Chuck’s Place: Yin & The Right Yang

Yin, poised for the right Yang... - Photo by Chuck Ketchel
Yin, poised for the right Yang…
– Photo by Chuck Ketchel

Yin is primal, magnetic energy. Yin is earth that awaits impregnation, the primal plan that ignites creation of all life. Once yin receives its yang, it manifests all physical life. Yin is the total stuff, the material of creation. Yang provides the blueprint, the idea, the spirit. Yin brings it to life.

In truth, yin does most of the work. But we are beings in bodies; material life is the essence of this incarnation. The mind—ego, consciousness, spirit—is inextricably yoked to its yin. No action can happen without an intention. The question is, from what yang does yin find its mate? Whose thought, whose knowing is directing the show?

Yin is the egg that needs to be ignited to move into life. Yin is a bundle of energy, but without its yang it remains inert, potential energy awaiting its cause. In this magnetic state of deep longing, yin is vulnerable to becoming entranced by yang with all its spirit sparks. Yin can become bedazzled by the thoughts and ideas of may different yangs.

For instance: I rest, I’m unmotivated, undirected. Thoughts come: “You should be productive.” “You should read.” “No,” says another idea, “you must rest, it’s the day of rest.” Still another states: “You deserve a nice comfort food.” Thought offerings abound.

Perhaps I’ll give up the inner struggle and magnetically draw guidance of another. “You tell me how to find meaning in this day.” Or better yet, “You become the meaning of my day.” Let us enjoy the day as a unit, having the unit fill in the meaning of life.

Inner work, inner wholeness actually require self-impregnation, that is, fertilizing our actions with the spirit of our deepest selves. In practical terms this means all actions emanating to fulfill our deepest truths. And there is no program for this. All programs are prepackaged yangs, not the yang that springs uniquely to meet the truth of the present moment.

And perhaps the deepest truth might actually be to eat the comfort food in this moment. There are no rules greater than the truth in this moment. Only the purest of yang can provide that truth, so yin must be discerning, foregoing trance, foregoing false prophets, waiting with patience for the right yang to spring with certainty from the knowing of the heart.

For yin, merging with knowing of the heart is divine union with its one true yang.



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