Soulbyte for Tuesday March 8, 2016

Finding the Middle Way takes patience. It may not be clear at first what to take along on your journey. To eliminate too much produces hardship just as excess does. Too few burdens and the journey is unpleasant, too many and it is equally so. What goes? What stays? These are the questions to ponder as one makes the choice to live life a certain way, in spirit as much as in the reality of the world. Both matter.

Patience and fortitude are necessary as one makes choices each day, but so is it necessary to be realistic and practical so that life does not become a high-minded ideal lacking in joy. Let the energy of each day guide you on your journey as you make decisions on what is right. Ask for help maintaining balance, integrity, honesty and the means by which to carry out your wishes with grace.

The real ideals of the Middle Way are compassion and loving kindness to all of life, to everything in existence, maintaining the self as no more or less important than anything else but as one with all. Keep that in mind as you take your first steps on your journey today. And don’t forget to love yourself for taking every step you have so far taken and every step to come.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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