Soulbyte for Saturday July 16, 2016

(Although we recently instituted a change, that is, no Soulbytes on weekends, this came through and so we publish it, as it seems that it begs to be said.)

When change is on the horizon participation is required. On ever-deepening levels things must constantly change so that balance is maintained. Attitudes must change. Ideas must change. Thoughts must change so that fear does not arise and take over, its shadow more devastating than the promise of change. With loving heart acknowledge the changing times and do your part. Leave fear behind and go out and face what is coming with goodness and calmness in your heart. Begin the long walk toward the horizon where the answers lie, where change waits to greet you and take you where you need to go next. One step at a time begin the journey of change within the self and reciprocally in the world. All it takes is one step—in the right direction, of course!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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