Soulbyte for Thursday January 14, 2016

Hold yourself in the highest regard for you carry within the golden seeds of enlightenment. All beings carry the same seeds though often those seeds are never nurtured, tended, or allowed to sprout. There are many opportunities in a lifetime that tickle those seeds into life. Even without awareness they are touched by love and kindness.

Breathe them into life. Give them your love. In this manner honor yourself as a being of great potential and allow the golden seeds within you to awaken. Even as you live an ordinary life in an ordinary world, even if you are unaware, so do they join you on your spiritual journey, that is, the life you are in.

Give your golden seeds some love and kindness today. Give them some gentle play today too! In this manner awaken and honor your greatest potential.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne, with a little bit of play from Chuck

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