Soulbyte for Friday January 27, 2017

Keep a light on so that even in the darkest of times you may always find your way to the goodness in your heart. Not all beings are misguided, though it may seem now as if there is only dissent in the world and disregard for all that is right. Keep a steady flame kindled always in your good heart, for the time of goodness, compassion, and love for all beings has not gone away, it is merely overshadowed by the energy of fear. Turn the light in your good heart outward so that it may light the darkness even as you keep it alive for yourself, for there is no greater good than curing the self so that all ills may eventually resolve, within and without. And keep a door open too, so that others may see the light inside you and find their way to what is right within themselves. Keep the light alive!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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