#355 The Energy of Place, Home, and Environment

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

My Dear Ones, do not get too caught up in your striving to seat your self atop your mountain of change, but allow life to lead you there. Do not push or overexert the natural flow of your being, but allow your being to be revealed to you as you do your work on the self. Do not declare your self as either one way or the other, but allow your self to grow and change and take on new characteristics as you evolve.

Had I, as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, so defined myself too much would I have never reached the attainment of energy that I now reside in. I can attest to the fact that a seeking life is also a life that requires the ability to shift and change constantly. To flow with your life requires that you allow your self the pains and pleasures that energetic flow will inevitably present to you.

Do not peg your self or pin your self down to a picture that is no longer hanging on the wall. Do not describe your self too vigorously, for in so doing may you adopt aspects that are but meant to be momentary, not long term aspects of self or personality. Flow constantly without resistance to the current of life, the energy of life. Seek always to discover why you are being shown this, or taken here, or asked to encounter that. All of you are asked to be amorphous beings. Swim in the energy of your life as the fish swim in the currents of the ocean. Feel the temperatures of the waters of life, seeking resonant temperatures and finding the streams of energy that suit you for where you are now.

If you find your self stuck then look first at the outer energy. Are your in the right energy field? Do you need to shift to a more conducive environment in order to continue your journey? Are you being asked to change that outer energy? Does it ask something of you? Does it confront you with an aspect of self that needs to be taken care of and pondered? Is your outer energetic position conducive to doing your inner work? Or do you reside in chaos? If so, why do you have a chaotic environment? Is it necessary, for you to learn something about your self?

Chaos, strife, and reticent energetics may signify that you have an inner problem that needs attention and it is but reflected in the mess you have created around you. Or it may signify that you have just landed in the wrong place. But it is up to you alone to figure out if you are being confronted with what you must learn in order to advance, or if you have just not found resonance in your place of habitation yet.

To reside upon that earth in a state of flux, must you resort often to your inner knowing self. You must know who that is and be able to hear the truths being spoken to you, sometimes quite clearly and other times quite indistinctly. But at all times must you direct your questions innerly for the truest answers.

The energy of now is very much an energy of place, of home, and of environment. It is an energy that pushes you to confront the meaning of self as a being who needs the comforts of a home, a pleasant retreat from the world, but also needs a place of inner calm, so that during this time of transition and change you may have resources that attend to all aspects of the self, including the self who resides in that world and needs things that only that world can provide.

During this time of energetic configuration is home environment, and the sense of the self in that home of utmost importance. Perhaps it is time now to seek that home, the one the self needs in order to settle down calmly and have the resources to regenerate energy from. Your environment should support your energetic needs, your needs of the inner self, as well as the needs of the outer self.

Create a home environment during this time that is conducive to the inner and outer needs of the self and you will be doing your self a favor, as the next few months will not allow much time for such homey work. Get it done now. The future energy will be pushing you to accomplish other things that will need attention, and if your home life is not straightened out so will you have to reside in chaos for longer than is good for you.

Present your self with doing the tasks that have been patiently waiting to get done. This is the time to do them. And while you are at it, repairing, fixing, and constructing, put your positive intent into every task. Ask for the good energy of calm to permeate your work with its special brand of resonance, its energy of good vibration that will last through the coming months, enabling you to do your inner work in the core of its resonant outer shield.

Build your place of protection, safety, and deeply resonant self, the self who seeks change and growth, but also allows for release of truths of self at all times. Within your abode must you allow all activities and all confrontations with the self to be legitimate and acceptable. Do not turn from your home the aspects of the self that you do not like but invite them in and learn who they truly are.

Invite in the angry ones, the fearful ones, the shy ones, the big baby ones, and the bitter ones. Invite in the mothers and the fathers and all the little children who request so much of you. Invite in the determined ones, the sad ones, the despairing and the giving up ones. Invite in the stubborn, the reluctant, resistant, and combative ones. Invite in the sweet and innocent ones who reside in your nearness, yet do you elect to push away this aspect of the self all too often as you turn away to attend to the louder screaming ones who grab your attention with their wants.

Do not turn away the greedy ones or the bitterly resentful ones. Do not turn away any aspect of the self who comes knocking at your door, for in so doing do you deny an aspect of self that you must acknowledge at some point in order to evolve.

Your ego self must constantly be confronted now as you prepare your home for whomever may seek entry. Your walls are mirrors and the reflections will show you where your biggest issues lie. Can you accept what you see in the mirrors? Can you accept the self who comes knocking and crawling in your windows?

Even though you have constructed a sound and perfect setting in which to live, do not think that it will keep out that which you need to discover about the self in order to evolve. Keep in mind, at all times, that evolution is your challenge and your goal.

Who are you? Look around you now, and know that you are that person, and that person, and that person over there too. You are everyone you meet, in some way. You are your friends and your enemies. You are your parents, your siblings, your children, your lovers, partners, and companions. You are everyone you meet, and they are you too.

Do not find fault with the self, but do find out what your faults are so that you can better understand who you are. Do not resist the self, but seek where you hide your own aspects of resistance to life. Do not abide in rigidity, but seek to find the rigid blocks you have constructed that keep you from flowing in your life. Do not construct walls of protection to keep you safe from harm, but do ask for protection as you do your inner work, asking for guidance and protection from your old ways that have not aided you thus far.

This energy of now is an energy of change, while at the same time is it an energy of preparedness for the greater changes to come. Continue your good work on the self. Do not hunker down in your room, but do prepare and neaten up your room so that your future work may be done in a well-functioning environment that will offer you ease of progress as things begin to heat up to a pretty intense energy as the time of fire and winter approaches. Think ahead, but provide for the needs of the self now as well.

#354 Your Fear is Being Routed Out of You

Today, A Reader asks Jeanne for guidance.

Dear Jeanne,
I wrestle with a very deep-seated feeling of fear every day, or more accurately, every hour of every day and night, and although I can push through the days, it has made sleep nearly impossible for most of my life. I never recognized it as “fear” until recently and have struggled with recapitulation as I encounter it at every turn. I had thought it was active as the result of sexual abuse that happened when I was a child, but I am beginning to feel that it goes much deeper than that, as it seems to permeate every cell of my body. You have said that fear can be one of our greatest teachers, but sometimes I just don’t understand how to face it when I am not really sure what it is I am afraid of. How do I detach from it? Could you please talk some more about this? Thank you very much for your continued guidance and love.

Thank you, Jan and Chuck for your continued guidance and love too.


My Dearest Debbie, it is not simply a matter of detaching from fear that you must contend with, but you must truly discover why it covers you so heavily. Why do you carry this burden of fear? Why do you feel that it permeates every cell of your body? Is this a true perspective? Or have you elected to settle for that perspective and accept your cloak of fear, rather than reject the notion that it is yours to take on?

Does your fear permeate you because you allow it to seep in? Are you inviting it in daily and nightly? Do you open the door to it because you prefer that door over any others? Is fear safer than the absence of fear? Do you wish to remain in a place of fear out of fear of the unknown? Fears of the truth of the self? Fear of discovering your true potential because it may point out to you that you may not have things right yet? Does fear point out to you that your struggles may not be over, yet you elect to declare that they are done? Have you forgotten to look under your bed for the dust balls that need to be cleaned out?

Where are you headed in your life now? Who will accompany you if you drag with you still that heavy dark cloak of fear? Is it possible that it has long been your old teddy bear that is now no longer quite the comfort it once was because you are no longer the child who needed it as protection and safety?

Fear at one time guided you, kept watch with you, and kept you alert so you could be ready for the inevitable beast knocking at your door. Fear was your companion as you sat watchfully waiting. Fear was your friend. Do you not see how fear has been your partner through life, keeping you on your toes, alert to danger, offering you protection so that you were ever wakeful and prepared?

Now have you determined that the cloak of fear does not sit comfortably upon your adult shoulders. You have outgrown it, and your body is telling you that fresh air and new ideas are ridding you of the old deep-seated and permeated fear. This new air is seeking to push out the old fear. New thoughts about the self, new ideas of life, of relationship, and of your place in the universe are pushing at and disrupting the very cell structures that you have lived with all these years.

This is your discomfort, My Dear; the restructuring of every aspect of self that comes as you do your recapitulation. Your fear is being routed out of you by your progress during recapitulation. But you still have much work to do, for fear sits deeply planted, just as old ideas of the self do, and the old habits do. It is possible to replace those old ideas of self, as you have now experienced during your inner work. But you must realize that the process is not a swift and painless one, for it involves not only your mental self and your spiritual self, but your body self as well.

Your entire physical and psychic self is being forced to change. Your physical body, once so cowering in fear, is standing up straighter now. It wants to walk freely, unburdened of that heavy cloak. It seeks to remove it, literally, from your body by pushing out and off the old energy of fear that has so weighed you down. You have not needed it for many years, yet have you continued to wear it, out of habit of comfort.

To truly change now, must you continue to understand energy, for this is a question of replacing your old energy with your new energy. As you recapitulate, so are you inviting a change in inner atmosphere. You are replacing stale old air with fresh new air. You are pushing out old energy that is worn and used, and replacing it with new energy generated by your inner self as you do your work.

You have been unearthing a lot of memories, a lot of old ideas of the self, as well as discovering your child self as an innocent being. This is what recapitulation offers you, the opportunity to re-experience the self differently, with the caveat that as you do, so do you move out of you the old stagnant energy that has sat resident for so long.

So yes, my Dear Debbie, your cells are bursting with the new fresh energy pushing in to your physical energetic self. Of course you will feel uncomfortable once again, even as you did in the past because as that new energy pushes in, so does the old energy of fear get pushed out, activated against its will, but present in its protecting of being shoved out of its habitual hideout.

Your body does not want or need that fear any longer. Your spirit self is protesting against its rallying push to stay resident. But you must remember that you are constantly recapitulating. And that process is not just one of going back, but it is one of constantly going forward too, pushing out the old energy and replacing it with new energy.

So yes, your physical self, your mental self, and your spirit self all must learn what it feels like as this process unfolds. As old habits and ideas of the self are forced to be re-examined, dissected, and removed particle by particle, so will you actually have to feel the changes taking place inside you. And these changes, positive as they are, can be as equally disruptive as the clearing out process and the shift in perspective that you are offering your self.

This process of recapitulation that I speak of so often is allowing you to change. And change at this time in your life is being presented in all aspects of life, inner and outer, spirit and body, mental and practical. Your old habits of self are being asked to shift now, as you interact in the outer world with your changed self in charge.

And you are protesting all these changes. Yet does your spirit push at your reluctant ego self, asking you to allow the energy of change to push through your open doors and windows and show you that fear is but an illusion now, no longer needed, but also no longer wanted either. And that is what you must ultimately realize. Your child self and your adult self no longer want the companionship of fear, but your body self has not kept up with the process. The body holds the last vestiges of your inner work still captive. Let your body release and you will free your energy to really grow now.

Place your self in the hands of the energy of the universe now. You are safe. You are an adult deciding to take the journey of truth and recapitulation. You are innocence and knowledge combined. You are strength and weakness, purity and darkness, anger and happiness, sadness and bitterness combined. These things and much more are in you, and they need reconciliation, and they need release as new energy moves in.

Your challenges in life will return often to test you. That is why you have them. That is why fear has been your constant companion because yes, it is offering you the opportunity to discover something else about your self that you have not quite fathomed. As you pretend to accept it as your burden and teacher, yet do you not hear what it is saying to you. So used to its presence are you that you have not listened to the fact that it is constantly telling you new things, and not the same thing over and over again, as you perceive. It is and has actually been telling you many different things, but you have kept your hands over your ears so you couldn’t hear what it said. It constantly asks you to change, to think differently, to act differently, and to become a different Debbie.

That is your challenge now, to truly dare to become a different Debbie. A Debbie who is unafraid, doors and windows wide open now, with the energy of the universe shifting you and pushing you along on your journey of truth, but also on your true journey.

Find your new inner resonance, and even as it keeps shifting and changing on you, keep up with it. It asks you to speed up now, don’t get lost by being too slow. Keep up. Even if you can’t quite grasp the meaning it offers, move on with it, trusting it and the journey you are on. You haven’t quite decided to trust your own journey. But you really should. It’s meant for you to grow and evolve with. It is your reluctance that stands in your way. As much as you want to grow, you allow your reluctance to clothe you in your old cloak of fear, rather than swiftly throwing it off and barging ahead, which is what your spirit is pushing for, your spirit is insisting that you push ahead.

Find your way to trusting your journey, My Dear One, and you will find that the questions will all be made clear, answered and resolved. Good Luck. Reluctance begone!

#353 Recapitulated Energy Belongs to You

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have more guidance and advice for us today?

Yes, I do. Be aware that as you do your recapitulation so will old habits, comforts, and desires attempt to circumvent the progress you inevitably will make by capturing your energy. There will be attempts made on the energy you free during recapitulation, to steal it from you. But this freed energy is meant for you and should not be allowed to float out of you and into another, whether friend or foe, comfort or discomfort, resonance or not. Recapitulated energy belongs to you!

Remain aware that as a result of recapitulation will you be releasing an increment of your spirit self, a fragment that has long been held in captivity. It has remained lost in the past, perhaps uncomfortably so, in a place of negation or deep uncertainty. But now during recapitulation will you perceive the truth of its captivity and release it from the old binds that have held it back from progressing with you in life. As that energetic particle of self is revealed and subsequently allowed release from the past, so must you recapture it for use now, allowing it a place in your true spirit self, with intent for its mergence in your energy pool.

Avoid falling into rewarding the self in an old fashion for the work of recapitulation that you do. Instead focus on the next moment of recall and subsequent release. As you do your recapitulation work, so will you discover the rhythm and pattern of your own process. Not everyone will have memories or bodily sensations daily. But some of you may experience a bombardment, an intensity that will taper off for a period until the next bombardment comes. Others will have sustained intense release of memory. Whatever process your body and spirit present you with, so must you accept it as your recapitulation procedure.

Do not attempt to force, curtail, or conduct what is not naturally occurring. Do not attempt to create a recapitulation that is not true or ready for recall. Your body, your environment, your psyche, and the worlds you inhabit will offer triggers enough. Your dream world is one of these worlds I speak of. Your daily life is made up of many worlds too, and these worlds must be accepted and respected for the information they offer you.

Learn to interpret how your own worlds work with you. Your experiences will not be as another’s, but your experiences will only be succinctly apparent to you as you begin to understand how your recapitulation is going to be laid out and conducted. Let it happen, but be ready to take back your energy as it is released, without losing it again to some other greedy force. Such greedy forces are present at all times. They may be in the form of old habits, laziness, or simply as naturally occurring processes in your daily life. But you must begin to question more often how you want to use your energy.

As you recapitulate, your worlds may intersect. They may blur and confuse you, but it is up to you to remain always anchored in reality, as I spoke of yesterday. Your heart center is your number one place of anchoring. It is your place of knowing and naked truth. It is your place of self, true self, and this is where your energy must be placed, both as it is returned and as it is tugged at by outside forces.

Return awareness constantly to your heart center. This is good practice at all times and not only when recapitulating. Place intent and awareness in this central aspect of true self and anchor your thoughts and energy there. This will allow for calmness, but also clear thinking, and clear understanding of the need of the self to find a home. This is the place where your decisions must be made from, for they will be correct decisions, though you may not want to rely on them yet or listen to them. But that is part of the process of life, to make choices in how to use your energy.

As you know, whatever choices you do make are the correct ones, for they will lead you where you need to go in order to learn what you must. Do not consider choices to be wrong choices or bad choices. All choices are right, though it may take you some time to understand what I mean by this. Attempt to find the lessons being learned, the truth of self being revealed, and the guidance being offered.

As I have been teaching you about recapitulation lately, so do I offer you this final guidance today. Do not fault the self for the past. But hold the knowledge that it was perfectly right and necessary, every inch of it, every action, every activity, and every stumbling step you took, whether willingly or unwillingly. Your recapitulation will show you this process, but only if your adult self is in on it. Your adult self is the one who has the ability to explain and contend with the protests and judgments of others still resident in your psyche.

In recapitulation do you attempt to free not only your buried memories and truths, but to also release the impositions of others on your journey. These things may be judgments, critical scolding voices, teachings of conventional authorities, doctrines and proclamations that you have carried in your sinews throughout your whole life. Automatic responses may often be the most true ones, but they may also be the most ingrained false ones as well.

Continue to find your truths. Find your own true voice. Find your own true thoughts, your own true feelings, your own true beliefs. Find your true heart centered self. But most of all, know that the process of recapitulation is a process of rejuvenation, even as it is a process of breaking down the old structures that have held you in place all these years. Find your own strong structures centered in your inner heart knowing. This is the strength that will become the foundations for pure energy to build on, relying on the truth of self and the truth of your self as an energy being.

Focus on recapitulation means focus on growth. It allows for change to happen, with acceptance of the self as many-faceted and living in many worlds, acceptance of the self as able to facilitate energetic responses of truth and intent, and acceptance of the self as available to fully experience the self as energy.

So don’t you want to protect the energy self? I think you do, and I also know that as you experience your recapitulation and discover what it means to have access to more than one world at a time, so will you desire the experience of the self as pure energy more and more. Once you’ve understood what it means, there is rarely the desire to go back. But the choice to go forward must be constantly in your awareness as you do your work. Once it is flowing, so will your energy pick up the momentum and guide you more smoothly. Good luck!

#352 Your Body is Your Vehicle; Your Energy is Your Reality

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today?

Do you not fathom that the world is not as your eyes perceive it, but as your knowing heart and inner eyes see it? Do you not understand that the things that you wonder about and question regarding the unseen are very legitimate and true queries of what reality is? I know that I present you with many ideas of energy and of how the inner world works, but I also know that these are the things you want validated. So I can attest to the facts of the unseen as being as equally real as the world you live in, that world of touch and taste, and sound and vision. The worlds I speak of, the parallel universes, also have the same senses of taste, smell, sound and vision, touch and feelings to enable you to know the reality of them.

Use now your inner knowing of the validity of your experiences to feed your attempts at gaining clarity. During your recapitulation work you will be confronted with those very real senses, feelings, emotions, and atmospheres of other times, other worlds, other realities. And these are your signs that you are really there, really able to transfer your awareness to other realms. Do not dismiss the reality of your trips into places of old. Learn what you can. Retain your awareness while there, pushing aside fear, the old fear and the new fear to gain a new perspective, even as you retain a foothold in the present.

During recapitulation is it essential that you retain even a thin thread of attachment to your present existence, for that is the thread by which you will return and replant your self back in now as you make your journeys into your jungles of past life and past lives.

You must prepare as an explorer does, understanding that you may encounter the unexpected, but with proper care and preparation may you not be thwarted by what you encounter. To perceive fear while venturing into another world may get you into trouble, for it can capture you in itself, keeping your awareness caught there, rather than allowing your awareness to overcome the fear so that clarity may reign. What I am asking you to do today is to go to battle against your fears. They are your biggest enemies, but also your biggest challenges and teachers as well.

Your fear is pointing out to you where you must recapitulate. So if you have been wondering how to get started on your journey into your self, go to your biggest fear and confront it. Place your self before it with awareness, rather than allowing your self to fall into its waiting arms. If you rush up to it and go right into its embrace as you have done many times so will you but remain caught by it, unable to see it clearly, but comforted in knowing that you are in a familiar place.

I suggest that you stand back and observe what all of your senses, your emotions and your physical body are feeling and doing as you observe your great fear standing before you, looming over you with it fangs dripping and its claws pulling at you. Go to your own body, go inside, and find out what is happening in there, rather than wrap up in the blanket or the net that fear attempts to throw over you.

Question your attachment to your fear. Why do you need it? Why do you resort to it over and over again? Why does it cause such anxiety and restlessness inside you? Allow your inner sensations to respond to you, while your clear head of knowing asks the right questions.

Do not allow the big baby to reach for its usual pacifier. Do not allow the inner you to run and hide either. Do not pull out the tent you carry on your back for protection, or the armor you burden your self with. Instead use your senses, use your clarity, and use the truth of your bodily responses to tell you what is going on.

Be as an explorer, an investigator. Take notes; document your reactions, your attempts to flee, your old habits, as you once again stand before your fears. Study your self. Become a scientist. You are the experiment. That is really all recapitulation is about. You are going on a scientific exploration into the self. As an observer now must you dissect the self and fully understand why you do the things you do, not questioning and answering in the old way, but questioning and answering with the new truthful way.

Question and answer now in your nakedness. Remove your old habits, your padding, your means of protection and avoidance, and present your self to your self now as a purely innocent human being, fallible, imperfect, nakedly present, wanting to really learn about who you are. Your ego is your biggest defense, and this you must learn to shed. It may take some time because an ego is something you have been taught to strengthen, but it is in fact merely blocking you from your truths.

Can you accept the fact that you are a big baby in diapers, who wants to be taken care of, fed, and tended to? Well, if you can allow your self to accept that aspect of the self, then you are well on the way to shedding that tough shell of an ego that you have been polishing and spiffing up all these years.

Remember what I have said about energy? That you are all energy? If you are but comprised of molecules of energy, then what does it matter if you are a big baby? And what does it matter if your ego is overpowering you at every turn? And what does it matter if you can’t find your way? If you can accept that you are nothing more than energy, then can you let go of all the thoughts and ideas of the self you think you must uphold too.

Energy is not simply nothing but molecules though. Once you discover your own energetic sense of self, will you understand that you are comprised of everything. But you can only have access to such knowledge of everything if you have no ego to get in the way. A big ego, including a big baby self, will sabotage your knowing of everything, and it can get you into trouble, inviting in negative aspects of the dark side, and that is not what you are seeking now.

As you work on your self, as you do your recapitulation work, please remember that what you seek is truth of the self. You seek to strip down the untruths and the props that have been so useful during your life in that one world, but are not at all viable in other worlds. You must find your trusting innocent self again, and become armed only with the knowing of what it means to be an energetic being in order to understand and navigate other worlds.

Your recapitulation work will lead you to seeing and believing what you experience as your truths. Your work in other worlds may seem unreal when you step back into your daily life, but know that it is energetically more real than the hand before your face. Use that hand to ground you as you confront your beastly fears. Look at it constantly to ground you in the reality of self, to remind you to stay in your body and to investigate your self as a scientific experiment. Use your body to guide you. For even as you are pure energy, so do you reside in that body for a reason; to learn what it means to be alive, to learn what it means to be energetically present, and to learn what it means to be an energy being capable of being in two worlds at once.

Your body is your vehicle; your energy is your reality. See where the two of them take you next. Stay with them both as they lead you into other worlds, the world of the inner self first, then later, once you have learned how to travel within the self, may you be ready to travel beyond the self.

So work on the aspects of the self that I have laid out today: the ego self and the big baby self. First accept them and understand them, utilizing them to get you where you can access your energy self, your body self, and your knowing self, all of these things based in the truth of the self. Learn who you truly are, letting go of your old ideas, notions, judgments, and captured movies of the self that you play over and over again. Break up and throw away everything you think you are and start over with nothing but your energy self. Then will your recapitulation really start. For the true energy self is fearless, brave, all-knowing, and eager to shift the journey into one of truth and exploration.

I will speak more on this again soon. Time to go now.

#351 You Too Can Have Progress On Your Side

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today?

My Dear Ones, keep always in mind that your trials and tribulations through life are meant for your learning and your growth. Aspects of the self that are as yet untapped must be allowed to blossom, and that will only happen as they are prodded from their complacency and their boredom.

Do not avoid, push aside, or bury the messages you receive that point out your weaknesses or your strengths. Do not attempt to thwart the direction you must go in, though you may despise or fear where life is taking you. You must encounter many and certain things in that life you lead in order to resolve issues that hold you back. Do you wish to remain constricted and denied a truly fulfilling life? I don’t think you do. But in order to truly LIVE must you be ready to do so, and that requires that you continue to confront the self with the issues that hold you back.

Are you stuck, unable to move on, depressed or afraid? Caught in some trap of your own doing? Or are you caught by the repetitive behaviors you may not even know you exhibit? Are you aware, truly aware of who you are, how you operate, and how you can change? Change is being presented to you daily, but do you accept it?

That is what the energy of now is offering all of you upon that planet. This is the time of good and lasting change, though you may perceive only negative properties of change all around you. The abrupt, brutal, and final changes taking place are positive, enlightening, and truthful changes, necessary for shift to truly happen.

Even as you observe and fear the changes taking place in the world around you, so must you begin to fathom that the shortages, the environmental and climactical changes, the political and social shifts, and most of all the human interactions taking place around you are necessary. So must you shift your attitude from negative, sorrowful, and fearful understanding to positive, enthusiastic, and accepting of the possibilities that such changes will allow for.

Do this same shift in thinking and seeing in your own lives. For now is the time of grand uncovering, opening, revealing; but best of all, the opportunity to really grow and profit in a new direction.

As the old structures fall apart and no longer hold up in this changing world, do you not also see that your own inner structures are requiring that you also allow them to crumble? As the outer world deteriorates and crumbles so will the inner world, for this is how synchronicity and energy work and affect everything. Energy is the main factor here, pushing for change, but also doing so with new positive force. It just requires your participation, acceptance, and acknowledgment of its potential in order for progress to be made.

You too can have progress on your side, simply by accepting the inevitable facts of change, and making pragmatic, reasonable decisions to change your own life and go on a new path of positive energetic growth. If your underlying energetic intent is positive, with the knowledge and awareness that you are truly on the path of good, so will your journey, your recapitulation, your trials and tribulations be guided by this intent of good.

I cannot stress enough that you are all guided. You are being shown your true paths, but you must trust what you are being shown, and you must work with us, for there is no progress without participation. And even though accepting the work of the self may not always be pleasant, so must you know that it is the right thing to do. For how can you truly be a part of life upon that Earth, if you don’t know who you are? And only in knowing the self can you know another. Only in learning to love and have compassion for the self, can you extend truthful understanding of what those feelings and emotions truly mean. Humility, honesty, goodness of heart are the aspects of the self that you seek to use, both for the self and toward others.

Observe your self in the world to discover how you now act and react to the world and the people around you. Step back and question the truth of the self. Who are you showing to the world? Your mature adult self, who has learned the truth of your life? Has that person truly emerged to live your life? And I don’t mean the mimicking adult, the one who learned what it meant to be a grownup from other grownups. I mean the true inner self; the big baby resolved and put to bed, the innocence of the inner child set free, and the trusting, accepting, loving, compassionate adult you, fully living now, pushing aside fear, and conflict, and blockages to the truths of the self and the world.

Do you flow through the waters of life? Do you push always forward, seeking new truths of the self? Do you speak your truths? Do you allow your self access to them, or do you still hide them from your self?

These are the things that this grand energy of change is asking you to confront the self with; to be brave and reduce the self to a sinner, a binger, an annoying brat, a greedy gobbler, a wanter of things, a despicable character, an annoying snob, and every other aspect that you so despise in the people around you. But most of all, reduce the self to the biggest baby you can imagine, and in so doing are you being very truthful with the self. For all have a big crying baby inside, screaming, “NO! I don’t wanna do it! No, No, No!”

Once you admit that, then half of your pre-recapitulation work is done. Then the big baby self will begin to reveal not only what it has been keeping hidden from you, but what it has so ingrained in your psyche that you don’t even notice it, nor the affect it has on you and others.

This is not easy work, but it can be done, My Dears. And keep in mind that the energy is positive, if you accept it as such. Shift your intent to acceptance of good, and bravely ask it to take you on an adventure. That’s what life is, you know, a grand adventure meant for learning about energy, the relationships of everything to everything else upon that planet, and the abilities of energy that you all truly encapsulate in your own little pocket of energy self. Keep that in mind too, you are a vibrant, alive, bundle of energy. Learn to use it!