#148 One True Strand of Truth

Dear Jeanne,
We have a follow up question today regarding your previous message about resolving your abandonment issue. What was your previous life’s issue that you had an abandonment issue to deal with in your life as Jeanne Marie Ketchel? Who were you in the life before that, and why did you have to come back, to reincarnate, with the issue of abandonment to resolve? It might be helpful for us to understand how past lives affect us, and how resolution of our deepest issues is such an important factor in our present life. Can you comment on this?

First, be aware that resolution of that life is most important, before all other lives can be resolved. By this I mean, living in the present, with full awareness of the issues of that life now that affect how you function, and how you relate. Recapitulation, as I have spoken of many times, is a necessary practice in order to live a life of awareness. Discover your present life, who you are, why you do what you do, and seek the utter and blatant truths of the self now before you attempt any past life recall. That is the first step in resolution of life’s issues. Once you are truly aware of the present self, then can you be ready to tackle the issues of evolution.

My own issue of abandonment was related not only to my present life, but to several past lives as well. I was not fully cognizant of this until much later, but it became my greatest challenge when I realized that it was more deeply embedded in the complicated nature of who I was, not only as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, but as the conglomerate of lives that make up my personal lifetimes, my soul group. I lived many lives with that issue, seeking resolution in many fashions.

Previous to entering life as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, did I live a life of prostitution on the streets of Italy, less concerned with evolutionary growth, at the time, than I was in mere survival, but that was not to be resolved satisfactorily, as I died a violent death, unable to contain my own needs, and unavailable for any others. I left behind five children, abandoned them, not in death, but even before that, as I struggled to feed them, and to maintain a life that was one of great struggle. In spite of that tremendous struggle, did I also find time to question my existence, and to resolve, that in the future, would I return to care for those children, as soon as possible. But in that lifetime, was there a great war, and great devastation of the town of Palermo, where I resided. I was lost in a great battle, buried under rubble, and my children lost their way from there, resorting to whatever life offered.

So, I turned my back on them, not only in dying, but in my inability to function as a mother, a mother who could not fashion herself into what was needed, to protect and allow her children to grow to adulthood with conscious caring and guidance. My life, then, was covered in webs of debauchery, as it was often called, and I was ostracized and lived a life on the outskirts of society. In my own defense, did I turn my back and elect that life in defiance of the rituals, and the conventions of the day. But, it left me with much to debate and deal with, even as I chose to live as physically free as possible.

In an earlier life, I had been called a practitioner of witchcraft, and carried always within me the ability to go against the grain of society and propriety, in order to do what I knew I needed to do to survive, but also to live properly the life I was given.

All lives are connected with one true strand of truth, and that knowledge lies deeply embedded inside all of you. My own truth, my own life strand was related to my firm desire, at all costs, to do what was right. It is the thread that has sewn my lives together, and the thread that continues to guide me to always seek truth, with boldness, and with honesty. I rarely, in any of my lives, worried about myself. I lived each life fully, questing and questioning, a firm believer in the necessity of everything in a life as being meaningful and important. But, I did not allow even the most dire of circumstances to get in the way of truth.

In my life in Palermo, did I snub the rituals of false society because they did not suit that strong thread that connected me to my inner truth, the truth of my soul, my lives woven together, with all-knowing ready to reveal itself. It was not until I returned as Jeanne Marie Ketchel that I understood, most fully, the necessity of recapitulation in present existence. It became very clear to me that I had issues of that life that would interfere in my evolutionary process if I did not resolve them.

Cancer became my ticket to recapitulation and, ultimately, evolutionary growth. It pushed me to experience a life to the fullest, in spite of the time factor, and in spite of the energy factor. As my Chuck will remind you, I had only enough energy to do certain things. My ability to sleep was, above all, one of my greatest, falling easily into drowsy, regenerating slumber. It was necessary, all that sleeping, because it was the only way to recharge. The energy I did have went totally to battling cancer in the end, but not in the way you might think. I used the energy to seek evolutionary healing, not only by seeking out ancient methods, close to my own knowing of herbal and homeopathic remedies, grown from the earth that provides everything for life to be sustainable, but also the ultimate process of healing through recapitulation of my previous life.

When I resolved the issue with the woman who had been my birth mother, did I resolve many issues and many lives, hers and mine. And though I once again died and left children behind in my life as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, did I not abandon them to the fates of dire circumstances, and a motherless existence. I left them fully cognizant of the importance of living life fully, with knowledge of evolution, and the magic in life, as being available and ready, for the asking. The irony of that life completed is that I did not, in the end, abandon anyone. In my completion of earth lives, as I completed the life of Jeanne Marie Ketchel, did I evolve into total life, the completion of my soul group, my thread of lives finally, neatly sewn together, and now am I totally available, in wholeness, to be of guidance to others. This my own children know, of my availability, though they struggle with their own present lives, as all must do.

Resolution of present self first, then resolution of past lives in order to fully evolve and grow into completion. I cannot stress this enough to those of you seeking self-awareness. First, must you be totally present, and aware, and unafraid to live that life fully. Only then are you prepared, truthfully, to understand any previous existence. There must be complete and open acknowledgement of the truths of the self now, acceptable in all forms, resolved, all issues of regret, of deceit, of propriety, of trust, of reason for living just that life, before any other life will be clearly viewed and understood. You are all given enough time to do this. Even up to the last second of life upon that earth are you given the opportunity to accept, totally, the truth of the self, to receive the truth of the self, accept it fully, and move on. It does not require anyone else, except you. Your total acceptance of you, as you are, as you have lived, and as you choose to continue to live are necessary, by you. Once you clearly accept, with total understanding, then are you prepared to proceed. Total understanding is absolutely necessary.

I do not suggest that a blanket statement of acceptance will resolve anything. You must recapitulate constantly in order to fully understand who you are, accepting the deepest truths, and understanding your life as a journey that has an end, the end being moving on to the next step, which is evolutionary growth. That, my friends, is where that thread of lives is leading, stitching together all of your lives, all of your experiences, neatly tying up the bundle that is your evolutionary journey, so that you can take all those truths and use them to continue growing into wholeness, and guide others to do the same. That is true evolution.

Do not get stuck in that world. Focus on where that world is seeking to lead you. What is your own strong thread? Where is your strength, your core strength? Understand that, even as, beside that strength, you seek to resolve your core issue of resolution in that lifetime. What is that issue? Weave those strands together; use them together to discover who you are, why you are there, and where you are going. I did it, and if I could finally do it, then believe me, anyone can do it, if they put their attention there, deciding that evolution of the spirit self is all that matters. And you don’t need cancer, or anything else devastating, to help you focus on that. You can just decide that life is only about spirit evolution, and when viewed from that perspective, as a whole picture, will you have access to your present self and, eventually, your past selves. All will be revealed if you are focused, aware, seeking clarity, and resolved to do the work of recapitulation. Now, that is a lot to contemplate for today! Good enough for now. I leave you with a lot to ponder, but please do so with your focus always forward, even as you go into your past, keep your feet moving forward. Good luck!