Soulbyte for Thursday October 22, 2015

Watch where you put your attention, what you wish for, where you focus your energy. There is a tendency to be drawn to that which is brassy, violent, absurd or to that which makes the most noise, to get attracted to something that is simply a waste of energy. In reality there is another kind of energy, perhaps far better to attach to, the behind-the-scenes, slowing flowing energy, like water seeping along at a steady pace, drop by drop making lasting inroads in its silent way.

Changing times are indeed here, but not all change is the right kind; not all is worthy of attaching to. Look within for guidance, for what feels right to engage in, for what the heart says is right. Even in the season of autumn, when things are dying and turning inward, there is new life stirring. It’s just happening in a different way.

Change is happening all the time. Have no doubt about that. But there might just be something happening at a different, more subtle level, that you are missing. Question everything.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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