Soulbyte for Sunday August 16, 2015

Changing times require changing strategies. Plans may need to be rethought, as things just may not work out as expected. When the energy shifts, old ideas fall away, no energy behind them anymore. New energy seeks new ideas, new seeds upon which to exert pressure and produce new momentum, new growth, and new life. Sometimes life just does not cooperate, but that does not mean you are at a loss. It just means you are at a new beginning.

Get your bearings where you are. Be fully present with what is. You will soon discover that life is actually full of promise. It’s just different from what you had planned but still full of potential. That’s what change brings, opportunity for something new.

Look in a new direction and see what you discover today! Be certain that there is new energy looking back at you, seeking to discover you too! You can’t control life, but you sure can learn to go with the flow of it!

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