Soulbyte for Tuesday December 9, 2014

If the world is to change and regain its humanity, then each individual upon that earth must change. It is not enough to point to others and say that they are at fault, for those others are but a mirror. Look to the self for the seeds of change. Even as you request that respect, kindness, and humane treatment become the norm, ask yourself if you are respectful, kind and humane to the self, both innerly and outerly. If the world is to change, each one of you must take up the challenge of confronting the self as you would an enemy, as you would a person you find disagreeable or lacking in heart and connection to the forces of good. Look to the self for all that is lacking outside of you.

Correct your own disregard of your true relationship to the world you reside in. You are set upon that earth to become its champion and its steward, to share in its bounty but to nurture and sustain it as well, to contribute to its continued flourishment, to live as one with it rather than disconnected from it. As within, so without. You are meant to remain in balance, shifting always to rejuvenate, replenish, revitalize rather than taking, destroying, killing haphazardly for profit or gain. But the earth is old and wise and it will not be destroyed. It will force change upon you before you have gone much further upon your destructive path. If you do not change the self volitionally, change will find you.

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