#149 Mix Your Spices

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for today?

What has transpired since yesterday? Do you contemplate my words, or do you doubt both me and the road you are being shown? I hold no attachments to the ways of earth, neither desire nor self-importance, yet do I urge all to advance and become aware that much is offered that you cannot touch, or see, or hear. Where is your sense of adventure, and your sense of wanting a meaningful life? If I tell you about my own life, do I do you a disservice? Or do you take it in as meaningful information, as it is meant to be, to guide you on your journey? I offer insight and knowledge, yet do I know that many continue to doubt, preferring the reality of the world around them, the physical, visible, tangible world. Yet is there another world right next to you, available if you only turn and point your compass, with open innocence and true desire for spirit connection.

This other world is the one I speak of, and offer secrets of. This other world that is so near, yet so far, do I encourage you to seek over all other worlds, even as you must solidly live in that world, your own reality. Seek a blending now, a balancing of your reality and the insights I offer. Mix your spices, a little salt with the pepper, and blend together your wondrous yearnings with your cold reality. Warm it all up and find a delicious combination of superb flavors that will aid you on your journey.

Why not live a little differently now? Put your fears aside and go for embracing some new ideas of your world, combined with what I offer. Mix a stew, an aromatic dish of pleasing tastes of both worlds, perfectly seasoned, and heated to perfection. You won’t be disappointed. Life is meant to be tasted and experienced on all levels. What are you waiting for? Bring your spoon to the table, dip it into the pot of delicious stew, and explore the new tastes upon your tongue. You won’t be disappointed, either in your own experiences, or in what I offer to guide you along. Sometimes, you just need to know where to look, and where to step next, and which pot of stew is the most tasty. Well, that’s all I offer, a little direction, a little insight, and a mighty tasty stew if you decide to put your spoon into it.

Do not let a day of doubt overshadow your enjoyment of all that life offers. Do not become bogged down in details that you consider too far-fetched. Everyone has lived and lived again, that should not be in question. But what do you do with such knowledge? Have you learned your lives’ lessons, or do you continually repeat the same mistakes? I offer a spicy blend of new ideas and opportunities to move now, to kick start your evolutionary journey anew, with a new blend of tantalizing ideas and good energy boosters. Enjoy the challenge. Don’t be afraid, it’s all good. You’ll see!