yourselves to enjoy the stirrings of love and compassion as the universe pushes for such activity. However, do not feel let down if your own experiences are not of this sort, for not all will feel such energy. This type of energy is available for those who are ready to receive it, not because they are special, but because they are at a place to learn from it, and to use it wisely, with awareness. If you are feeling stirrings of compassion, be aware that, during this time now, you can get your self into quite a fix if you follow your impulses. Far better to remain aware but distant as this energy now gets somewhat tricky.

I speak today of feelings of love, of sexual feelings, of stirrings of desire, for those are the attributes of this energy that you may feel and wish to act on. If you are in relationship transitions, so is it wise to be careful, for the energy is apt to take over, and this is what you must be aware of. When I suggest that you might be better served by remaining distant, so do I mean this in the sense of your outer world. For if you are not sure of your feelings in a relationship, if you are on the verge of either commitment or break up, so will you be tested and challenged now. This weekend will surely test your emotions, your decisions, and your place as relates to love partners, potential love partners, and past love partners.

I suggest that awareness of the energy will aid you, but I know also that it is often impossible to stay focused on the possibilities when you are in the midst of affairs of the heart. If you find your self stranded in the land of no return, briefly captivated, and placed in the hands of that deeper physical self, so must you perhaps go there in order to learn what you must learn. And the learning may be good, even an excellent growing experience. Or the learning may catapult you to a moment of recapitulation, or it may solidify your already made up mind. All of these possibilities, and others, will aid you; so do not shrink from your encounters and your experiences of self in the energy system that now affects the planet earth.

Be aware that this time is fraught with dual emotions and many mirrors. You may feel quite confused, even as you are feeling tender, loving, gracious, and accepting. But look also around you at the rest of your life so that you can maintain a balance, seeing the bigger picture regarding your decisions that will most likely be made on an emotional level during this energy time. When relying on emotions alone may you have experiences that you may not otherwise allow for, and although this is good, so is it also risky. Look outside of you often over the next few days in order to achieve balanced awareness, and in order to see your reality more clearly.

Take time to breathe. Take time to step back and say to your self: “Hey, wait a minute. Where am I?” Because you will be deeply drawn into one world and you may forget your other world, and although this is a valuable experience, so do you not want to stay caught in just one world. You want to have experiences, but you also want balance.

So as I said in the beginning, keep your self alert. Keep your self aware that there is powerful energy that will be tugging at your heart strings. There is a grand feeling of love and relationship brewing. But it is up to you to remain aware of where you are now in your life. What are you ready to risk? What are you ready to experience? And what position are you going to allow your self to end up in? Are you balanced enough to go for it? Or are you feeling uncertain about your place, as far as relationships go?

Make your choices based on this knowledge of the energy. Remember that it is powerful, that it will pull at you and nudge you, but that it is up to you to decide what you will do as you feel its definite tug. Are you not a sexual being? Yes, you are! But you are also smart and ready to grow. Your challenges, My Dear Ones, are going to be between these two aspects of self, the sexual self and the intelligent knowing self. These two aspects must consciously make some decisions together. Keep also in mind that love of self is also called for during this time. Turning inward and offering the self some longed for love and compassion may be the best alternative to the outward pull. It’s up to you!

Personally, if I were any of you, I would have some fun with this energy, but I would keep it focused on my inner sexual self, rather than my outer sexual self. By that I mean the sexual creative energy that will be quite charged this weekend. What else can you do with it? Where else can you utilize it, if you are not certain that this is the time to leap into an affair of the heart? Perhaps this is the time to reach your hand to your self and embrace the tiny self inside who has been asking you to come and play, to come and talk, to come and reacquaint your self with each other?

Find your love of self now too. A powerful use of this energy would be to spend some time alone with your true self, your tender self, your inner self, your good self, your knowing self, your accepting self, your trusting self, your best friend self. Find out who you are now, no matter what your experiences may be. It is a good time for exposure of truths of the self, but also a good time to embrace those truths, with love and compassion for the self who experiences them.