Soulbyte for Sunday October 25, 2015

Your real power lies within. It is not physical prowess so much as steadiness and strength of spirit. It is not mental power so much as calmness and fluidity. It is not emotional decisiveness so much as gentleness and stability. It is not in suppression of your truths but in release of your truths so that all that you naturally are, a kind, compassionate, loving being, may be acceptable, to you first and foremost.

Love yourself for the true qualities you embody rather than for the false demands of a society that you strive to uphold and live out every day of your life to no gratification or fulfillment. That is not to say reject the world, but instead find new life on a new path in that same world, on a path of compassion, love, and kindness, turning inward as the means to changing the self and the world around you at the same time.

Begin with the self. Find out who you really are, what has meaning for you, and decide how you want to live. That is where you will access your power, your truly loving self, and new life.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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