#353 Recapitulated Energy Belongs to You

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have more guidance and advice for us today?

Yes, I do. Be aware that as you do your recapitulation so will old habits, comforts, and desires attempt to circumvent the progress you inevitably will make by capturing your energy. There will be attempts made on the energy you free during recapitulation, to steal it from you. But this freed energy is meant for you and should not be allowed to float out of you and into another, whether friend or foe, comfort or discomfort, resonance or not. Recapitulated energy belongs to you!

Remain aware that as a result of recapitulation will you be releasing an increment of your spirit self, a fragment that has long been held in captivity. It has remained lost in the past, perhaps uncomfortably so, in a place of negation or deep uncertainty. But now during recapitulation will you perceive the truth of its captivity and release it from the old binds that have held it back from progressing with you in life. As that energetic particle of self is revealed and subsequently allowed release from the past, so must you recapture it for use now, allowing it a place in your true spirit self, with intent for its mergence in your energy pool.

Avoid falling into rewarding the self in an old fashion for the work of recapitulation that you do. Instead focus on the next moment of recall and subsequent release. As you do your recapitulation work, so will you discover the rhythm and pattern of your own process. Not everyone will have memories or bodily sensations daily. But some of you may experience a bombardment, an intensity that will taper off for a period until the next bombardment comes. Others will have sustained intense release of memory. Whatever process your body and spirit present you with, so must you accept it as your recapitulation procedure.

Do not attempt to force, curtail, or conduct what is not naturally occurring. Do not attempt to create a recapitulation that is not true or ready for recall. Your body, your environment, your psyche, and the worlds you inhabit will offer triggers enough. Your dream world is one of these worlds I speak of. Your daily life is made up of many worlds too, and these worlds must be accepted and respected for the information they offer you.

Learn to interpret how your own worlds work with you. Your experiences will not be as another’s, but your experiences will only be succinctly apparent to you as you begin to understand how your recapitulation is going to be laid out and conducted. Let it happen, but be ready to take back your energy as it is released, without losing it again to some other greedy force. Such greedy forces are present at all times. They may be in the form of old habits, laziness, or simply as naturally occurring processes in your daily life. But you must begin to question more often how you want to use your energy.

As you recapitulate, your worlds may intersect. They may blur and confuse you, but it is up to you to remain always anchored in reality, as I spoke of yesterday. Your heart center is your number one place of anchoring. It is your place of knowing and naked truth. It is your place of self, true self, and this is where your energy must be placed, both as it is returned and as it is tugged at by outside forces.

Return awareness constantly to your heart center. This is good practice at all times and not only when recapitulating. Place intent and awareness in this central aspect of true self and anchor your thoughts and energy there. This will allow for calmness, but also clear thinking, and clear understanding of the need of the self to find a home. This is the place where your decisions must be made from, for they will be correct decisions, though you may not want to rely on them yet or listen to them. But that is part of the process of life, to make choices in how to use your energy.

As you know, whatever choices you do make are the correct ones, for they will lead you where you need to go in order to learn what you must. Do not consider choices to be wrong choices or bad choices. All choices are right, though it may take you some time to understand what I mean by this. Attempt to find the lessons being learned, the truth of self being revealed, and the guidance being offered.

As I have been teaching you about recapitulation lately, so do I offer you this final guidance today. Do not fault the self for the past. But hold the knowledge that it was perfectly right and necessary, every inch of it, every action, every activity, and every stumbling step you took, whether willingly or unwillingly. Your recapitulation will show you this process, but only if your adult self is in on it. Your adult self is the one who has the ability to explain and contend with the protests and judgments of others still resident in your psyche.

In recapitulation do you attempt to free not only your buried memories and truths, but to also release the impositions of others on your journey. These things may be judgments, critical scolding voices, teachings of conventional authorities, doctrines and proclamations that you have carried in your sinews throughout your whole life. Automatic responses may often be the most true ones, but they may also be the most ingrained false ones as well.

Continue to find your truths. Find your own true voice. Find your own true thoughts, your own true feelings, your own true beliefs. Find your true heart centered self. But most of all, know that the process of recapitulation is a process of rejuvenation, even as it is a process of breaking down the old structures that have held you in place all these years. Find your own strong structures centered in your inner heart knowing. This is the strength that will become the foundations for pure energy to build on, relying on the truth of self and the truth of your self as an energy being.

Focus on recapitulation means focus on growth. It allows for change to happen, with acceptance of the self as many-faceted and living in many worlds, acceptance of the self as able to facilitate energetic responses of truth and intent, and acceptance of the self as available to fully experience the self as energy.

So don’t you want to protect the energy self? I think you do, and I also know that as you experience your recapitulation and discover what it means to have access to more than one world at a time, so will you desire the experience of the self as pure energy more and more. Once you’ve understood what it means, there is rarely the desire to go back. But the choice to go forward must be constantly in your awareness as you do your work. Once it is flowing, so will your energy pick up the momentum and guide you more smoothly. Good luck!