#345 Accept Your Appointment With the Desires For Drastic Change

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have any guidance for us today, or an assessment of the week’s energy?

Do not harbor old fears about the self or keep the self held back for reasons of old; for now is a time of progress and forward momentum, held up by the winds of energy and change. It is not a time to morosely ponder the self, in debate with your iniquities, your ancient selves long departed, or your troublesome youth. But now is a time to swiftly move on, move forward, without regret or denial of the old self, but in perfect acceptance and alignment. Accept the self you have been as perfectly necessary, but fully align with the new self now, so that further and lasting progress may be made.

This is a time of duality. For there remains that undercurrent, which I have spoken of, that still seeks to capture not only your attention, but your very being. Meanwhile is your head stretched far above it, in the energy of evolutionary change that swiftly urges you to hasten along now and abide by the new rules of life and change.

Do not dismiss the power and desires of the undercurrent. It is tricky and manipulative; a worthy opponent of such a traveler as you, My Dear Ones who seek growth and desire change. Stay aware, alert to the abilities of such dual energy to trick even the most aware of you. Do not ever relax your awareness, for then will the old ways wash over you and thwart your progress, even if but briefly. If this happens, as always, return to your path, and take up the energy of change once again, as your fuel and your sustenance.

I cannot urge you enough to stay alert now and cognizant of your own situations, so that growth may happen. You may get drawn, quite unmercifully, back to your old stomping ground where you muddle about in the mud, unable to fully grasp why you are there. If that happens, you must take your eyes off the ground, where nothing lies, except old thoughts, actions, and deeds, and lift them upward where the clear sky awaits discovery.

Now is this time of dual energy a grand time to remain aware, so that you can actually use the energy and your awareness to catapult you forward. It is good recapitulating energy. It is good for gaining clarity and remaining steady upon your focused path. But in order to do so, must you remind your self often that the hungry undercurrent still exists, and that it will not easily give up your luscious energy that it has feasted upon all these many years.

You seek to make some big changes now. I know you do. I know all of you seek change because that is what the energy of now seeks as well. And as long as you are alive upon that Earth during this time of great shift, so does your inner spirit align itself with this deep inner desire for change as well. It is inevitable, but perhaps you have not fully accepted or acknowledged that this is so. But all of you, My Dears, are feeling it in some way, and this you must allow your awareness to understand. Your restlessness is the energy pushing at you to accept your appointment with the desires of the century for drastic change, and alertness to the need for such change.

Within your own little world, is your alignment with the need for change being asked of you. You have two choices. You can either accept that this is so, and look upward to the energy that will aid you as you accept the inevitability of your destiny with change. Or you can continue to deny the inner feelings that have been picking at you to go in this direction, and instead remain caught in focusing on the undercurrent, which would just as soon keep you in its murky place of slowly sucking energy drain.

It’s up to you, as always, to choose. And although it may sound quite obvious and clear to some of you that, of course, you will choose to go for the sky above, so does the choice not appear as clearly to others; for there are so many reasons to remain in the stagnancy, just as many as you can think of to move forward now.

Do not judge others for the choices they make now. Do not ponder why they cannot see what you so clearly see. But allow them to fully experience their meeting with the aspects of the self that must still be encountered in the undercurrent. But do not keep your self there simply to accompany them on their journey. Do not stay behind out of fear that you will lose or need another who is not ready to move on; for in denial of the self and your own needs will you do no service to others.

State your intent, both to your selves and to your partners. For this time of dual energy is also a time of partner exchange and partner dispute, but also partnering progress as well. State your own mission; your own intent to grow, and to keep going; to discover not only your own truths, but the truths of the universe. State your intent to go for the experiences of energy that you feel tugging at you, which ask that you trust them and follow them to new life.

Do not toss aside your partners in disgust or weariness, but do state your claim to move onward, unwaveringly, because it is right for you to do so. Invite them to journey forward with you now, as you lead the way out of the undercurrent. But then must you allow them to take full responsibility for electing to go with you, totally accepting that they will do their own work. You will be one step ahead of them so that they may not lose the trail. But be fully aware that each of you must confront the barriers and the forces along the route that will challenge and confront you, as an adult, as a child, as a couple, and as evolving beings and partners, if you elect to travel forward together.

So when I speak of dual energies, so do I speak of more than just energy. I speak of pairs of energies, of pairs of concepts that are not only being presented, but also must be confronted and fully addressed, with absolute clarity of seeing, knowing, and speaking. I speak of couples being challenged now, as opposites, as two aspects of the energy pulling one in one direction, and the other in the opposite direction. I speak of couples, already in sync, being tugged at to regress, or to become caught in a trap that must be encountered and then released from. For a final battle of intent will be necessary to move forward now.

State your intent to grow more clearly, and fully utilize the energy that is in abundance. This is the time to take your partner’s hand, and speak truthfully about your soul’s intent to grow. Invite your partner to take the journey beside you, but fully aware that their own issues will seek to dissuade them and captivate their every intent, until they do the battling that is necessary to grow.

Not all partners are ready, and if that is true in your case do not fear your progress alone. For this is also a time when, no matter who you are, so will your way be clear and the energy available. But your challenge will be to accept the solo journey, as a solo warrior, fully ready to move on, no regrets, and seek fulfillment in the energy ahead of you.

I place upon you all the greatest challenge of all, and that is to leave room in your hearts for compassionate understanding of all you leave behind, for all you take with you, and for all who struggle to keep up with you. Love and aid those in your care. Place your self upon your firm path, but do not lose your humility, and your acknowledgment of the frailties of your human self, as you watch the struggles going on all around you. Guide your self forward because it is so right for you to do so. But pray a prayer of intent that others may be capable of making the choice that is so right for them to make now during this time of duality, of energy of intent to grow, in spite of the undercurrent.

The journey is being shown to you. Is it a partnership? Or is it a solo journey? Is it in the energy above or the energy below? Is it as a leader or a follower? Is it as a full-fledged seeker or is it as a struggling spirit? It does not matter what stage you are at. It only matters that you are aware of the energy, what it is proposing, and that yes, you do always have a choice about how you will use it for your self. Make the choice that is right for your self, even as you make the choice that is right for your partnership.

Oh, and one last clue to keep in mind: the energy above is so much easier to handle, easier to breathe, and easier to accept. But the ultimate challenge will be to overcome your fears that the undercurrent will continually remind you of. But once you pull your self up and out of the inner darkness will you find that those fears will dissipate in the freedom of the air above. Even though your feet may remain in the deep undercurrent, so will your head be swimming in the new energy of change.

Be as a giant now, able to walk the currents below, but tall and powerful enough to keep a good stride going, your head far above, breathing in the energy of change; of good; of openness to what lies ahead; for it is truly amazing. Have no doubt about it; it is truly amazing!

#344 It Is No Accident That You Have This Child

Today a Reader asks a question.

Dear Jeanne,
This time, I am asking a question about my youngest son. He and I have a very special bond. “He marches to the beat of a different drummer.” My sense is that he is an old soul. He has always been intuitive. He now seems ready to learn more. I want to gently encourage him to develop his intuition. Is now the time to give him the opportunity to ask for guidance from you, Jeanne?

My husband and I have been teaching him about the Universe, and God, and Spirituality. We are not involved in a church at the present time. We are Catholic, and we have exposed our children to the Catholic religion, but my husband and I prefer to look at God, Spirituality and the Universe in a different way.

I look forward to your guidance…Sincerely, D.A.D.

Children, My Dear Reader, have access to far greater than you imagine. To be in a state of pure innocence allows for a natural flow of intuition and spiritual connection, especially if given permission by the parents, or others in authority. To stifle or discourage spiritual connection, no matter what form it takes, is to cover over the natural aspects of youth. But one must also be aware that each young journeyer upon that planet Earth must make the journey firmly rooted in that world in order to evolve. But that being said, so is each person’s journey relative to their spiritual presence.

As you speak of, with this boy, so does he appear to you as an ancient soul, ready to explore the realms of knowing, seeing, and awareness of other worlds; and this you cannot stop, nor can you control it either. For his own spirit will pull and direct him either way. His own abilities do not seem to be in question by you, but he must find his own comfortable manner, in his own world, for dealing with what he has been entrusted with at such an early age. I speak of awareness, for that is what he holds most apparent, and that will also be his challenge, to continue holding on to it, in spite of the world around him and the confrontations to come, as he grows, matures and understands the world.

This is a grand time to be such a child, a child of intuition and awareness. It is not easily dismissed either, for there are many who have entered that realm lately, who carry such abilities. But he must not be signaled as special in any way, nor provided with separate attention, for his journey must be what it will be, for his own sake and his own growth.

Be aware that the ego must grow and develop, but he must not be burdened with ultra-ego for what he cannot help. He carries already the burden of awareness, and that is not an easy one to bear, or to produce before the world, as he must encounter it. His world is different from your own, yet must you be his guide, for you are in contact with and have knowledge about the greater unseen forces that do exist.

His own awareness is accepting of your perspective, for it gives him permission to be accepting of his own abilities. However, I do not encourage leading him in any direction, including to me, for in so doing will you interrupt his natural inclination to explore his own inner world. Allow him to explore, even as you now seek to explore.

Your own spiritual self was stifled and misdirected, yet have you now found your way back to Self. You explore your inner self in relationship to the misguided, misdirected, and perhaps mistaken perceptions that you encountered as a child. Your own journey now points you to reinvestigating your own life, so that you may find clarity and reason for your past, freeing you to find clarity and reason for your adult self in that world.

Your own journey must be your focus, for only in resolving the riddles of the self will you truly be available to guide your young child. Look upon him now as your mirror. Do you not see that his innocence, his clairvoyance, and his powers of spirit knowing are also deeply embedded in your self. It is no accident that you have this child in your presence. He offers you knowledge of your own truths.

Treat your self as lovingly and tenderly as you treat this child. Be as cautious and careful with your own inner child, wanting to encourage immersion in inner exploration, yet also cautious to not misdirect or offer too much. Allow your son to lead you now. Allow the utterances he speaks, to teach you what you need to know about your self, your inner child, and your direction now, as you explore who you are.

I do not think you need to worry about him. His journey must be supported, and he must be offered access to all that you, his parents, can offer him. But he will follow his own path, and you cannot sway him from what he must learn about life upon that Earth, just as you too had to learn about life upon that planet, as a young and tender child.

Do not direct his life, but do not misguide either. Allow him to find his ancient spirit within, by his own explorations. Do not thwart his grounding in that world either. Protect his innocence, his physical being, but do not protect his adventuresome spirit from being offered the opportunities to grow and to evolve. Know his spirit as fully capable of finding what it needs, both in the physical world and in the spirit-seeking world.

Do not burden him with your fears, or with your desires. But show him what you have discovered works for you; but also allow the truth of exploration to be known to him, and your other children as well. For his explorations should not be limited, nor yours either. For there is always more to discover and find resonance with as you change and do your own growing.

The souls of the young ones are not unevolved, but so have they turned to life upon that planet once again, for a reason. And this is also what you must keep in mind, that each one of them has returned to do life again, for their own evolutionary purposes. And that is what you, as parents, must remind your children, that they are there for evolutionary purposes, choosing to take the journey through life for growth, and for learning what they must learn, in order to evolve to a new stage of energetic life.

Do teach the laws of energy, and the rules of evolutionary growth. Do teach what man has not dared to speak of, except in hushed tones, and as alternative and esoteric thoughts of spirit centeredness, that all of you are energy beings, encompassed in human form for a reason that only you will know and must discover.

Life is more than a journey. It is a constant uncovering and revealing of purpose, both purpose for that life, but also purpose for evolution. Why is he here, and where is he going next? Those are his questions to seek and find the answers to, as all must.

Be his guide; be his companion; be his mirror, even as he must be all of these things for you and your husband. Teach your children, but allow them also to teach you. Guide, but do not attempt to constrain or hold back what the spirit in each child must do. Do not hold them back from encountering the world they live in, for that would be as damaging as holding them back from encountering their spirit selves.

Your jobs as parents are fraught with delicate situations, as you know so much, too much, about how the world works, yet do you not want to discourage growth and independence in any child. Allow your children, all of them, to know that there is no one right religion, nor any right path, but all must have the freedom to be guided by their own inner spirit knowing. Teach them to follow always their heart, their inner guide of resonance, combined with their knowledge of how the world works. For only with such balance will they make good choices, even as you must also function in a stable and pragmatic manner in order to grow.

Teach them responsibility for the choices they make. Teach them to fully embrace and own the mistakes and missteps they take. Allow them to discover the power they hold within, to be cognizant and aware that they are on a journey, that they are spirit seekers, and that they are charged with becoming mature adults, available to learning how energy works, and how it can be available for them as they grow and learn about life.

My Dearest Reader, you cannot overly protect this child, as you wish you had been. For in protection is there denial of life. Allow him, in his innocence, to lead you along your path. Allow his guidance to show you where he chooses to go. As for introducing him to the likes of me? Well, I think he already has found his own Jeanne, (Genie), and his connection is strong. That is not the world you need to instruct him in.

Find your peace in knowing that you are the right parents for him. Watch the wonder of him and your other children, as they grow away from you and become citizens of the world, with the viewpoint you provide them with. It is not so confusing a world if you comprehend at an early age that life is a journey, and that every one you meet is on a significant journey leading them and their soul to completion. That simplification can have great impact upon the choices one makes in life.

Watch the grand unfolding of life taking place all around you. Love your children. But also learn to love your self, as you take your own journey. Become as unafraid as you want your children to be in the outer world. For their own protection comes in nothing being hidden, denied; but straight talk about the realities of the world will prepare them well for life ahead. Do not deny your own straight talk either. That is what you all need, in order to mature and grow, accepting your own journeys for what they truly are, spiritual journeys in a changing, evolving world.

Stay connected. Find your center. Live lives of meaning. Find always the connection that will lead you forward, the resonances in your life that reverberate through your heart center. Guide your young ones to understand that their own heart center is their truth center, and your parenting will be well done.

#343 When a Parting of Paths is Encountered

PLEASE NOTE: Changes to the Channeling Schedule Have Taken Place.

We have instituted a new process on the channeling website, and in the use of Jan’s channeling ability in general, by leaving some time each week for private, in-person channeling sessions. The daily messages will now appear on the website three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. These channeling times will be devoted to answering your questions, which we heartily encourage you to ask, or if no questions are posed Jan will ask for Jeanne’s guidance in general. One day of each week will, most likely, be allotted for a weekly interpretation and understanding of the energy, since it seems to be a good topic, one that Jeanne is in tune with, and is helpful to the majority of readers. For information about scheduling a private channeling session, now available in our office, click here.

Today a Reader asks a question.

Dear Jeanne,
As I am moving along on my journey, I am changing. However, some of my friends are not. I am not sure how to handle this. Could you please give me some advice on this?


My Dearest Eva, your journey must proceed in the direction you are pushed. You must pursue all avenues that open to guide, direct, and also lead you along your path. Doors will open, places will be revealed, recapitulation will be taking place everywhere you look, but do not fixate on the slowness of the world around you as you do your inner work.

For the outer world will appear to you in a different manner as you do your deepest work. It may slow down, disappear from view, become amorphous, and not as real as your inner world. The outer world may simply appear as less important too, and that is as it should be. As you resolve your innermost issues, as you take your own journey, do not be surprised at others who do not comprehend the need you have to do this inner work, for not everyone is prepared, or daring enough, to investigate their inner being.

As you progress along your chosen path, so must you confront what it means that friends become less friendly, less interesting, less inviting. You may tire of others who at one time meant much to you. You may find that others do not hold what you need in order to move along at your pace, but that they hold you back. You may get tired of the same mirrors being held up to you by them; for once you have investigated what that mirror holds, so do you no longer need to keep looking in to it.

Friends who remain friends will accept the new and changing you. They may not completely understand your journey, and that is not expected, but they will hold respect for your means of growth, and that is the important factor. Even as you fear you will lose friends, become bored by them, or dispute with them, so must you, in turn, respect them for the decisions they make, the paths they take, the conflicts and the choices they have. You expect to be respected, and so do they, even though you may look upon them and see stagnancy and missteps, not in alignment with your own choices.

To venture into the deepest realms of the self, must you be prepared for a solo journey, available to undertake your solo tasks and your solo issues that will require you to understand life as a solo journey. The people you meet along the way may venture forth beside you for a time, but then depart from your direction when a parting of paths is encountered. This is how journeys through that life are set up, so that companionship and company are enjoyed, but ultimately is the journey a solo one.

Maintain focus on respect for the self, as well as the journeys that others take. Utilize your deep feelings of love and compassion to send others off on their travels, and utilize the same attributes toward new faces that look to you, a mirror of themselves. Meeting people on your solo journey reflects your own passing phase, for separate reasons, but ultimately are the deepest reasons because you give and take something from each person you interact with on your journey, no matter how tiny or seemingly insignificant.

Discover what your friends offer you. Discover what the significance is of your journeying together. Discover where you are now, and discover where you are going next. See who is ready to flow with you a while longer, and discover who lifts a hand and waves now from a distance, your companionship meaningful for a time of importance and significance, but now done, completed for this journey.

Absolve your self of feeling responsible for others, for those you come in contact with who desire your energy. Be compassionate toward others; be loving and strong. But ultimately, must you decide how, where, and with whom you will spend your energy. You will discover that people will fade from your energy field when the time is right. Do not pull them back, or disrupt their need to move in a new direction, for even as they shift and change so are your own changes being noted and respected, even though closeness is no longer shared.

To miss the company of others one once held close is, of course, a tender area, where feelings may arise. But that is a signal of recapitulation, and it is in the act of resolution that closure comes. As you evolve, learn what it means to recapitulate, for that is what you speak of now, in this question. You attempt to understand the need to grow and evolve, juxtaposed with the need to maintain a semblance of connection that, in reality, is no longer alive.

Allow your heart to guide you, your spirit to direct you, and your evolving self to release you from your old ties that have already loosened and are flowing behind you in the wind. Your recapitulation is freeing you in so many ways. Do not doubt the rightness of your journey, or the confrontations with the realities of life that you must encounter. You do not lose friends as you travel. You take with you the gifts they give you, the experiences, and the participation in your journey. Your journey is one of learning to accept that a life truly lived is one of love, compassion, and openness to change, with the ability to flow, continually grow, and move onward, without regret, if your job is well done, your inner issues resolved, and your future allowed to remain an open door.

Your path is full of twists and turns, but your view from the path, if you care to look up and out, is quite magnificent. Lift your head from the stones at your feet, and look out at the wider picture more often, to give you incentive, eagerness, and the invitation to discover the possibilities that truly do lie ahead, as you do your inner work. Seek always balance, maintain awareness of future life, and you will do well, as you take your heart-centered journey.

#342 Overall Outlook on the Week Ahead

We have made some changes to the channeling schedule. See the news posted just below today’s message for information about this, as well as information about our new offering of private channeling sessions.

Dear Jeanne,
Would you please give us an idea of the energy outlook for the week ahead, your perspective on what is to come?

My Dear Ones, I do not like to present you with too much information, for I fear that too many Readers may attach to the prospect of good or bad energy, and become unable to flow, as a result of fixation upon the forecast. But, Yes, I will address the overall outlook in this week ahead.

It does bode well for your intent of purpose to remain innerly focused, for there will be a new culmination soon upon you, a shift, that will carry much light, much relief, and much power. But it will only be useful, deeply so, if you are focused on remaining stable and intent upon your deepest issues. To simply say, “Hurray, a new energy shift!” will just not cut it, for then do you risk allowing your self to fall into the trap of letting go, and seeking compensation for the past few weeks and months of turmoil and confusion.

This is not a celebratory energy, but it is a crucial energy that, if used correctly, will in fact lead you further toward good self image, good self inner work, and good prospects for the future. But it is not an energy that should be used to compensate the outer self, or the big baby, for the hard work already done. So I warn all of you, to not go overboard in celebration of any aspect of the self, either the inner or the outer self.

Maintain your pragmatic stability. Remind your self that such energy is recurring often, and that this coming week is bringing a blip of energetic profusion, propelling in its intensity. But you must steer your self properly; conduct your self as a master warrior; the captain of your ship, who knows that with such energy must your focus and your skills remain top notch, and as highly alert as when the energy is dark and brewing with the opposite kind of intent. Whether you are entering happier waters or not, must your awareness and clarity remain keen and alert, for below the surface do the dark places remain, awaiting slips in your awareness, ready to capsize you, even on the prettiest of days, and the calmest of waters.

So yes, do look ahead to enjoying a most flowing session now of lighter energy, as a new shift happens in a day or two. You may feel it; you may be attuned or not; it does not matter, specifically, if you notice a change, but what does, specifically, matter is that you remain alert to your own inner issues. For those are the things that will lead you into trouble or not, depending on how you elect to handle them, as they appear to sabotage your days. For your innermost issues will seek to sabotage your festivities and parties, your vacations, and your calmly flowing days; that is their job. But it is up to the mature, adult, cognizant self; intent upon growth; to remain present; electing to soberly, with knowledge of the trickery that lies in the energy outside of you and inside the self, maintain stability and keep on an even course.

So My Dears, I can forecast a wild ride ahead, to warn you to remain calm, innerly calm. Or I could just say, watch out, the week ahead will test you greatly. So as you can see, I said both because both are true! It is also true that each one of you have great ability to remain innerly focused, innerly questioning, and aware, so that you do not subject your self to extremes of temper, emotion, mood, or excesses of the body, or the mind. All of you have the ability to be the adults you truly are, to allow your selves to remain on your chosen path of growth, to flow calmly through the energy; alert captains, steady warriors, because that is who you truly are; and that is who you seek to remain, at all times, no matter what the energy outside or inside is trying to do.

This is a week of testing. It is a test of awareness of mind, spirit, and body. It is a time of balance, alignment, steadiness, and straightforward focus of intent on your true reason for living. Keep that in sight at all times, using it to pull you back again to your position of control and steady calm. When I speak of control, do I not speak of your old habits of control so that you lose touch with the present, and your progress, or your path. I speak specifically of your control of your awareness; your keen alertness to remain focused on your path, which you have now been training and tweaking into a fine attribute. That is what you must maintain control of, your awareness My Dears.

Good Luck! I look forward to your progress; your stable awareness of the energy; your clarity in perceiving your outer world and your inner world, and your keen abilities to maneuver the energy that now approaches. You can do it, that I have no doubt about!

Channeling Changes

New Daily Channeling Schedule

Beginning on June 30, 2008 we will be instituting a new process on the channeling website and in the use of Jan’s channeling ability in general. As of this date, the daily messages will appear on the website three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. These channeling times will be devoted to answering your questions, which we heartily encourage you to ask. One day of each week will, most likely, be allotted for a weekly interpretation and understanding of the energy, since it seems to be a good topic, one that Jeanne is in tune with, and is helpful to the majority of readers. As has been the procedure, if no questions are pending from you, the Readers, Jan will ask for guidance in general.

Jeanne Re-joins the Practice!

Private Channeling Sessions

We now offer personal channeling sessions in our office at the Chocolate Factory in Red Hook, New York. (Jeanne enthusiastically welcomed “rejoining the practice,” as she said, when we asked her if this was a good idea.) Since we have not explored long distance channeling, nor the process of how to practically go about it, the sessions will, for now, only be available in our office.

We are aware that many people want to ask Jeanne for advice and guidance, but are not comfortable asking in the public forum on the website. We wish to make the opportunity to ask for guidance available to as many people as possible, factoring in the availability of Jan’s energy.

Preparation and Setting Intent

We request that if you would like to schedule a personal channeling session with us that you come prepared with several questions, ready to proceed directly into the session, so that the time may be fully utilized. You may ask as many, or few questions as you like within the given time frame. You are also free to have a dialogue with Jeanne, interacting with her; asking for clarification if something is not clear to you, or asking appropriate follow up questions if the message coming from Jeanne poses additional queries.

Please be aware that Jan’s channeling connection is only with Jeanne. In our early exploration of Jan’s channeling ability, we presented questions to other evolved entities. This frequently resulted in Jan being immediately taken to the Akashic Library, rapidly researching records, and then being transported into the lives of others, into other eras, and subjected to the energetic influences of those entities. Afterwards, we discovered that Jan’s energy was greatly depleted. This never was, and never is, her experience when channeling Jeanne. In fact, the opposite occurs, her energy is rejuvenated by the connection.

Jeanne continually warned Jan to be sure she was channeling her. As a safe guard, each channeling session begins with Jeanne being addressed by name. Jan is completely familiar with Jeanne’s resonant energy, which is pure, with a benevolent intent. We decided, after several energetically uncomfortable experiences, to only open the channel to Jeanne, asking for her perspective and guidance.

So if you seek to connect with a deceased relative, Jeanne may be the guide in how to develop a personal channel to that entity, however a direct connection through Jan and Jeanne is not offered in our channeling sessions. If that is the experience you are seeking you need to explore other psychic channels or shamans who offer this service. However, please be aware.

Many people have learned how to open the door to the spirit world. All of us seek, on some level, a connection to the greater reality of energy beyond the confines of everyday life in this world. Jeanne’s guidance has been geared, over the past few years, toward enabling us all to find this connection within ourselves through safe, pragmatic, and sober means. Opening up to the world of energy, without sobriety and awareness, leaves us easy prey for the trickster sorcerers, and other entities who seek our energy. Even those who are highly aware can fall under the spell, with devastating consequences.

Don Juan instructed Carlos Castaneda that the world of energy is a predatory universe, willing to cater to our desires in exchange for our energy. Many a “shaman” has been seduced and captivated by powers that achieve their own malevolent intent through the unawareness of the shaman. Castaneda himself, despite warnings from Don Juan, was tricked and captured by such an entity, requiring a dramatic rescue to free his energy. Always pay attention to the messages from your own inner spirit when seeking a guide. Look for and recognize feelings of resonance with those guides, spirit or otherwise. Your own energy will tell you if you are connecting in a resonant manner.

How the Process Works

The sessions take place in our recording nook, in comfortable seating, in a calm, safe and peaceful environment, where many of you have experienced hypnosis. During the session a CD recording, which you may take with you, is made. Chuck moderates, monitors Jan’s energy, and operates the recording equipment. During the session Jan goes into trance, a somnambulant state, where her ability to speak remains in tact. During the session Chuck, Jan, and you, the client, wear comfortable headsets with microphones, so that your questions may be directly presented to Jeanne through Jan.

The Session Breakdown

The 50-minute session is broken down into a 20-25 minute channeling (during which you speak directly with Jeanne), preceded by an explanation of the procedure, and followed by an interpretation and clarification of the message from Jeanne, with additional input from Jan, if available. Often, during the trance state, Jan is receiving visual and sensory awareness that is impossible to express and interpret while speaking. These phenomena will be addressed and further illuminated during the post-session, while the CD is being finalized for you.

The Cost

Each session lasts for 50 minutes and costs our normal, and very affordable rate of $70. Sessions are scheduled in advance, by appointment only. If a longer session is desired, it must be prearranged and scheduled ahead of time, and the cost adjusted accordingly.

Statement of Understanding

The following statement of understanding, that a channeling session is solely for personal growth, will require your signature before we begin.

“I am fully aware that my participation in a channeling session is to obtain guidance and knowledge, which may be helpful for my personal growth. I assume full responsibility for assessing the value of the guidance, deciding how it might be applicable to my life. I understand that this session is not psychotherapy, nor a command from an evolved being. Only I can decide what is truly right for me, and I maintain that stance as I evaluate the guidance and suggestions of this channeling session.”

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Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR