#233 Man is there for Evolutionary Purposes

Dear Jeanne,
You have been urging humanity to begin a fervent process of change for a long time now. What do you foresee if this badly needed change doesn’t happen?

Don’t worry, even if Mankind does not progress toward a new manner of living upon that earth, so will Mother Earth herself, with the help of this powerful energy, cause great change to take place. There is energy enough for upheaval; but Mankind, in order to evolve and rid Mother Earth of the vast deposits of decay and debris wrought by humanity, must partake now in a great shift. If this shift within man himself does not take place, then do I foresee volatile eruptions within the very earth, causing a shift that no man can deny. It is now time for man, and I use that term to incorporate all of humanity, to become aware of the potential for Mother Nature to begin her own slow, but deliberate, move towards change. This has happened many times before upon that planet, and so is it now also imminent.

Do you believe that man has already waited too long to change the conditions upon the earth, the environmental?

Oh yes, man has waited too long, but that does not mean that there will not be enough left to sustain life. A great shift is necessary no matter what, but in order for Mankind to partake, so is it necessary to more fully become part of the inevitable shift. I foresee the planet Earth causing devastating change in many areas beyond the scope and control of man. Many attempts to “save” or to “preserve” are unwarranted wastes of energy because already is it too late to hold back the inevitable. But there are populations that are cognizant of this, though they dare not speak the truth. Instead do they hold out forlorn hope that some miracle may save what already is fast disappearing. The potential for much of Earth, as you now know it, to shift and change, disappear, vanish, and convert into desert is highly probable. Lands will become uninhabitable as solar power does invade too intrusively.

Learn to harness that beast, and you will have enough power to fuel all that is needed. Does not man see that this is being offered? So readily available is it, yet is there reluctance to change, to shift to the natural resources blatantly presented as the greatest assets available in those remaining sustainable areas.

As shift takes place more rapidly now, is it pertinent to open the eyes to the truth, the reality of what is being offered, even as a great and devastating shift does take place. Earth itself, the planet, is prepared with all that Mankind needs to survive. Time would be best spent studying the natural resources, and learning how best to utilize them, rather than spend valuable time ignoring what is being offered.

In time will it be clear that solar, water, and geothermal resources do offer all that is necessary. There is no need to siphon the very blood (oil) out of Mother Earth, but instead look to that which she offers freely. Is there not also wind every day that does push against your skin, nudging you to consider it for all the potential it too holds? Combinations of natural resources do hold the key.

Even so, look forward to marked change if mankind does not cease with his self-destruction, his disregard of life, and his misunderstanding of his reason for being there. It is not his place to dominate others, to feed his belly while others starve, or to possess more than his neighbor. It is not his job to bring home greed and over-consumption to the new lives in his care. It is not his path to invoke hatred, to decide that one man is more worthy than another, or to take what does not belong to him. Man is there for evolutionary purposes.

When will this become clear?

I fear that it will not become clear, and that is why these messages, and many other channeled messages from sources of pure intent for evolutionary growth, do urge change now.

I speak often of the energy that is available now, so that Mankind, in a great mass upheaval, may notice the gifts he has been given, and with a new humility and appreciation, and concern for all living things may make amends for his blindness by accepting his role as leader in change. Now is the time for Mankind to accept his new role as humble servant of change, the change that is pushing him in all areas of life, alerting him to the fact that time is of the essence.

This push has happened many times before, and great shifts have taken place upon Earth, but this time is different, and many know this. Earth itself will survive. Mankind will also survive in some evolved state, as yet not understood by him. Our mission, that of my evolutionary awakening group, is to alert him to the fact that it is time to move on to new life in other worlds, so that those who need to be involved in change upon that Earth may have a chance to partake in Earth’s evolution. There are messenger groups involved in pursuit of environmental change, even as my group is involved in evolutionary spirit change. There are other groups that do participate in aiding the backlog of souls awaiting entry to Earth’s playground, to begin a new evolutionary journey. There are groups that aid in the next level, beyond, as evolution is achieved, and in other levels beyond that as well. There is help available, teachers, and guides, at all levels and in all areas of life.

We are all energy. Mother Earth is energy. You are energy. I am energy. Your neighbor is energy. Your closest ally is energy. Even your enemy, your fearful foe, is but energy. Your desires are energy seeking participation in life. Now is the time to focus on progress and purpose. Find your niche. Where does your energy wish to participate in this great shift; for there is no other option now. Either you choose to participate and evolve, or you settle more deeply into the demise. What do you choose?

Do not be afraid of change. Do not be afraid to present your evolutionary self to the world, for this evolutionary energy is what is needed now. But as always, do I suggest pragmatic, centered, and calm progress, even as the energy does push like the wind at your back. What is it telling you? To hurry? Well, in one sense yes, it is saying: “Hurry, the time is now, come along, this it the direction to take!” But on the other hand, it is showing you the power it holds within; the energy that can push you along is powerful, and this is for your notice, so that you will understand it is what you too have inside you. Energy is available inside you and outside you, ready for your acceptance of it, ready to be utilized, and ready to aid you on your journey. Find the wind at your back. Find the energy that resonates, and allow your self to change. Change is good. It will help you evolve, and you will be doing your part to promote evolution, both earthly and spiritual evolution. Good Luck!

#232 A New Humanism

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us all today as we make our way forward in our lives?

Contain energies that may wish to fire off. Contain the urge to jump off the cliff, for that is not how one is to approach change, especially if change is to be meaningful and have long lasting affect. Do not become so overtaken by the attempts to change that you do not remain aware of your inner presence, and your inner connection to all that you do.

Life will wait as you make proper plans to engage in change. Boldness requires daring, but so does it also require the ability to see clearly, with calculated foresight, just how resonant each move toward change must be. In order to advance, in order to shift, in order to embrace the daring that now is so needed in all aspects of life upon that earth, so must resonance of inner and outer self become the deciding factor. For if there is no resonance in your choice of change will there be little progress, except perhaps a small blip.

Do not become discouraged, for even a small blip of a shift in your life will teach you something. Every step is a learning experience, but in order to truly move beyond that which is now the norm, and in order to truly take on a new way of life, must many factors come into play. Yes, boldness and daring are just the beginning. Balance and calm centeredness come next; to counteract that exuberant daring that is stirring for change. Then must heart-centered resonance, and the small quiet voice of the inner self be in alignment with the energy that invites participation. Tempering boldness with heart-centered knowing is really the key to making a change that is going to be not only right, but also engaging in the energy for good, both for the self and for the world at large. In some manner is it important now that choices made in life be not only self-gratifying and self-enlightening, allowing for growth of the individual on all levels, but it is of the utmost importance that changes be beneficial for the greater world.

To engage in the energy of now, to be a citizen of the world now, requires the dichotomy of deep inner work on the self, seemingly almost selfish in its intensity, with, at the same time, an intent to embrace the greater energies now available, so that life upon that earth truly resorts to a new humanism where all living creatures, man among them, be given equal value and appreciation for the journeys being taken. A new humanism means that in order for shift to happen, and a new order of change to really take place, is it necessary for mankind to truly embrace all life as sacred, and as meaningful as his own. This requires a great deal of inner contemplation on the part of each individual. It requires a greater and broader understanding of energetic connection, both within the human body and its affect on energy outside the human body. It requires a new humility, a new consciousness, a new awareness that all beings come from the same energetic root, and that all beings are capable of connection to that root. It requires a desire for change, and a desire for connection to that root, finding it first within the self, and then daring to be bold with one’s own connection to it by bringing it forth into everyday life.

There are many who have found that sacred root connection to all energy already; many who wonder what to do with it, how to use it to make a change in their own lives, and in the world. Well, my advice is to contemplate your own energy first, and find your resonance in the outer world using that connection as your compass and your gauge. Where do you feel most reciprocal resonance? What is it that you are truly comfortable doing with your life? Where does your temperament fit? Are you a quiet one? Are you a fairly outgoing and engaging one? Are you better suited to mental work, or are you better suited to using your hands, or your body? Where does your inner spirit feel most at home?

Now is the time to truly feel the inner self in its entirety, and allow it to lead you in your decision making, for this is the time when the inner spirit self will receive guidance and help as it dares to take over. Too many egos, so called, have taken the lead, and this has resulted in separatism, segregation, superiority, capitalism, religious fervor, and many other destructive, dominating forces that do not allow for connection to that sacred and all-abiding root of energetic sameness that exists in all living beings.

You are all energy first, and all energy is interconnected. Keep this in mind as you feel your own energy, and then notice how others will react to you and your ego getting out of the way, making room for that inner spirit energy to lead the way now. You will find that others will respond to this new daring inner self revealing that it is real and needing to become known, for this secret inner self resides inside all of you upon that earth. Begin to experience your own inner spirit’s connection to the energy that is in your nearness first. See what happens as you calmly interact from this place of inner energetic spirit intent. This is the place to start your journey of change from, one small step at a time.

Even as there are energetic difficulties and energetic happinesses do not lose your connection to this inner spirit self. This inner self is at the root of the new humanism; a humanism that transcends all that it means to be human, and asks you all to become energy, energetically connected, energetically conscious thinkers from the heart, allowing your root knowing to guide you now.

Don’t worry so much. Remove your head more often now, and move your thinking self down into your heart-knowing self, and see what you learn and discover as you change your thinking in this manner. Stay connected to the energy of all living things; it is all that matters in the end.

#231 Do Not Use the Word Failure; Excise it From Your Vocabulary

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for humanity today?

Be cautious now, as this energy of today does turn and roll into a new aspect of the great change now upon the earth. There is an event taking place, shaping and preparing all that is to come. Though this may appear as blatant and confrontational at first, look in your own life, and deep into your own experience of change and shift, to discover the inner meaning as related solely to the journey you are on. Once you have discovered the meaningfulness of this event in your own life, only then will it be feasible to interpret it on a greater, worldwide level.

Learn first the lessons of the self, so that your actions and your attention to the world may reflect your inner growth. Without inner contemplation and exploration will there be little change in your outer experiences. For even as it is not productive to stay stuck in inner conflict, or inner patterns and behaviors of old, so is it the same in your outer life.

The world around you, even your own microcosm within the whole, will not outwardly change if your inner change does not occur. Inner growth first, then outer growth.

So, even as you make your daring escape from the old self, and allow for bold steps to be taken, remain firmly convicted to learning at every step. Life is your biggest teacher, and your most reluctant pupil as well. Find your balance so that you remain the vigilant yet connected teacher, to the pupil who desires change yet is fearful of it. Remain cognizant of stabilities and vulnerabilities in your life, of strengths and of fears, of inner guidance and inner debates. Allow your experiences in life to guide you to your inner questions; and work hard on solving your personal dilemmas. Only in vigilant and sustained inner work, with your focus boldly projected outward into resonant energy, will good growth happen.

Find your rivulet of energetic resonance, and become comfortably assured by the experience of it. For as you go full steam ahead for change, so will you desire a level of comfort so that you may work unafraid. Even though you will face challenges, and have many tests ahead of you, so must your classroom appeal to you, so that you will progress in an environment that is suitable to learning.

Begin anew every day. Do not use the word failure; excise it from your vocabulary. For every day is a day of learning, and thus is it positive, and right, no matter what occurs. Learn from every experience and you will guide your self to the right balance, the place of calmness that is necessary for growth to happen. Accept the place you are in right now as the perfect place to be. What is it that you should learn today? And then see where tomorrow will lead you, as change happens. In one way or another will you be challenged. It is inevitable.

#230 Do You Dare?

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us, to start off this new week?

As you progress on your journey don’t forget to look for signs that will lead you properly, and likewise challenge you, as you proceed. There are signs everywhere, but which ones are meant for you? This you must discover by your actions, your decisions, and your choices. With each step you take will new signs appear to guide you, but how they seek to guide will depend upon the choices you make. Only in taking steps, and only in advancing on your journey, will the signs that appear have meaning.

If you sit down upon your path, without movement, will the signs merely blur and confuse you. It takes participation in life, and in evolutionary growth, to correctly envision and utilize the signs that seek to aid you. With calculated steps, and growth-oriented intent, will all that is presented begin to make sense. But all of this guidance is only going to be helpful to you if you actively seek change, and begin to go on a different journey now. Do you dare?

Life awaits your participation. And when I say life, I mean life lived and experienced differently, with change as a motivator, and growth as an incentive. Your participation is all that is truly required in order for life to change. Begin the process and see what happens. If you are seeking change, now is the time to go for it, for change seeks you also. With a meeting of such forces of change, reciprocal forces, will there be much success, as the energy supports such change.

Don’t be afraid. Trust your heart-centered desire for change. Trust your inner knowing. Trust your inner self, desiring new life. It is available. Make a move, a step in a new direction; look around you for signs of significance, and then act upon them in order to know how to proceed with good guidance as your aide.

I know this may sound quite strange to say, but this time, now, is ready for even the most bizarre of ideas to take root and become mainstream, because there is both a need for drastic change and, energetically, great desire for it as well. Humanity needs it, and Mother Earth does too, so do not shirk from enjoying your creative expression. Now is the time to present agents of change, on all levels.

Find the signs in your own life. Be daring, and you will be supported by guides and the energy itself seeking resonance, and seeking connection with great creative forces in order for change to happen. As the energy does shake things up, allow your self to participate in it, for good, and for swift and lasting change.

#229 The Rocky Path

Dear Jeanne,
Another week is ending today and we are heading into a weekend. Do you have guidance for us for the next few days?

The path may be rocky, and you may stumble, and even though it is the right path look beside it and notice that the ground is more even, and choose to step off the rocks and take the less challenging terrain, if this suits you better. For many who choose to go forward boldly in the manner that the energy of now does invite, and I urge, so will the way not be clear until some factors of significance are put to the test of engagement. Do challenge the self with that which arises, and seek mastery of the issues that entice you to falter upon the rocky path. But do not sit down there and weep for your slowed progress. Learn what you must from every experience you engage, then stand straight again, and walk your chosen path, with awareness of enticing energies, and clarity of vision, as you gaze forward to the place where your path will eventually smooth out all together, once your lessons are learned.

If the rocky path is not your choice right now, and you decide to take the path to the left or to the right of your proposed rocky road, then give your self permission to step off the rocks and go a distance upon the grass beside the rocks. But know that you are only postponing the tough road until later, but also acknowledge your awareness of this other option, for it can be useful in order to prepare for what you will inevitably be challenged with later.

However you decide to make your way forward, do know that this is the right path, for if it has been chosen with heart-centered determination, and in a calm, balanced, and inner state of resonance, so is it right. This you must keep in your firm grasp, that your choice was made in right resonance, and this you must keep in your inner self, feeling the resonance as you go, even over the rocky stretches.

So take now your bold steps. Do what you must to begin a new journey in this energy that teaches you and aids you. Seek clarity at all times, and seek to stay in your awareness that all is meaningful, and everything is possible. Keep going!

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR