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#162 Fear

Dear Jeanne,
What guidance do you have for us today?

Today, I speak of fear because far too many of you are caught in the implications of fear. It is only a catalyst for your growth, and should not be embraced. It is not the accomplice you wish to take with you on your journey, but do allow it to hold open the door so you may step into the adventure that is awaiting you.

Do not allow it to grab at your arm, or pick at your clothing, as you step through the door that it has opened for you. Do not hesitate, for it is the right door. But fear will seek to entrap you. It knows how you breathe, and sleep, and walk, and talk. Yet does it not know that you will overpower it, simply by turning away from it, and walking past it into the place it signals you must go.

Once beyond fear, the adventure will guide you. The next step will take you into a new world, and each step beyond that will take you further and further from that dark shadow of fear that used to live so near you. Attempt now to shed yourself of this old rag of a habit, and take a new step today, boldly, yet assured that it is right. For even as you dare, must you also invite your inner spirit to take over now. And this inner you is supremely capable of walking now through that new door, with confidence, and awareness to guide you correctly as you go.

Remember, fear does not like to be ignored, but you must ignore it if you are to rid yourself of its filthy habit of picking and licking at you as if you were a tasty dish to eat. Enter that door it holds wide open, daring you to enter, and daring itself to hold open for you, for it knows it is risking its own demise, yet does it also know, that is its task. So be now as bold and daring as your own fear is as it invites you to step away from the old moldy taste of itself and into the new banquet hall where feasts await. Feasts of the spirit await. Feasts of the daring self who boldly wishes for change and seeks it in too many other places, but now must face the inner truth, the inner door that leads you where you must go. No other door, except the door that fear holds open, is meaningful. No other door will lead you where you need to go. Only the door that fear holds open is the door to step through, even though it may be plastered with signs of: Danger, No Exit, and Stay Back!

Be aware that those signs are the right ones, meaning quite the opposite. For once you read them correctly, with your inner eyes, and your inner knowing, then do you understand their meaning. Allow your biggest fear to point out the door you must open, and place one foot in front of the other, and walk through it. That is your next challenge, your next test, and also your next amazing step on this journey. Look to yourself for the proper guidance, and look to your fear. That is all you need.

#161 Watch for Signs

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have any guidance for us all today?

Watch for signs. Seek out what is trying to tell you how you should be guided. Follow not your instinct alone, but combine it with what is being shown to you. Attempt to interpret based on all that you know, all that you have already learned, and combine that with your inner knowing that seeks balanced acceptance in your everyday life. Signs are all around you, but do you notice them, do you pay deep attention to them, and do you figure out what they mean in the context of your own present life? What is the meaning of now? What is the purpose of the present moment in your growth? Focus always on that, and then look for the signs that will enable you to make the right choices. Today is a day full of signs, and your job is to make the right choices, the choices of heart, of spirit, and of inner knowing. Look, listen, and carefully analyze, and you may find sweet success as you take your next step in a new direction. Open a new door today. Take a new step today. Bend an old rule today. Break an old habit today. The energy is supportive of these endeavors. Dare yourself, and watch the signs that appear to guide you. Pay attention!

#160 Join the Energetic Revolution

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

Be aware that your place in that world is meaningful and sacred. Be aware that your place in that world is prepared so that you may achieve equilibrium and fulfillment of personal issues, and that you may grow exponentially to achieve ultimate completion. Be aware that even as the world does suggest devastation, both naturally occurring, and as a result of the fierce battles of man vying against man, so is there room for all to do what they must. But in order for growth, must there first be concerted effort, on the part of all who now reside there, to become active in preserving and developing continuity of purpose, and communion with all, on a new level.

Turn down desire for possession and domination. Turn down fears of others, and your own fears regarding deficits and famine. Those who now rule will eventually fall, that is inevitable. But with concerted, directed intent to change is there possibility to shift the driving power, from greed-driven intent to spirit-driven intent. Disregard all that is greed-driven now; it is anti-spirit. Even within your own lifestyle begin to simplify, organize, and limit your excesses. Become aware of how you, as an individual upon that earth, affect it, and begin to change your habits of usage.

Turn your attention back to nature, to the soil at your feet, and to the air that you breathe. With intent, and focus of spirit on unifying all in order to prosper, not on a material level, but on a spirit-driven level, is there possibility for immediate change. Even as prayer groups, and meditation groups, and spirit gatherings do intend for peace, and actively participate in energetic change, so is there possibility for you, as an individual, to begin to have affect by changing your own habits, and your own little world. Join the energetic revolution by using your spirit intent, but also your actions, to enact much needed, purifying change.

With concerted effort in your own life, by scrutinizing your own usage of the earth’s bounty, and determining just how little you need, can you begin a new revolution of change. All are not meant to dominate as rulers and kings seek domination, but all are meant to share in the earth’s gifts. Do not deny such sharing by taking more than you need. Re-invigorate the earth by making changes every day so that your energetic intent may be felt and have affect.

I speak again of energy because that is how everything works. If energetic intent is focused on greed and overconsumption, then will there be great suffering, even among those who have an overabundance of everything. If intent becomes energetically focused on peace and calm, simplified living, then is there going to be such energy spread upon that earth as it is felt, reciprocated, and spread further. Yes, energy can change the world. Intent, the power of thought, the power of prayer, and the power of energetic change has great potential to cause a shift in earth’s direction, toward natural abundance and spirit awareness. Do not doubt this. As more people become aware of the energy of their own intent, the power of their own thought, to heal themselves first, then is there future possibilities of healing and changing the world, both the natural world, and the world of man against man, the interpersonal, international; and the inter-connectedness of all mankind may have the opportunity for great change.

Use your own energy today to study your own place upon that earth. What is it that you really seek in your life? Is life really so complicated? Must it be? Can’t you imagine a very simple, pared down life for yourself, your feet firmly planted upon that earth, and your powerful spirit balanced, and capable of healing, as it should be? Begin the process of simplification of your own life now. Begin also a process of discovering what compassion, and universal love and caring really mean. Step out of your old habits, and accept some new ideas today in order to gain a new balance upon that earth, and in your own spirit intent. Try your power of intent, and use it wisely and well, and see if you can’t begin to change your world a little. You know you can. You just have to intend, and then act upon it. Begin to change, and the energy will flow with you.

#159 Take Off the Mantle

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for today?

Take off the mantle now, and expose your truths, to yourself first, then allow that truthful you to become the one who steps out the door in the morning and enters the world. As you take your own journey, your individual journey, into the realm of your own mysteries, and discover your own seeking, yet still quiet, spirit, allow for truth to be your tool with which you prod yourself awake. Be gentle, yet be firm, with your slumbering spirit self. Allow for gentle awakening even as you expect full alertness and awareness to finally become the normal state of spirit being. As your drowsy inner self wakes up to the realities of your life, invite not only truth to be your guide, but also insist that diligent hard work, focused on the outer journey thus far taken, and the inner journey only begun to be explored, requiring more that gentle urging, must remain firmly in place.

Even as you accept the gentleness of your own soul, and the awareness of your inner spirit seeking renewal, so must you also accept the superior strength of your inner spirit as well. It is resilient, ready to awaken and be given the opportunity to finally have an active life upon that earth. By allowing your spirit to escape the confines of the mantle placed over it by the conventions of life, and the secrets and lies imposed so long ago, so do you release it to its true energetic form. And this energy, once released into truly living upon that earth, will invigorate you, and carry you into quite unexpected places of growth. Allow those mantles to be torn off. Allow the gentle emergence of your true spirit self, and discover the energetic equivalent of a boost of power to jump-start you on your journey. With the right intention, of utilizing this boost in energy for your inner exploration, do you allow your spirit to become your guide, pointing out to you, not only your inner direction, but also your outer direction upon that earth in the life you now live.

I do not want you to believe me when I suggest guidance to you. I do, though, want you to test it. Test my guidance, experience it for yourself, for only in testing, in experiencing your own energy, will you have success. There is no believing, in anything, or anyone, even the self. There is only pushing the self to have meaningful experiences so that you may progress upon that earth. If I simply told you what was meant by evolution, would you automatically evolve? Well, of course not, evolution takes work, and connection to your own spirit takes work, too. The work of the self is the greatest work you can undertake, because in so doing do you open the door to not only your inner you, but to the outer you, offering the possibility for the outer you to fully live a life of meaning. But none of this will have any impact, nor will you have consequences of evolution, if you do not dare to act, to test, and to experience it all for yourself. My job is to stir you out of your slumber, to advise, to push, to nudge you on your inner exploration, offering tools along the way. But your job is far greater, and that is, to take what you feel resonates with you, take the tools that fit where you are now in your life, and use them to experience that life, both that inner life, and that outer life you now live. Seek experience, now, with you old mantles removed, and your spirit energy awakened and alert, wanting to give you the gift of life in a new manner. Will you allow this inner you to guide you today? Why not give it a try and see where you go, and what you experience? That is the only way to find out if you are truly alive, truly alert, and truly aware.

#158 Break Down an Old Wall

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a brief message for us all today?

Abide not by the rules and regulations placed on your inner you by others, but seek always your own truths, freed of overcast, and unburdened of judgments placed there by the suppositions of others. To meet the greatest tasks in life must one be honest with the self, full of self-love, and eager for self-fulfillment. If others judge you too harshly, then seek the reason for this. If others do not even see you for your own truths, then accept this as your task. For do you live your own truths? That is the question.

The focus of now must be on continual questing and questioning of the truths of the self in order to find your proper path? Have you perhaps spent a lifetime seeking a path? How do you finally know when you have found the proper one? Your own truths will no longer hide from you, and your own fears will no longer keep you hidden, and your spirit will hum with resonance when you have truly found your path. The seeking will stop when you have found your path, and your work will become concentrated, and accurately placed upon the self, rather than distracted by outside influences, without judging of others, or hiding from the judgments placed upon you.

Seek truth in all judgments. Seek truth in the rules others have asked you to abide by, and the rules you too have placed upon yourself. Seek resolution in your greatest fears, and in your reluctances. Feel your way now forward. Test your path for resonance, but do the deep inner work of the self in order to truly walk upon your chosen path. In doing your inner work will you, eventually, discover that there is so much you have missed in life by hiding behind your fears, your rules, your regulations, and your judgments. Allow now for fuller investigation, into the truths of the self, to become your focus. Get to the bottom of your own mysteries so that you may progress toward fulfilling the true reason for being there. That is all that matters, you know, discovering the truth, the reason for that life. Break some of your own strict rules about yourself today, and allow some new ideas and some new air to infiltrate your old ramparts. Break down an old wall, and see what it is that you have been hiding behind it all these years. It may surprise you that it really isn’t so hard to face, after all it’s only the truth that you seek, you know. How can that be bad?

So, for today, I suggest that you keep in mind that the entire planet, the earth around you, the air, even the heavens above are asking for change, asking for your work, to help return them to wholeness. This too must you ask of yourself, in conjunction with the energetic movement now upon that earth seeking rejuvenation and truth. Don’t be afraid. You’re just investigating your self. Give your self the gift of a little new insight today. You may be glad you did!