Soulbyte for Thursday August 20, 2015

It is sometimes hard to accept the inevitable changes that life delivers, to deal with what comes. A warrior soon learns that change brings more than just the first blow or shock of newness. It also brings what is right.

And so a warrior suspends judgment, suspends trying to correct or fix that which is inevitable, knowing that something else is on its way to show the next step, bringing new life. And so a warrior is patient, making plans, yet aware that the universe is unfolding at its own pace and the best plan is to meet it head on, ready to flow with what comes, knowing that in the end all will be as it will be.

And yet, even as a warrior acquiesces to the inevitable unfolding of life without, a warrior is always aware of how best to react from within. Without taking things personally, a warrior is always ready to flow without attachment, knowing that no matter what happens there is always the adventure of new life on the horizon.

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