Soulbyte for Friday June 2, 2017

Sun, moon and stars in the sky above. Earth, trees and plants below. And in between walk the creatures of the earth, the animals, among them the human animal. All was pristine once, in balance, and yet now the sky suffers, the earth suffers, the creatures suffer. And yet suffering is life and life is suffering, the eternal misfortune of life on earth, the way of all things. And yet it does not have to end this way, for choices can be made to alleviate suffering, to change habits, to correct wrongs, to make well that which is ill and to carry out good works so that sky above, earth below, and all creatures that walk between the two may live in peace and harmony with as little suffering as possible.

The time has come for serious attention, awareness, and conscious action in all that is perpetrated, within and without, by the only creature who can actually do something, the human animal, for no other creature thinks or acts with intellect. No other creature has the capacity to act on a broad scale with love, compassion or kindness. And these are the things that matter. Walk a path of heart at all times. Between the sky above and the earth below blaze trails of healing and new life. It’s imperative, now more than ever.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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