Soulbyte for Tuesday July 28, 2015

Tune into the energy of each day. Sense your own energy. It may be more in alignment than you realize, for you are part of the greater whole, including the physical and the planetary. Find your inner world reflected in the outer world, not looking for excuses but only for your true and deeper connection to all of nature. For as the world is so are you. As the Earth is so are you. As the moon is so are you. As the sun is so are you, a part of it all.

Take all that into consideration as you begin each day and each night, knowing that your very existence is so much greater and has so much more impact than you might imagine. For you are the wind, the sun, the soil you walk upon as much as you are the moon, the stars, the darkness you traverse every night in your dreams—one and all. Ponder that.

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