Soulbyte for Thursday October 6, 2016

Don’t forget to take some time to enjoy life, the world, your environment. Life is not meant to be all work, though it can feel like that at times, though the universe keeps you busy and daily life poses so many issues to be dealt with. Slow down, breathe, find your own energy in the mix of it all and learn to use it solely for yourself in an enjoyable way. For though you may feel that everything controls you, the opposite is really true. You control everything, especially yourself, by how you think and feel about yourself, by what you say to yourself, by what you decide is true or not true about yourself, by what you decide to attach to inside and what you decide to attach to outside yourself. What will you think, feel and attach to today? Find your energy and decide what’s right. And don’t forget to have some fun!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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