Soulbyte for Sunday September 6, 2015

Navigating life’s difficulties can sometimes seem impossible. Reactions are sometimes quick and unfeeling as one is hurt or angered. Such reactions are the necessary letting go of steam and frustration yet not necessarily right. If one holds back, however, anger builds like steam under pressure and will seek eventual release in another way. Holding in and holding on to anger or hurt feelings is never a good idea. Between the two extremes there is a middle way and the middle way allows for both release and contemplation that will lead to right action.

The middle way offers a little bit of everything, as all is accepted as necessary, and yet the goal of the middle way is really to navigate life taking in all that it offers and all that it challenges yet learning detachment from it as well. To walk the middle way is to walk a path with heart, in true balance with all that is and all that will be.

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