#129 Stop the Whirlwind

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have any words of guidance for humanity today?

Slow down your intensity to a quiet hum. Your efforts do not need to be so heavy. Attend now to quiet, patient waiting as you allow your inner calm to encircle you with comforting familiarity, and allow the intensity of the energy outside of you to aid you. Your efforts will not go unheeded, or undone now if you back down and return to complacency for a while, because the energy of the universe will not allow for complacency to rule. But within your own being must you have inner calm and a certain amount of detachment from your intense work in order for growth to happen.

If you stay caught in the effort, when do you have time to step back and see the results of your efforts? When do you give yourself permission to observe the effects of all that you do for yourself and others? Do not dawdle too long in one place, with too much intensity, but back off, and wait for results to emerge. If you continually engage the same gear, with unmitigated intensity, do you risk stripping it of its ability to engage and function at all. Stop going in circles. Stop interfering in life, and stop curtailing the universe to fit your life, and your expectations.

Time now to acquiesce your intense hold, give up your deeply concerted effort to change something in your life that you must now allow to change on its own. Your efforts have provided enough fuel to wage a war, torch a building, or start a worldwide ripple of energy. But don’t you realize, that no matter how much effort you put into this situation, if you don’t step back and allow the momentum to take over, you will not only exhaust your own energy, but you will not engage the energy around you? For it will notice, “Oh okay, that person doesn’t need us, our help. They think they can do it all on their own. Look at that effort! But, don’t they see, it gets them nowhere!”

Don’t you see? Your efforts must now retire to calm. Calm your energy down to a recognizable hum of balanced vibration, and now allow for reciprocating energy around you to pick up where you leave off and carry your efforts far afield, beyond you, and have greater affect. Stop the whirlwind you have created in your life. Calm down. Allow the dust to settle, and then take stock of where you are.

Calm down now into quiet balance, first inside yourself, then notice how the energy outside of you will also calm down as it meets you on a new level. Learn to utilize the outside energy in this manner, to your advantage. Find the ease of it, how your efforts can return to calm and yet still be equally affective. Seek the calm of your own inner energy and find resonant rivulets of it outside of you to aid you in your efforts in life.

Abide by the rules of wise energy usage and you will see that calm, moderate usage results in calm, sustained energy; enough to complete your tasks and yet still remain with plenty for yourself. Attend to your inner calm today, and then see what happens!

#128 Continue Your Self-Study

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for us all today?

Continue your self-study, my friends. Energy abounds that seeks to distract you from your path, to pull you from your focused intent. Remain diligently inward looking now, concentrating on your depths, your inner you. This involves your lifelong recapitulation practice, your intent to connect and seal a bond with your innocence, and the concerted efforts you have been making to remain in spirit resonance as you live and contemplate your life.

This time of self-study is not only important, but will allow you relief from the intensity of the energy around you. Focus inward will, as I have said, insulate you from the distractions and the energetic disturbances that seek feeding ground. But your focused intent is as a shield to such energy, and it would rather seek easier prey, so be aware of this. As you do your inner work, as you continually turn your back on that which pressures you for notice, will you discover that you are better focused, better centered, and better balanced as a result of the shift in energy, from greedy to supportive, outside of you.

As you turn your back upon such greedy needy energy do you solidify your own pact to grow and do the work of the self. As you continually grow, so does your detachment from that which seeks to distract keep you safe and evolving. Soon will you discover that the world holds less and less as your spiritual world grows larger and more interesting. As you expand your spiritual pursuits beyond the self, then too will you discover another world, equally real, that will become as prominent as the world around you now is.

Continue your self-study, and begin to discover what all of this means for you. You are not alone. Many are knowing that the world has serious problems, and that evolutionary growth is now more important an aspect of life than anything. For though the trees and bees may die off, so does the spirit live on, so does energy still reside and need release.

Turn toward evolutionary growth of spirit energy and you will aid the planet that so eagerly awaits renewal after so many years of depletion. Rejuvenate spirit awareness and in turn will the world around you receive equal rejuvenation as energy revives and knowledge brings clarity on all levels of life. Continue your work, your self-study, and see what happens next!

#127 The Path of Focused Work

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a brief message of guidance for humanity today?

The course you now choose in this energetic flow is significant for your growth. The path of focused work will have universal potential as it progresses, and universal backing. Your progress will be constantly alerted by that which seeks to engage and enable you as you do the work of the self, of the inner spirit, the work of growing.

The energy of now also seeks to persuade you to become involved in that which is better left untouched. It seeks to disrupt lives in order to push for tremendous growth. If that is the only way that you will be awakened to reality then that is the path you will be taking. But if you are already focused, and working diligently on the self, it is time to hone your focus down to the path in front of you.

There will be much energetic activity around you in the coming months as outside of you great pushes and great achievements are called for, but such pushes are not intended for all to participate in. If your path is already well defined and resonant, your challenge will be to remain focused and not be drawn away from your steady forward movement. If your path is as yet undefined, if your focus seems wobbly, or if you have not made a commitment to your self, then is this outer energy meant to influence you, to push you in the proper direction, to give you signs, and direct confrontation, so that your path may become more definite and your focus clearer.

During this time of energy of growth, determine your path. Stay focused on it. If you still seek the proper path then look for it with true spirit resonance as your compass. Allow the truth of your inner spirit to guide you, though this truth may challenge you to great change. Your calm knowing resonance will give you the answer to your questing self.

Know that calmness intimately now. Know that resonance, the true resonance of your inner spirit, separate from everything in your past, totally unique, and connected only to you. Disengage from your attachments in order to truly connect to this inner resonance, without judgments, without the burdens of others, or the past weighing on your conscience. Empty of the outside world so that you may connect with your own inner calm, and then answer your own question of resonance. Your way will be clearly shown to you if you seek it from this place of clean clear innocence that exists deeply inside you, without ego, without interferences from the outside world, and without fear and anxiety. That quiet, almost silent self awaits your resonance too.

Go innerly now and discover where this energy is directing you. Have you been greatly challenged lately? Seek the answer to your why question inside you, not outside you. What does this challenge mean to the inner me, not the outer me? Leave the outer you momentarily by the wayside as you journey into the inner you. This is the only place to seek the right answers and truly know if you are on the right path.

Watch the energy. It will seek to divert your attention. My advice, ignore it! You don’t need to engage it. Far better to leave it alone, and go on your inner journey. The outer energy will then shift from torturing you to aiding you as it creates an insular structure around you, providing protection from the storm around you. So, you choose. Engage it, or utilize it. I know this is all easier said than done, but your choice is of utmost importance to you and your growth, and that is why I warn and I encourage. It is my job to offer what I know, and it is my job to leave you the choice, but an informed one. So, good luck on your inner journey. Pretty funny, when you consider just how much that world offers and entices with. To think, that the ultimate goal is to calmly reject it all, and go innerly, is quite amazing to consider. But, that’s the truth of it. Find your resonance and stay your course.

#126 Watchful Wakeful Waiting

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for the readers of your messages?

Watchful, wakeful waiting, patience, and continued efforts on your part to remain focused on your path are now called for. Until there is a shift will this time remain burdensome, but that does not mean that you must take up the burden of it. You do not need to carry this heavy energy upon your shoulders simply because it exists and is part of this energetic equivalent of life.

Take not upon your shoulders the burdens that lie all around you. Leave them lying there in a shambles, strewn about, and abandoned now because the art of detachment is the better process to learn now. Your burdens and those of others are best left behind as you seek now to learn their significance and their truth rather than continue bearing the weight of them.

If you put down your burdens knowing that you are working diligently on your self, your issues, seeking your truths, and focused on growing, so can you alleviate your anxiety and free your energy from having to bear the weight of your burdens, and allow it to now focus on work on the self. Free your energy now for work on the self. With this shift will you find that, gradually, your focus will turn from outside of you, where your concerns have been so attentive, and your inward work will become much more interesting and captivating to you.

Focus outside of you leads to distraction and compromise of energy and of diligent behavior in working on the self. Do not allow your previous patterns of behavior to strike out at you and grab your attention. Notice them as old friends, old traveling companions, and calmly acknowledge their presence, but put them off your pathway now. Tell them they have done their job well and now it is time for them to go into retirement. Leave them neatly stacked along the wayside, all those old burdens, distractions, habits, behaviors, thoughts, and judgments. Leave them as a monument to your journey. Look back upon them as faithful companions of your journey, their jobs completed, and now allow them to rest by the wayside. Bid them farewell, and allow your shoulders to feel the release of them, and allow the new lightness of knowing that you are on a definite journey toward wholeness and lightness of spirit to now be your companion. Enter in to a new phase now even as the energy wishes you to be challenged, for in this challenge is your biggest test yet. Do you still get caught by the old, or have you fully committed to the new plan for your life?

There is no life insurance on that journey you take that will, or can, cover your progress. The only life insurance you have is your own commitment to growth. Choose now to stay focused on your path and you will have passed the test. Good luck, the energy also wishes you success. There can be no failure, but there can be stagnancy and delay. I urge you to quickly reassess, and determine your next step with your fullest knowing, and your keen ability to stay focused and calm firmly felt and central to your next move. Come on, keep going!

#125 Proceed with Caution

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Yes, proceed with caution, as all that swirls now energetically will continue to create a whirlwind of expectation and of undercurrents that will draw down with equally deep energetic pull as the currents of positive impulse that now urge growth. I do not advocate, at this time, that there be impetuous decision making based solely on the energy of the moment, but instead that long-term consequences be considered and past history taken into account. Do not look for quick resolution, but do look to stay on track, following plans made earlier in quiet contemplation when balance and right knowing were stable and clear.

Now is a time of slow and steady progress forward through the muck of reality that will inevitably sweep in and give great insight, though in many instances will this insight be as unacceptable as the reality of the weather that changes daily and your ability to affect has little effect. Do not look to control the inevitable, but do not either hide from it or allow it to overwhelm you. Stay in steady balance, focused on the reality of rightness in your life, and seek a calm and quiet approach to handling your problems and your issues with the knowing that all will resolve with the cleansing power of time and the supportive energy that boosts you on your way. Your attachment to old ways is not attractive at this time. Allow yourself to trust your progress so far, and use this trust as new ground to stand upon as you allow your self to seek further healing and truth.

You who are upon this journey of self-discovery are safe. There is no better road to take. Your progress though depends upon your own ability to swiftly switch into your calm steadiness as the approaching storms in your life seek to knock you over. This you can withstand, but even more so use as strengtheners to keep your focus honed. Test your steadiness now often, throughout you day, when you are challenged, but also in times of lull. In this manner will your skills continually be perfected and your abilities quickly at the ready for quick and natural shifts into your new state of being that you have worked so hard on.

Stay focused on our path. Stay focused on your path. Stay focused. Calmer waters will eventually arrive, but until that time is your diligence and your alertness required, so stay on top of things and you will do well my friends. Good luck.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR