Soulbyte for Sunday April 17, 2016

Notice the Earth today, how it struggles, how transformations are powerfully destructive; even the tiniest bud breaking open leaves destruction behind it. All change requires sacrifice. What are you ready to sacrifice in your own transformation? What holds you back? Perhaps it’s time to let it go. Even an idea about the self may be restricting your growth. The Earth, you may notice, does not think. It constantly takes leave, constantly transforms, constantly takes the next step. Humans, however, are conscious and capable of thought. In the light of day truths are revealed. Know them and hold onto them through the darkness of the night, struggling to remain conscious though the night consumes you. At dawn’s first light let those truths consume you instead and let them become the catalysts to a new you. As Mother Earth shows, it’s always a good day for a transformation!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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