#89 The Law of You

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word or a short phrase of guidance for us today?

Nothing is as important as the life force, the energy that is you. Nurture this at all times. Direct it properly along your path so that your choices may be correct and your way clear. Allow yourself time to ponder not only your own place in the energy around you, but also your energy’s place inside you. Where does your energy wish to go today? Do you follow it, or do you ignore it and follow the outside influence of energy. Stay bound by the laws of your own energy and you will discover your calm, and your direction will, as a result, be more pointedly correct, and you will discover your home energy, your inner energy, your you energy. When I speak of you, I speak of your energetic self, not the ego self, but the true energetic you that resides in all time and space, accessible to all infinity, all knowledge, and all growth. But, and this is what I propose to you today as I have also done in the past, you must use it wisely. Know it as the truth of you. You all have the ability to do as I, Jeanne Marie Ketchel, do, to evolve, to communicate across unseen boundaries, and to use your energy in a new manner. So, for today, study your own energy, the law of you, and sit quietly with it as you get to know it and love it.