#293 What Is This Energy Trying To Teach Us?

Dear Jeanne,
Today we pause in our new format, which has proven to be extremely valuable, to ask you to address the intensity of the energy that has been most apparent during this past week. Chuck and I have noticed that it has stirred up quite a lot of people in various ways, and others have also commented on its disruptive and escalating qualities. Can you comment on this? Are we in for more of the same? And what is the best way to handle it?

My Dear Chuck and Jan, and Fellow Traveling Companions, energetically speaking, does this week still hold within its grasp quite a wallop of intensely stimulating and aggressive power. This is both negative and positive in its intent. Not only does it push for growth, but with equal force does it seek to pull you back into places of old in order to feed its own frenzy. To be caught by the negative aspect is not a good thing! I do however also say that if you do get caught, so is there much to learn as you are drained of your energy and your progress sidetracked. All such energy seeks not only to feed itself, but also to teach, and this is really the question to ask: “What is this energy trying to teach us?”

If the big baby emerges and asks to be suckled during this time, do you offer it the breast? Do you soothe it with your very energetic sustenance that you have gained so bravely and with such hard work? Or do you allow it to scream out its tantrum upon the floor at your feet, knowing that it is time for it to grow up and learn to do some things that will allow for more rapid maturity?

This energy is teaching detachment in a most aggressive and demanding manner. Have you learned that to be loving and sensitive to others, yet able to ask them to be adult and fully aware of their own abilities to take their journey, is detaching? This is what you are being taught as this energy does create whirlwinds as it wishes. On a whim does it decide that it wants to create some chaos. So then does it sweep in, laughing and playing, with its negative and positive aspects causing quite a stir.

This will continue. But do not get caught with worry for what is to come. With detachment comes awareness. With detachment do you not disappear into your own world, or turn your back on others, but you remain aware of what is going on around you, cognizant that there are disturbing energetic factors that must be dealt with. And then you deal with them, in a mature pragmatic adult manner, offering a platter of love, gentleness, and compassion, to your self if that is the case, or to others if that is the case. Then you firmly, but sensitively, request that the mature adult emerge and handle the crisis that has arrived, for all have this aspect inside, ready and eager to take over.

Within your self must you remain alert, aware, and attached only to the positive aspect, the growing aspect of that type of energy. Discover its meaning for you. Even as you may immediately understand its meaning for others, so must you determine why you are being confronted with such interference as well, for all will be affected in some way. Whether it is directly or indirectly, so is this the energy of intense and concentrated learning. Test taking time, My Dears!

It is not only a time of growth, new growth, change, shift, and spiritual awakening, but it is also a time of intense outside interference and uninhibited pushing. Not only the energy, but the very Earth continues to present this fact: that it is time, like no other time, for Mankind to get into sync with the energy of life, and to understand his true place and true reason for being upon that Earth.

Does Mother Earth continue to offer the breast? No! Her milk is drying up; her dugs are withering and hanging useless, as Mankind has suckled far too long upon her ready bounty. Now is it far beyond a time of maturity, yet does Mankind struggle in egoland, still attempting to right his wrongs by force, and by shoring up what can no longer stand, for its structural energetic component no longer resides in the present. Mankind is totally responsible for what is happening now upon that planet.

Where there are wars, is man to blame. Where there is hatred and fear, is man to blame. Where there is dominance and oppression, is man to blame. And where there is evil and good fighting in mortal combat, is man to blame, both metaphorically speaking and literally as well. Where Mother Earth does suffer, is man to blame, and this is where it may be most apparent to the most inhabitants upon that Earth. But the machinery in place, the political, social, and dominating structures of old have not properly cared for, or addressed the issues, which now await total collapse and demise. I know you do not like to hear such talk. I know you hold out hope for change, and I know you look all around you for signs of this shift to goodness and caring compassion for all things.

There does exist, at the very core of all energetic beings, the possibility for such shift, yet is the energy that teaches of such powerful, insistent energy now that many are caught by the negative aspects of it, which are, as I have said, equally able to allow for growth. But awareness is the key if growth and change are to be fully realized and accepted now.

So, I suggest that you keep learning what evolutionary growth really means; what detachment really means; what your own journey is all about. For in taking on these tasks of truly disassembling the self, do you open the door to a new opportunity to change your self. With this personal change, with detachment, and ultimately with understanding of what it means to be an aware and mature energetic being, do you offer your self progress, participation in the change that is so necessary, and the possibility to evolve into your next life as an energetic being, fully embraced and embracing your next journey.

So all of you are responsible for what has happened upon that planet, and all of you are equally responsible for changing it. No matter what happens next, is the power of positive shift always present. But you must choose to go in that direction, even as the negative seeks to overpower and prove that its way is the inevitable result of what man has done. There is always, within all of you, the ability to attach to the positive energies that are so readily available.

Seek the positive now, even as the negative does sweep in with great force to disrupt, to pull and entice you to its greedy fangs. Contain your own energy in your place of calm, balance, and aware maturity. Remain alert and you will do well, but also remember always that you are an energy being, and look for resonant energy of the positive, growing, evolving kind in order to stay upon your path. It may be steep and rocky at times, but it is the correct path, if it resonates! Good Luck, My Good Travelers, stay focused, loving, and centered.