Soulbyte for Sunday May 8, 2016

Moods come and go. Clouds descend and smother awareness, judgment, attention; interactions suffer and full presence is greatly compromised. Coming out of the clouds one realizes just how far away one had been, how distorted reality, how compromised one’s focus. It’s a good learning experience to be moody, cloudy in the head, removed from reality.

Next time try to remain aware of the self during such cloudy and moody phases and note how mysterious the world becomes, how what one says and does can seem surreal and unintentional. Try to snap out of it and come back to reality, to the present moment and the true self, but if that is not possible enjoy your time in the clouds and learn what you can while there. One day you will need the lessons again, for at some point you will be called upon to put the experience to good use, if you can remember!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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