Soulbyte for Wednesday August 26, 2015

Even along a path with heart the vicissitudes of life appear, the difficulties one must face, the challenges to be met. An easy life is rare, a life of ease an illusion, only an idea, for even a life without care is a life full of challenges. Do not look upon another’s journey as either ideal or difficult but as it should be, for all journeys are filled with all that is needed.

Learn what you can from the lives of others, but without envy or judgment turn always inward, back to your own, and make it meaningful. Whether you would define it as a path with heart or not, it is yours alone to live, discover, and evolve. How you do it is up to you. And how another does it is up to them. As you turn forward into a new day, behold your own life, in all that it offers you and challenges you with. And make the most of it!

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