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Instead of Chuck’s usual blog this week, we post excerpts from a recent channeling in which Jan asked Jeanne to comment on the world situation. We thought it might offer some helpful insight and advice.

Here is what Jeanne said when asked if we should be concerned about a third world war and how to interpret the recent bombings:


“The potential for war is, of course, always present in such times, a spark can set off a wildfire, but keep in mind that though there is great fear of such there is also great good in the world today. In spite of the terrible things that are occurring, the good is greater and more powerful.”

“There will continue to be outbreaks of violence around the world and the nations of good must be on the alert, but the enemy is not the rest of the world, nor the religions of the world, strangely foreign and different though they may be. The enemy is the militant extremist idealists who are greatly misguided, misinterpreting and misusing holy texts that are outdated, separatist doctrines, disregarding the essence of love for all beings.”

“They are to be feared like the poison creatures that exist in the natural world, but life will go on, for the good will learn how best to deal with these natural poisons. Good and evil exist simultaneously and perhaps this is the lesson that must be learned and accepted to restore balance. This is reflected all over the globe, in varying degrees, in all walks of life. A lot has been coming out of the woodwork, so to speak, abuses of all sorts being revealed, greed, control, corruption, evils of all sorts that no one wants to know about. How painful the truth is!”

“No right will come about if such truths remain hidden, for then all will remain out of balance, and the terrorists in all things will remain unseen yet active, and their attacks will continue to be surprises. Far better to know the enemy, to be fully aware of what crawls in the garden. Gardens are beautiful places, but do not be fooled, the poison snake lies wrapped in the grass beneath the holiest of trees.”

“Balance must be restored, and balance entails knowing the truth of good and evil and the constant acknowledging of this dualism in all things, in all beings, conscious or otherwise. No one is totally pure, nor is anyone totally evil, always there is dualism.”

“The people of the world must go to war against their own refusal to face their own terrorist, their own evil-doer within. This is where the biggest changes will come about, within each conscious being as they face the extremist within. A terrorist and a do-gooder are equally misguided, the preacher and the sinner equally so. No one is exempt from good and evil. It is only in facing these truths that change will come about. America has Puritan roots, but the devil dwells in those roots as well, and if Americans are to go back to their roots they must deal with the devil within. No nation is all good or all evil.”

“Stay contained. Keep doing the personal inner work. Know yourself at the deepest levels, your evil within, in whatever form it takes, so that it does not overtake. Know your enemy and learn to deal with it. You cannot simply ignore it. Get to know it intimately and yet agree to disagree on some issues. Peace will not come if all is not revealed.”

“Ignorance is the ignoring of truths. Don’t ignore, don’t be ignorant. Take action, but act with kindness whenever possible. Even when force is called for, use only as much as is necessary to get back into balance. Personal balance will bring outer balance. It all takes a lot of work! Keep working!”

We hope you find this insightful and helpful advice,

Chuck and Jan

One thought on “Chuck’s Place: A Channeled Message”

  1. Dear Chuck and Jan,
    Yes, this was most insightful. Regardless of how painful the truth is, more than ever before, it feels necessary to turn and face it. What other choice exists? More of the same?
    Hearing, “… the good is greater and more powerful” gives hope for humanity!
    Thank you!

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