Chuck’s Place: What Can I Do?

Like all animals, humans sense the danger of our time. The collective diagnosis for our species at this moment in time is Acute Stress Disorder. Regardless of how relaxed our persona may appear, just beneath the surface lies a hair-trigger anticipatory fear. The world is indeed an extremely unstable place right now.

What power do we have?

  1. See the self as a hologram of the entire world. Balancing the self contributes to balancing the whole world.
  2. Accept that humans had to dream the dream we are living in right now. All options had to be tested. The current hypothesis: Can we really destroy ourselves? Answer the question individually. If you come to the conclusion that yes, it’s possible, but that Russian Roulette is of no interest to you, move on to a heart-centered vision instead.
  3. Accept that everyone and everything you hate are you at some level. Find the hated in the self and love it. Thank the hated tyrants for illuminating the inner ones.
  4. Thoughts have power. Thoughts are in the air we breathe. Think truthful, loving thoughts. Send them to the world in warm exhalation.
  5. Embrace life. Our time in human form is limited. Keep the focus on the magic. Restore the innocence of childhood to the threatened adult self; it’s the only way to truly live.
  6. Be in the Tao. Be with what is in detached calm. You know how to ride the vibration of change. Everyone rode that vibration into this life and will ride it again on the exit. No matter what happens consciousness can observe and flow into new life. Ask body and spirit to get calmer and walk beside the river of life together, knowing that you can handle everything that comes—even the shocks—by moving deeper into calm acquiescence to the flow of change. Trust the Tao.

Peace and Love,


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