Soulbyte for Tuesday May 24, 2016

All beings struggle within. You might not realize that the real inner struggle is the same for all, between the masculine and the feminine. Who dominates? Who should be dominant? It’s not a transgender outer issue but a deeply rooted inner issue in who really should be your spokesperson. Surely one side dominates right now, telling you something harmful or good about yourself, helpful or devastating. Perhaps neither is really getting it right. The demands of one side over the other inhibit your ability to fully access either your sweetness or your strength, your true feminine self or your true masculine self, leaving you out of balance and even in turmoil. Gender aside, all beings are made up of these dueling parts, male and female in constant battle. It’s about gaining balance, both inner and outer, but mostly inner. It’s about getting to know the self on the deepest levels, letting each side speak until you find a compassionate balance, within the self!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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