Soulbyte for Saturday April 23, 2016

Some days may feel like a slow climb up a steep mountain, the end never in sight. Other days life may feel like a speedy descent on a bicycle with no brakes. On other days life may be a steady plodding along on a straight and narrow path. And still on other days it is a joyful skip through a field of poseys. Life though, no matter what course it takes, is always singular and unique, asking for conscious decision making and wise choices,  because life is now and now is what matters.

Grand in all its trials and tribulations, life is ever-changing, no day exactly like the last, especially if you make it so. Become the changing factor in your own life. Become what you need and desire. Shift onto a different path, take a new route, and one step at a time see where it takes you. Remember, you can always shift direction again. You are in charge after all. Don’t forget it!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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