#59 The Reality of Your Challenge

Dear Jeanne,
We are all certainly feeling both the energy you speak of and the challenges that this energy presents. It feels like we have many decisions to make, whether intensely personal, or coming from outside us. What guidance can you offer us today as we struggle to find our way and gain clarity?

As always, I stress beginning your day in harmony, in your calm and centered balance. From this place of humming inner harmony, in tune with your own intent, will you have a stable and certain ground from which to allow your day to spring. From this calm stability will your awareness be more readily present and available. If calmness cannot be maintained, then I advise that you work on that aspect of the self, until you have mastered it, for it is to be utilized constantly as you go about your day. Remind yourself often to go into your calm, go into your balance, and react to your world only from this center.

That is your first challenge if you are to interact properly with the vibrant energy that now flows upon that earth. Once this calm inner balance is stable and maintainable, then will you be ready to tackle your other issues and challenges. But, the ability to continually focus inward, and remove the tension from your physical and mental being through inner calm, will allow you to more clearly see and resolve those outside challenges that present themselves to you.

Learn to use the energy that is now available to you from this place of calm. Your challenges will become seen as just the next step on your journey and, as I spoke of the other day, take them as challenges to yourself to also test and utilize the new abilities and techniques you have been learning under my guidance. I have been offering you many practical and useful techniques that you can utilize in your daily reality. Now, as your challenges present themselves, are you being urged to begin practicing them.

The first step is always center in your calmness, before you do anything else. Then, look around you from this removed place in your center, and check out the reality of your challenge. Why are you being challenged in this manner? What is the challenge trying to tell you? What are you supposed to learn from it, personally, as relates to your own journey? Is this challenge really as big as you imagine? Is your decision going to be based on the intent of your spirit? Or is your ego getting in the way, making the decision for you, and clouding your perceptions? Are you looking at a challenge that does not truly exist? Can you make it disappear simply by taking your attention off it? Have you placed that challenge there?

Many challenges are created by our egos, believing that we need something, attending to the wants of itself. Often these kinds of challenges do not need to exist, though they steal much of our energy, and we may attach to them for long periods of time, distracted from our real focus and our calm spirit intent. Most often our challenges are of this sort, placed there by old habits, by the ego desiring something that we are not truly aligned with, or by the frightened child inside that desires attention be paid to its inability to mature.

Study your challenges from your deep spirit center. Evaluate them from this inner reality and discover what they truly are, and from where they are generated. Are they important enough to spend your energy on? Are they growth-oriented challenges, or are they merely distractions? Challenge yourself to be truthful, and then take the path of spirit in order to meet your challenges, or simply dismiss them, and give your spirit back the energy you had placed on unnecessary challenges.

I have always advocated simplicity in life so that your energy may be focused on spirit intent. Simplicity will reduce complications in your life, and in return will it also reduce the challenges that are produced by overdoing and externalizing your energy. Focus on your true meaning for living. If you are spirit first and foremost, what then is your focus going to be in your life? Is it truly necessary to grow beyond what your spirit knows is perfectly reasonable and right for you to do? Are you considering expanding the possibilities in your life, offering you many new opportunities? Are you challenging yourself to take on additional concerns that, in reality, will only burden you and take away from your spirit focus?

Simplify, simplify, simplify your life and be granted the energy to remain in spirit focus and available for your own center throughout your day. When the ego quiets down, when the needy baby goes to sleep, what then do you hear, what then do you know? Your truth, your spirit, directing you to remain calm and focused on your own spirit energy, so that your life may be guided from this place of calm, rather than from the outside self in daily battle with challenges better left untouched and unengaged.

Many things to think about have been created as distraction, but how can you decipher what is a real challenge, and what is a challenge created by the distracters in your life, whether from inside the self or outside the self? Well, the answer lies within the spirit center, and as you go into your calm and your balance, and remain there in quiet, may you be granted the insight you need and desire in order to truly see and know where your true direction lies.

My greatest advice is, always, to simplify life rather than complicate it more than necessary. Keep your decisions based on spirit and you will do well. Is this good for my spirit time, my spirit energy, my spirit calm? If I elect to make this decision, will I still have time for my spirit, and will I be able to find the time for those important moments of calm with my inner self?

If your desire is to have a spirit-centered life, then must you keep this in mind as you challenge yourself. If your challenges are coming from the universe, from infinity, rather than the ego world, them must you also look at them clearly from your spirit center, and understand that life is leading you in a new direction. But, know that you have many tools now to utilize, and aid you, as you go forward, tackling your issues, and meeting your true challenges, now from your inner center.

Infinity guides you always, sometimes with great challenges, sometimes with subtle hints. Your awareness is keener now, and you are able to notice the signs in your life, and you are ready to go forward in spirit calm now. Trust your abilities, trust your knowing that everything is possible, and trust yourself as your own true guide. These things you know, for you have come far with me on this journey of the inner spirit, and you have found new direction, and new focus, as a result of learning to trust, not only my guidance, but your own inner knowing. So, do not be frightened by challenges. You know what to do.

#58 Act Upon the Revelations that Life Offers

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Arrangements made now will be long lasting. Connections of resonance will provide long-term companionship and be of long duration. Relationships begun, as a result of obvious honest trusting and knowing, will be far reaching and have great potential. All of these issues are possible if personal spirit resonance is paid heed to, and choices made remain in the proper energetic flow. To be honest, I can only predict based on the energy, but what you decide to do with it is up to you.

Our time on earth is relatively short in the grander scheme of life as ever being. But the choices we make while there have great potential to either impede or speed our growth. If taking evolutionary steps, then one’s own choices should reflect such growth, growth of spirit, and the desire to know and understand life on a greater scale. However, if one becomes bogged down in life as being earth bound, then is one set up to repeatedly relive it until the spirit awareness kicks in. This can be for many lifetimes. Or there is the ability, always available, that an awakening may occur at any moment, but as always, it is up to each of you to act upon the revelations that life offers you for growth and spirit evolution.

How does one know, for sure, when the path that appears is the proper path to take? How does one make the choice? Resonance, of course! This we have spent much time on over the past few months. You have been learning to recognize your own spirit, your own energy, and feeling where it resonates and finds a home. Even if one finds a home, a resonate path, and a perfect match of spirit, is there still the process of taking action, and this then is the challenge. To test, to step, to back away, and observe, and take your time is expected, and often will yield the proper perspective when decisions are to be made. But ultimately, the greatest challenge is whether or not you are prepared and willing to follow your spirit.

To take the path of spirit is perhaps more challenging than any other you have ever had to take. Yet, if you follow it, will you discover purity of purpose, and deep answering resonance as you make your way along this path. My advice is always to go slowly, steadily, in your balance. Know what you are electing to do, and go forward in your life fully aware that you are following your spirit and your spirit alone, and trusting your life to your spirit’s guidance. This is a major step to take. But, it is also the only step to take if you seek now the next step in evolutionary growth.

I elected to remain no longer earth bound, but instead to become cognizant of spirit, of my own, and of others. This allowed me the opportunity to complete unfinished business without the burden of returning to life on earth yet again. I have completed my tasks there, no longer am required to return in the form of human body, spirit entrapped and struggling for recognition and desiring of acknowledgement. Now, I reside in a state of energetic spirit being.

The guidance I offer today is that I request all of you to, slowly and methodically, begin to test your knowing, your sense of spirit, directing your energy where you feel your resonance most strongly. The only way to know if what you feel is correct is to test it, as a scientist does, looking for proof and expecting results. Be keenly aware, alert to signs in your life that will be directing you, answering you, and leading you forward on the proper path. Perhaps this will become easier as you receive and accept something in your life that you previously had dismissed. Is there not something staring you in the face that you have failed to acknowledge? Are you stubbornly refusing to hear, or to understand something? Or have you just been afraid?

Everyone is afraid. That is only human. But also, within the frightened human is there a greater strength, a positive, engaging, and daring knowledge that is just waiting to be allowed expression. Learn to accept this fact, this spirit inside, and begin to allow it to speak up now and offer guidance. What is it saying to you? In your place of calm, in your steady balance, in your quiet will you be able to hear it clearly. Then, all you have to do is follow its guidance. Not really hard, because you will know it is correct for you to do so, but very hard because you will also know that it is going to take you on a very different journey than you have thus far engaged in. As you take that new journey will you begin to see how others on that same journey will begin popping up and letting you know you are not alone, and in feeling resonance in your new environment will you understand, more fully, what this journey of spirit energy is all about.

Allow yourself to accept the gifts you are given, the gifts of spirit, of guidance, and of your own knowing, and you will do well. Find your resonance, your spirit, and you will also do well.

#57 Seek the Secret Spirit Self

Dear Jeanne,
We have seen and felt the power of the energy you have been speaking of. Many people are daring to go with the flow of it, stepping in to their resonance, excited, but also nervous about their bold moves. We are all trusting your guidance. Will you help us all who read your messages to grow a little further today? And trust our next steps?

Yes, I can. Remain always centered, in your place of calm, no matter where you seek to tread. Your path will remain perfect for you, as long as you stay in your calm, and respect your answering resonant energy, calling to you and offering you its mirror in order to remain focused on your journey. I advise, that you continue to question each step you take, and not only question in your head, but also feel the answer in your body, and your spirit as you pose the question.

Am I where I should be? Is this the right move for me to make? Do I feel totally relaxed and certain that I am in a state of resonance? Do I feel perfectly calm and relaxed in this situation, with this decision, with this person, or even with myself? Am I being truthful to myself? Am I allowing by inner self to be my guide now? Am I allowing my secret self to come out, and be unafraid, and become the real me? Am I focusing on spirit growth? Am I finding my way now, focused on the proper use of my energy for the good of my spirit and all humanity?

These questions are all good things to offer yourself as you begin to dare, and begin to move into new territory in your life and also in your inner self, your spirit. Your growth in all aspects of life now should remain focused on inner growth, the growth of the true you, perhaps long hidden, kept secret for only you to know. But now is it time for the secret spirit self to become the real self. Guidance from this aspect of the self will lead you properly.

This is what I have been teaching you, you know. To trust your own guidance, to connect to your own spirit being. I am but a helper, as is Jan who is my messenger, bringing you these new insights so that you may connect with your true inner spirit. Your very own spirit guide resides in you, and this you are learning to connect to.

Yes, there are many of us available to help, and this aspect of reality is exceedingly valuable for you to realize. For, as you discover that connection is possible so are you also able to better understand the connection to your own spirit, and have knowledge that all that your spirit knows is fact. Your experience now of guidance, through my words and your own guides, allows you to have access to the knowledge that everything is possible. But, this must not happen simply because I say so. You must allow yourself to test and have experience of such connection in your own life. You must be open to examples of guidance, and have real and tangible experiences that you alone recognize as meaningful and truly resonant with your request for guidance. Everything is possible. Everything is possible. Everything is possible. Keep this mantra always in mind, especially as you doubt, as you are confronted with experiences you can’t explain, or you can’t believe. Know that everything that happens in your life is meant for you to learn and grow from. So, what are you supposed to learn today?

Perhaps you will discover that you actually feel, physically, your own energy resonating, reverberating, and coursing through you in answer to your own desire for clarity in direction. Perhaps your path will suddenly open wide, and you will have feelings of awe and shock, and perhaps, fear, because suddenly, you know what you must do. The old you may sneak in and seek to keep you still and unmoving, while the spirit in you knows you are going to move forward in to that wide open world, knows that you are going to be daring. And in this moment of interaction between the two parts of yourself will you have to call on your helpers, but also your own knowing that you are trusting your journey now, trusting your strength in knowing that every choice you make toward growth is extremely valuable, and that you now seek a more meaningful life. But most of all will you know that you can trust yourself, your inner guide. You cannot go wrong if you stay in your calm and feel that resonant energy directing you properly, like a beam of light trained on the direction that is right. Know that you are fully capable, strong, and ready. Know that you will be fine, that you have opened up to the universe now, and that your way is guided and your time will be well spent as you dare to become spirit first.

Everyone has decisions to make, and everyone has challenges ahead of them. This is how life is supposed to be, leading you always forward. No matter what the challenges that proposed themselves to me, in my own life there upon that earth, I found my way forward because something inside me would not allow me to stay muffled under the heaviness of an unspirited life. Spirit driven, but also spirit guided, was I in that life there. My main guide was my husband, Chuck Ketchel, who many of you know. He not only inspired me, but he pushed me, and got me going in this new life I now have. He knew always the way to go next, oftentimes uncertain himself, but always focused on what was the right next move to make, instinctively seeking what felt right, and what resonated with our very compatible spirits. I now am able to return the favor to him, and to those of you who have found your way to my words. This you must see is how spirit and resonance work. Even the fact, and this is a fact, that you are reading my words, is proof of your own spirit guiding you to this place. Somehow, all of you found your way here, and that is definitely significant. So, trust that aspect of yourself that got you here in the first place to continue to guide you properly.

This growth and this guidance is all about you, about you being able to connect to your own spirit, your own knowing, and developing your own connection to your self, above all, as guide.

Remain focused on your balance at all times. Bring yourself back constantly to your place of calm as you step into the energetic flow that surrounds you. It will not overwhelm you if you remain centered, and whole, and spirit focused. It will not draw you apart, or confuse you, for you are in control of your life differently now. Your control has shifted from the outer you to the inner you, and that is where your center, your balance, and your calm reside, and from where your resonance illuminates, and where your energy speaks. Listen to it and feel it. Take your time, allowing it to guide you and you will do well!

There is much ahead of you, be prepared for swiftness of change. Be prepared for the speed of the energy to move you far in a very short span of time. This will happen because the time is right, and the energy is appropriate for this. Your decisions will be impacted by this energetic force that I have spoken of, now, these many months. So lastly, I offer you this knowledge, that whatever you decide to do in your life now, whatever step you take, prepare yourself for a move of a lifetime as events and growth will escalate, and push you forward with unparalleled force toward a whole new understanding of what is meant by energy. Yes, this is a warning. But, it is also a foresight that you will be happy to have. Oh yes, Jeanne said this would happen. Jeanne said that the energy would carry me far and fast. Yes, I see she was right!

So, I invite you all to enjoy the ride on that energy that you have been feeling and studying and daring to engage. I commend you for your efforts. Now, go engage it. Stay in your calm, seek your resonance at all times, and see what happens. You will be fine, my fine traveling friends. You will all be fine.

#56 Seeking Inner Silence

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Jan, your course of action is good and helpful to many people. This we seek to continue, for our impact upon that planet must be felt in order for life to become more than just common complacency, and drudgery, and dark behaviors that so many feel stuck in and bound by. Our work offers so much for growth and knowledge of human spirit potential, and this we must stay always focused on, even though life may intrude and darkness may seek to disrupt this work of energetic spirit focus.

Do not fall prey to that which seeks to invade our quiet calm and balance. Allow it to flow past as water in a stream flows past the rocks and eddies, past the solid ground, and the foundations of its banks.

Allow time for contemplation, meditation, and the many acts of healing that will bring calmness and openness. Allow the self to engage in meditative endeavors of spirit, seeking quiet time and stillness of energy so that access to spirit may become easier and more acceptable to the body. Often the body and the busyness of the mind are all that stand in the way and inhibit growth of spirit. Make contact with your own calm spirit by practicing moments of calm throughout your day. Allow a simple process of muscle relaxation to be your focus in order to still the mind. Allow the mind to become but distant rumblings as you focus your attention on letting go, physically, in order to access spirit and energetic calm.

Your mind is too cluttered for far too much of the day. Yes, at times must this be so, but as you train your mind to go totally blank and empty more often will you find that most of its chatter and clutter are unnecessary fillers, better emptied, so that total silence can become your more common state of mind.

Allow your energy, your calm balance, that you have worked on for so long now, to seep into your mind now too, and soften the edges of your chatter down to a whisper, distant and vague. Take your attention off the words and images, the faces, and problems of your world; blur them down to a watery image, a flowing, bubbling stream of energy, and let them float out of you so that your emptiness may be achieved.

In this state of empty mind will you find a new calm and a new balance that will allow for a deeper connect to your inner spirit, your inner guide, and your desire for outer connection. Unwind yourself, unbind yourself, lose your connection to the world that is your daily structure for a few moments and seek instead total quiet, total absence of thought as you feel the energy of your own spirit flow freely through you, through your body, and through your head, cleansing you with its warm flow.

Are you lying in your resonance? Are you feeling your energy as a calmly flowing stream of air, or water, or light? Are you basking in this place of calm, allowing it to take you away from all that bothers you, and all that seeks to steal your energy? Allow yourself to seek this place of inner silence now. Allow for this often. It is one way to experience, not only your own spirit energy, but begin to notice those of us who seek connection. Practice this energy flow a little at a time, increasing your ability to stay there as you build your stamina to stay in energetic balance with your own spirit as your guide. Allow your energy to flow through you as you achieve this state of total calm. Allow your energy to become all of you, as you become total energy.

This lightness of energy, your own energy unencumbered by weight of body, and additional weight of mind, will become more and more familiar to you as you practice this act of detachment, as you become more familiar with this process of meditation and as your desire for this emptiness increases.

Your spirit is pure energy, and as such it has the ability to heal, not only you, but also, in conjunction with other healing energy, the world around you. I have spoken of this often before and I know you have understood my meaning when I have spoken of all having the ability to affect the world simply with energy. This you now are becoming more capable of actually doing. I know you have experienced it in your own life, seen how your own recognition of your energy field has had affect. Now, with greater ability available to you, with your increased understanding of your own energy within your own body, will you discover the true power of your energy potential.

Your body is your vehicle, your energy is your fuel, and your energy body is capable of much more than you have perhaps imagined, as it can live independently of that vehicle, even as fuel resides independently of a car, or truck, or plane, or boat. Fuel is energy, independent, and of itself capable of sweeping in and enlivening an otherwise empty structure that without it is useless. Your energy is flowing and alive. Allow it to be felt in these moments of quiet emptiness that I ask you to cultivate. Begin to feel it as separate from the weight of your body, and begin to explore your own inner silence when you are in your pure energy state. You will find that you are quite light, and beautiful, and joyous, and loving. You will find that your energy body is as real as your physical body, and you will understand even better what I mean when I speak of healing yourself first, then others by your example, and eventually will you have experience of energetic convergence on a planetary level.

Begin to practice seeking inner silence in order to more fully experience your own energy. Ask for help as you do this and we will assist you in your progress. Your need for assistance will be met, and you will be safe. Allow yourself the knowledge that your energy body is already in you, already active, already on a wonderful adventure, but your awareness of this has been dulled by the heaviness of life around you, the dullness that exists in the atmosphere of life on earth, and the worries that hold you bound. Your energy body is very familiar with its pure free state, and its ability to float in silence. So, do not fear that something else is entering you to take you away on a journey. It is but your own energy that you are learning to recognize and notice again after all this time, and it is full of joy for your daring, and grateful for your ability to trust it, the real you.

See where this takes you. A little bit at a time, seek to find your energy flow and allow it to gently take you to the experience of it. It will not give you more than you can handle, a little taste at a time, until you are ready to feel it more fully. And then you will understand how this energy works, and having experienced it once you will desire it more often. And in this process will you begin to understand the true meaning of your life and how you must use this knowledge of energy for growth and true human potential.

Find your calm, and when you have a few quiet moments relax into your inner silence with confidence, knowing that you are safe, you are only meeting your own energy body, your true self, and you will be gently and lovingly treated to an experience that will change your life. This I can attest to! If you have fears, ask for help to calm you down and maintain your balance. Breathe in your own gentle breath of calm, and be mindful not to push or force anything. This state of energy will only come with gentle letting go, and trust in your own spirit to allow you to have this experience of its flow and to gently return you to your normal place once again. Allow your imagination to guide you one step at a time and you will be able to achieve your goal. Everything is possible. Keep this always in mind.

Good Luck! May your energy be your guide.

#55 The River of Energy

Dear Jeanne,
It has been a few days since we last connected. Do you have a new message for humanity today, and especially for those who have been receiving your messages and growing in many ways as a result?

Do not fall far from your path, but stay focused on the new course that your life is taking, for this will carry you far, though it may seem at times too difficult, or even unworthy of your full attention. But, now is the time to stay focused rather than be drawn and quartered into too many fragments of life that will only serve to distract you from your purpose in life. I do not advocate splitting yourself in this manner, but I do encourage pulling tightly in to focus, utilizing the skills you have thus far learned and adapted to your own way of life.

All of you are different, yet all of you are the same. You are all upon that earth seeking your path and seeking resonance in your life and in your spirit life. These characteristics are human and spirit attributes. To desire company and resonance on your journey are held by all, for how else will you know how you are progressing if you do not have some mirror to gauge your success?

Your life must remain your focus now. Your intent must be placed upon your own spirit desires, and your resonance must be sought along the path that is correct for your growth. After finding your resonance, that which we spoke of earlier in the month, now must you remain focused on it, gathering and mixing your energy with the energy of that familiar resonance. Do you find yourself in some place that mirrors your spirit? Do you find that you now have access to something that is feeding your spirit and the desires of the inner you who seeks resonance in life in order to grow and evolve?

You may find only a trickle of resonance, but that trickle, that rivulet, is the resonance that you must focus on and pay attention to. For even a tiny trickle, a small rivulet, has the ability to find its way to similar energy and soon join in tremendous flow that will carry that small rivulet bounding forth into unstoppable energy, available as a river is available, its power source strong, its currents vibrant and alive and full of possibility to carry you far on your journey.

I have spoken often of rivers, of the power of the energy of the river. I have advised that you remain a calm Riverwalker, alongside the river, in order to maintain your balance and become as one with your own inner spirit and maintain your ability to calmly navigate through life. But this time, I speak of the energy of the universe now, likening it to a river that is available for you, as long as you flow into it in your resonance, in your own stream of energy, and thus have you the possibility of entering it on your own terms and in your own manner, rather than to be caught in it unaware, carried off by currents that have nothing to do with you.

Your resonance is your key. Your seeking of your own rivulet has been your intent lately, and that must you continue to focus on in order to enter the river of energy that now abounds and seeks to share its abundance with those who have worked hard to understand their inner spirit and be guided by it to this energetic source.

Allow yourself to stay focused now as we enter a new week and become inundated with the problems of the world and of disturbances around us. Remaining focused and intent upon the calm of the centered self and the balance of the self in the resonant energy, in order to access this energy source, is paramount now. Remind yourself often to stay in the resonance that you have found for yourself, whether it be but a trickle, or a larger stream, or even if you have entered into the river of energy. Allow your focus to remain on feeling its resonance, and allowing yourself to be guided by this.

I too am focused on this energy, for it offers much growth and the ability to continually build new connections, helping and guiding many who seek the connection being offered by those of us who are ready to receive your energy in return. This time is thrilling, not only for those of you upon that earth who hear of such resonance and seek our guidance, but also for us who seek to connect with you as well. Be our guests today. As you focus on your resonance, we offer our guidance freely and easily. Empty yourself of all your burdens for a moment and feel the energy as it resonates through your very being, and know that you are being heard and mirrored in our world as well. We are all very close and desiring of connection. Trust this connection and you will find it even resonating in your own body, an answering reverberation, vibration, a slight chill, a knowing that you can, you do, and you will connect.

This is good. Stay in your resonance, continually seeking its flow, its calm, no matter what may be thrown at you in your life. Find that you are different now, you are in a different place, you see and feel differently now, and as a result, you are different. With this knowing can you more fully accept your path, feel your resonance, and accept the guidance being offered. It is there for you, this gift of resonance. Take it, it’s yours.

Go now, and see what happens as your day progresses and you do not lose sight of your energy, your path, your resonance. You will begin to see it mirrored everywhere, as your focus remains calmly centered there. You’ll see the magic in your own life and what it can do for you as you experience the energy I speak of today.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR