#297 The Solo Journey Into The Self

Today, a Journeyer asks a question.

Dear Jeanne,
You recently asked us if we were prepared to go alone, as that seems to be a choice that we need to make in deciding to evolve further. My dilemma is that now as I do more and more inner work, I realize the importance of learning detachment, especially for evolutionary growth, but as much as I try to understand detachment, it still seems to conflict with my long held desire to connect. How is it that we have chosen to live here in the physical form with our many needs and desires, in a culture that promotes relationships, when our true journey is a “solo” one? Could you please explain this further?
Thank you for your guidance,
A Journeyer

My Dear Journeyer, when I speak of your journey as being a solo one, I speak of the inner journey, for no one else can take that journey, nor can they fully grasp the meaningfulness of it. That is up to you to discover and grow from. A journey that is piggybacking upon that of another is not a truly fulfilled inner journey. I do not imply by my directive to “go it alone” that you are to sever all ties with others in your life, nor am I suggesting that you do not seek a truly resonant being to explore intimacy and relationship with on a greater, deeper, soul-fulfilling level. For all must live within the confines of that earthly existence and experience all aspects of what it offers in order to evolve. As I have spoken of often, balance is the key. Moderation, avoidance of excess, and denial of nothing that the physical self must undertake in order to complete the mission of that lifetime upon that Earth, are necessary.

But keep in mind, at all times, that in order to truly accomplish that lifetime mission, must you do the inner work. By doing the inner work will you eventually discover the meaning of your life. You will find your place there, in balance with all that is offered. You will succeed in being an ever-evolving being, if you truly do complete the inner tasks that are constantly being presented to you.

You must live there, in that physical form, in order to evolve. Earth is level one of existence. Do you enjoy your life there so much that you wish to return, with a new set of directives, a new set of challenges? If so, then that is your choice, and that is fine. Except that with such a backlog of souls awaiting entry, and so relatively few evolving, will you have to perhaps wait a long time to return.

Or, on the other hand, are you ready to move beyond that first level of awareness, beyond the veils of illusion, and discover what else exists in life, in true life? For your time upon that Earth is not a true life, as an energy being, until of course you discover this aspect of the self. Then is it a life that is truly worth living. That awareness of energy, of being an energy being, that many of you are achieving is filled with eagerness and awareness of the possibilities beyond the confines of Earth, confines that do not exist at other levels.

To achieve wholeness now is quite an opportunity, and it is what my mission is directed at. My group seeks to aid you in this growth to wholeness, through the confines of your Earthly existence, and teach you how to achieve awareness and clarity, so that as you pass beyond that level so can you choose evolution as your next solution, rather than return to life upon the Earth and do, once again, the confusing task of deciphering what is real and what is not real.

With the clarity you have thus far gained, are you not intrigued with the proposals I make to go on the solo journey into the self? This is the solo journey I speak of, and it is essential that you discover who you truly are in order to grow and evolve.

I can assure you that it is quite a wonderful choice to make. I am certainly enjoying my life as an energy being! This I offer to You Journeyers: Do not get lost in self-sorrow or self-pity, and do not stay lost in the veils imposed on you by the confines of Earth and those who are considered “in the know.” For there is much that they do not know about you, or anyone else for that matter.

This is a journey of experience, and as I said yesterday, experience will lead you where you need to go. Seek balance within your physical life upon that Earth, daring to live it to the fullest, doing what the spirit knows is right to do. And then, get balanced on the inside by doing your inner work, solving your inner puzzle. By so doing will you discover that your outer world will also neatly, and succinctly fall into place, a complete picture of an evolutionary being.

But you must drop your fears. You must be open to possibility, and you must truly desire to evolve for your solo journey to be truly embraced and accepted as a most important aspect of your time upon that Earth. Where do you stand My Fellow Travelers, ready to take the inner journey? We await your completion, and we await your calls for help along the way. You are only going into the self, looking for the true self, the one who elected to take that journey, the one who knows all. Do you dare go diving in to seek the truth? It will set you free from everything that now holds you captive. And a very nice evolutionary journey is in store for you. Don’t doubt it.

This is enough for today. Stop pondering so much, My Dear Ones, and do the work. With so many questions being asked all the time do you simply read, and read, and read and try to understand. But you will never truly understand until you take the journey, fully embracing your own experiences, and reliving them as truth of the self. Only then will you be aware of your future upon that Earth, and ready for your new self as a being comprised of energy, unlimited energy. That is what awaits!

Seek wholeness. Seek clarity now, in an evolutionary way, unafraid and daring your self to go inside and meet the real you who has been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for you to come back and discover who you truly are. Now that would be quite an encounter! Who are you really?