Chuck’s Place: Action Plan For Where We Are Now

The Great Earth Mother is showing us the way... - Photo by Chuck Ketchel
The Great Earth Mother is showing us the way…
– Photo by Chuck Ketchel

There is no place to attack. There is no place to hide. The battle is everywhere. We are in the battle and the battle is within and among us. Peace is only to be found in love of all of ourselves and love of all of our neighbors.

We are drawn to the safety of bonding together and subduing the enemy “out there,” but that is an old world model. We all know that darkness lies within ourselves as well. Is this not the knowledge that we have allowed ourselves to so ignore, our true instinctual needs and our true instinctual nature? We’ve turned the animal we are into a rabid beast that now turns on us like a hungry wolf. This is the rage of the Great Earth Mother as well, who has turned her nature to level our hubris. And from the ashes of our hubris we will reshape our intent to respect all of nature.

Mother Nature is withdrawing her power from patriarchal leadership; she reassumes leadership now. And we are all her subjects and we will learn her ways. Is it not the mother and the mother alone who brings forth new life? We are now in her labors. And how we will evolve will take a great turn now too, to a new balance indeed.

Everyone is in it. Everyone can contribute. Take up the action of inner truth, and align with the truth of your own nature. Let the healing begin. As within, so without. As above, so below.

In alignment with the Great Earth Mother,


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